[SCAN][TRANS] Jang Keun Suk on KBOOM – November Issue

Jang Keun Suk on KBOOM Magazine November Issue “The A to Z of JKS”

Known as an actor who’s always approachable for interviews, actor Jang Keun Suk specially appeared in KBoom for his Japan fans amidst his busy schedule.

A famous reporter from Korea once said this – “I think he really loves his fans. He always thinks about what he can do to make his fans happy during his FMs. Among the new generation of stars, he is considered as someone who is a “real actor”. The reason why he is highly sought after by producers and magazines – it’s not just because of his acting skills – it’s also because he always does things to make others happy.”

When asked about YAB’s success when it was aired in Japan and how it increased his popularity, he said: “Though I’m not actually there to feel the impact, but I heard from my managers that there are more invitations from Japan now as compared to Korea. When I read from the news that YAB topped the viewership rankings in Japan, I was really shocked…(laughs)”

JKS is scheduled to hold FMs in various parts of Japan from Nov to Dec. Regarding the progress of the planning, he replied: “Yes, everything is progressing very smoothly! In order to show the fans the “best of me”, I am working hard! Everyone, please wait in anticipation!” As the FM tickets were nearly sold out during the pre-order sales, there has been talk that one more show will be added for 27 Nov – that means 2 shows in one day! It’s obvious that many fans out there are hoping to understand him better by attending his FMs…

And so, the theme of this interview is “We want to understand JKS!” (To JKS) “Are you ready?”

(JKS) “Yeah, I’m ready…(laughs)… just a little nervous (about saying the truth), (laughs)…”

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Chinese – English by siwonsh
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[TRANS] KBOOM November issue A-Z (part I)

KBOOM November issue A-Z

Although Jang Keun Suk ‘s schedule is very tight, he is very willing to accept interview because of his fans.

A korean reporter said ” I think Jang Keun Suk really loves his fans. Even for the fan meetings, he always thinks on how to let his fans to feel happy.” In this young generation, I will considered him as the “real actor”. Many productions and magazines find him, not because of his acting, and also those happy things that he has done.

A question on how he feel about the drama “You’re beautiful” is on air in Japan. Jang Keun Suk said “Although I can’t feel the strong popularity in Japan, but according to his manager, there are more invitations in Japan than in Korea. And I am shocked to know that “YAB” ‘s ranking is number one in Japan. ”

Today topic: To understand more about JANG KEUN SUK!

A – Attraction

Which part of your body that you thinks is most attractive?

JKS: Calf … (laughs) Other people often say that my calves are pretty ! ( Laughs) Maybe they see wrongly. Haha…

B -Bag

What do you have that are always in your bag?

JKS: My camera is always in my bag, because even I will take a photo of those common things that happened daily, can’t miss any moment. When I have free time,those memories will reappear while organizing those photos and I feel warmly.

C – Chance

If you have a chance, what will you wants to try?

JKS: Recently, I have attended Japanese and English lessons, but there is more free time,I would like to go for language courses.


What is the daily thing that always essential for you?

JKS: I always listen to all types of songs, during driving, rest time, or even with someone that I like. I will feel happy when I listen such a great music.


What do you want to eat now?

JKS: I want to eat buckwheat cold noodles, especially during Summer time.


Most memorable fan?

JKS: Those memories of my fans are in my heart, really thankful. But most memorable is at the Japan FM, there is a fan who keep calling “Keun Suk Ah!” loudly. Thank you for her warmly support!


What is your Biggest goal?

JKS: Almost all interview will ask about this question, and my answer is always the same “world domination” . Haha!!!

More precisely, beside South Korea, as well as in Asia, beyond the internationally recognized best actor.


Your Habit?

JKS: Recently I have a new habit: Turn on television once I wake up. But not because of watching the programme, is because I have to force myself to wake up, or else I will stay in my bed. But by doing this, I am able to update with the worlds’ news.


Ideal type of a women?

JKS: Women who are very feminine. (Laugh)
Example of a Women in Medieval Europe. Fans, you know what I means? Haha..


Are you a Jealousy man?

JKS: Yes! Very jealous man!


Jang Keun Suk’s specialty skill?

JKS: I know how to make a delicious rice!

Secret of making one? ‘My own know-how’ is confidential. (Laughs) But when there is chance, I will teach all of you.


Most desirable places in Japan that you want to go?

JKS: I want to surf in Okinawa, because I love water sport, but haven try it in sea! Okinawa’s sea is very gorgeous!

[to be continue…]

Translated by : SS Serene
Credit to : SS Serene & Lovesears blog

[VID][TRANS] More The Living Videos ^^

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Watch The Living – Team H Exclusive Interview #2, HERE for the latest vid ^-^
credit: raiannee210@YT

(This is the final episode of “The Living” Thailand TV Program with Jang Keun Suk & Team H. Let’s get to know the 7 members of Team H…)

Written transcript by ladymoon@http://ladymoon29.blogspot.com

Rok Kim
“I’m the economic announcer & reporter of Economy TV Station. I just start this job recently. When I’ve free time, I’ll hang out with my friends.”

Seongbin Lim
“I working as an architect. I design condominium for Hyundai Company. I’m very busy, so I don’t have much free time. When I’m free, I’ll come and meet with my friends.”

Shin Jae Woong
“I’m a student. I study Political Science.”

Kurt Jung
“I’m a producer and a party DJ. I’ll release my own album soon, please support me.”

Ha Suk Jin
“I chose to be an actor (actually he studies engineering). Actually I’m working on drama project now. It’s a korean historical drama (Merchant Kim Man Deok). Luckily, today I don’t have shooting schedule. I heard that in Thailand has on aired “Hello Miss”. I hope Thai fans will have a chance to watch my works again soon. “

Woo Jeong Song
“I’m the 2nd oldest brother in this group. I just graduated last year. Now I work as an engineer at KCC Company. On weekend, I’ll hang out with my friends, Team H.”

Jang Keun Suk
“I debuted as a child star since I was a kid. Last year, my drama series “You’re Beautiful” have got good response from fans all over Asia. Now I have Asia Tour Fan Meeting in Beijing, Hong Kong, Japan, Osaka. I also studying in Department of Theatre and Film. When I have free time, I’ll hang out with my friends, Team H. We creating new good project together or going out for a ride. I’m not sure if “You’re Beautiful” already on air in Thailand (The answer is “no, not yet”^^). Though, please support my works.”


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A better translation of the Hot Chili Paper Interview.




Q: Let us start with the drama The Reign of Women 여인천하 that you starred in during your childhood years? (Note: The Reign of Women is also known as “Ladies of the Palace”)

A: At that time I was 15 years old, but I was still a child actor at that time, I don’t think I can introduce myself with the particular work. I started becoming a model when I was around 6 years old and I debuted as a child actor when I appeared on television in the 1997 drama ‘Happiness for Sale’.

Q: Do you still remember the scenes during the filming?

A: In The Reign of Women, whether it was the day I wore hanbok during filming on a snowy day or the time I fell down in the village… I remember all of them, my memory is very good. I still remember, there was a scene where the young Nan Jung was carrying a jar, and I was supposed to throw a stone at the jar to break it, but because I missed, it hit the kid’s face instead.

Q: Were you afraid of the adults at the filming site? (The Reign of Women)

A: Yes I was afraid of them (laughs). I cried a lot of times at the filming site. The filming site is also a part of the community, although the adults around me say that I’m cute, and treat me very kindly. On the other hand, I am a child actor – as an actor, there are certain things one cannot do. But when I was young I didn’t know that, I just played happily with the older boys because I was so excited about the props at the filming site. So when the adults scolded me, ‘How can you not read your script yet?’, I cried a lot of times. Since acting in Happiness for Sale, I always travel to the filming site by myself. Taking the bus and subway… my parents has never accompanied me to the filming sites, not even once.

Q: Only by yourself?

A: A child actor does not have a manager (laughs). Besides that, my mother is the type who won’t accompany me to filming sites, I’m grateful to her when she did that. Hating to ask the staff at the filming site, “Please take care of my son.”, my mother wanted me to become strong, so that no matter what problems I face, I would not just cry away only…. Of course, I did cry at the time, now I can withstand all sorts of challenges.

Q: What were the changes after acting in the 2002 ‘(The Great Ambition) and (The Reign of Women)?

A: Since then, I started to have managers. That was because after I filmed a CF for a mobile communications company, people began to know me….. But, I myself did not change. Even though I have the passion of acting since young, I did not plan my future at all, when I grow older, I might have other dreams and ambitions.

Q: After that, your next drama was Orange, am I right?

A: Actually, Orange was filmed earlier than The Great Ambition. In my memory, I can only recall the heat (laughs). The filming was done during summer, there were a lot of swimming scenes, and in each episode we played happily while filming. The shooting took 3 months, besides that, I don’t have more memories of them. I was 16 years old then, the year after that I went to study abroad.

As a child actor, Jang Keun Suk was active, among his fans he was popular when he was young. The opportunity to become a child actor came when he was in kindergarten, he followed the suggestion of his teacher, and endorsed a children’s clothing line. After that he starred in several commercial films, and instantly began to embark on the road of acting… even when the filming coincided with school, filming dramas and etc, the thought of becoming a real actor did not cross his mind.

But when his mother looked at him, “If he does not focus on studying now…..”, she felt worried.

Q: Was New Zealand the place where you studied abroad?

A: Yes, before I graduated from junior high school, my mother said to me, “If you don’t study now, your studies will be delayed until I don’t know when.” During that time, I was already famous, so I could not live a normal life in school. My mother said, “Go out to study what you want to study.” So I went to New Zealand with my mother.

Q: Is your mother fluent in English?

A: No, she does not speak English at all. (Laughs) My mother and I went to a language center to learn. Unable to speak English, her choice of living with me abroad for one year was not easy. My mother is a woman to be respected.

Q: What did you gain while living in New Zealand?

A: Yes, that is – even when I’m standing before a foreigner, I won’t get nervous. When a foreigner, especially Europeans and Americans walks towards you, “what should I say, what to do….”, the people who feel afraid and run away are many. Although I’m not fluent in English, how should I explain this, that is – I won’t feel nervous even when I’m standing before a foreigner. I would greet them friendly, for example, if someone asks for directions, I can point out the directions very well, I gained this confidence when I was in New Zealand.

Q: After studying abroad you starred in the youth sitcom Nonstop 4, when you were 17 years old as a ‘medical student who is conscious to the latest trends’. I heard that you have your own kind of creativity.

A: When I met the director for the first time, I said to him, “I would like to act, I wanted to be a doctor since young, and I like to play the role of a fun-loving medical student.” There was really a medical student role in the script, I was surprised. Because Nonstop 4 is a situation comedy (sitcom), although there are stories and touching moments, it must be able to make the audience laugh. If I think like this, I still have to accept a lot of challenges. Being able to make up the latest slangs, and do fitting actions when saying my lines. Because I felt that everything was new, I myself tried a lot of different actions during acting, so if the audience respond was good, I would come up with another scene of my own.

Q: After Nonstop 4, you acted in Lovers in Prague without your father’s permission – kinda like a high school kid that loves to rebel huh?

A: I wanted to present a side of me that was different from Nonstop 4. Back then, the drama shooting happened to clash with the university entrance exam, so I was quite worried about the results. Luckily, the exam was successful and Lovers in Prague became the last project I took up before I hit 20 years old.

After that, we told him “Now we’re going to ask you questions regarding Doremifasolasido…”, and he said “Ah…this too???” (gives an uneasy expression). He even said that out of all his works to date, this is the only one that he never wishes to see or to be blunt, will never watch.

Q: Did something happen while you were shooting Doremifasolasido?

A: Frankly speaking, Doremifasolasido and Baby and Me – they weren’t the movies that I acted in because I wanted to. I’m sorry for being so direct (laughs) but it’s the truth.

Q: You mean you can’t reject them?

A: Back then, I already signed a contract with the company to shoot the movie, so I couldn’t go back on my word. If I don’t like something, I wouldn’t want to do it – that’s the kind of character I have! And I don’t like to dictate… Even if I put in my best to portray that character, I also can’t predict whether that movie will be successful or not. Right after I finished the shooting, they (his company) approached a tired me, saying: “This is your next movie…” and passed me the movie script – that made me even more stressed.

Hence, I really couldn’t concentrate fully on the set, so I lamented to my manager “Why am I here???” – That’s how I felt when I did that movie…

Q: Did the shooting go on smoothly then?

A: Something else happened (laughs). Halfway through the shooting, the investors stopped investing, so the shooting couldn’t continue. So I went on to act in “Hwang Jini”, “Hong Gil Dong” and “The Happy Life”…2 years later, I actually got a phone call saying that I have to shoot “Doremi” again, that I must finish it no matter what. I was like “Why???” – Even though I couldn’t totally understand, I still had to accept and shoot the movie; such situations are very common in Korea.

Q: Didn’t you find the storyline interesting? Was Doremifasolasido really not to your liking?

A: By just looking at the script, it wasn’t that bad. However, just like building a house, even if the foundation is good, it doesn’t mean that the house will be built to perfection. The same logic goes for movies and dramas. Besides the script, the actors, director, camera crew and all – to produce a good show, everything must be a perfect combination. Through this, I felt that I must always protect myself properly and make myself stronger. Although I really didn’t want to do the movie, if only I tried putting in a little bit more passion into it, maybe things would have been different. Because at the end of the day, my name would still appear with the movie. Whenever I thought of that, I felt it was a pity.

Q: Was One Missed Call a movie that you took up after you sorted things out?

A: Haha, yes it is (laughs). I was 19 or 20 then – that’s when I heard they were searching for an actor around this age – soon after, I received notice to go for the audition. During that period, I actually had no job offers. Those actors whom I acted previously with in Nonstop 4 were all very active… “One Missed Call” was what I got while searching for audition opportunities…

Q: Do you still keep in contact with your co-stars Maki Horikita and Meisa Kuroki?

A: No. I was not very close with them while I was shooting the movie. I’m the type who doesn’t exchange numbers with my co-stars. Even without exchanging numbers, we can still communicate to a certain extent while being respectful of one another. If we become close and meet up for drinks etc, then it will be hard to maintain the professionalism…

That’s why I am not close friends with any female stars – ah, that is, besides Kim Hee Chul. (laughs)

Q: Maki and Meisa are very popular now…

A: From their point of view, to me, One Missed Call and Doremi are the same…

Q: Is there a possibility for shooting a Japanese movie again?

A: Of course, I would consider it. The script is most important when it comes to choosing my next project, but it’s also as important for me to have the “I really want to act this role” type of feeling. If I really like the project, I will shoot it without hesitation even if it is a comedy. Ah… yes! I’ve long heard that I’m the type of guy that the Japanese like – ah, then why am I still not Bae Yong Jun? (laughs)

Q: Emm.. Your goal is to become him??? But your styles are very different…

A: No, no…I don’t want to become him – hmmn, is it weird for me to say that? I am definitely not trying to put him down… (laughs) What I meant is I wish to be as well-known and popular….

Q:Compared to other Korean actors, Jang Keun Suk belongs to the slimmer body built. Do you plan on becoming “muscle man” in the future?

A: If that’s the case, I would be able to wear the fashionable clothes which I like (laugh).
Every actor has different thoughts about body built. For me, I don’t want to swell with muscles as I don’t like to exercise! Recently, it’s because I had to prepare for the filming of the movie You’re My Pet that I took up exercise to fit into the role but ballet is the main focus. I took up jogging and cycling as well. In this sense, I don’t think I will become “muscle man”

In 2006, Jang Keun Suk finally met the role he was destined for and that is Hwang Jin Yi.

In Hwang Jin Yi, he acted as Ha Ji Won’s (Hwang Jin Yi) first lover Eun Ho. They adore each other, but their love ends in tragedy due to their gap in social status. At that time, South Koreans had different opinions about this role – they worry about the age gap between Keun Suk and Ji Won, and there were a lot of criticisms on his acting skills.

Q: How do you feel about people’s opinion of this role?

A: To me, this role was a wall which I had to breakthrough.
People were thinking why Ha Ji Won was paired with Jang Keun Suk. But I feel that they can say all they want but I will subvert their opinion of me; I will show them! Compared to now, I was more hot blooded, young and crazy then (laughs) But it’s because of this enthusiasm which allowed me to put myself fully into the role of Eun Ho.

Q: How did you get into the grieving role of Kim Eun Ho?

A:The truth is, I just brokeup with a girl whom I really liked. She’s the one who initiated the breakup. I didn’t comprehend her intentions for breaking up and kept apologizing to her but even so, she did not relent. I waited in front of her house but all I got from her was “Do not wait for me”… I even wrote a letter to her everyday but she told me to stop it. I had unintentionally suggested that we break up during our fight over some trivial matters and that was the cause of our break up. I was willful and selfish.

Even till now, I have wondered if we can still stay together. I liked her a lot and can’t live without her… but she left me. I was heart-broken. For a month, I did not go out nor eat well. I was cooped up in my house. I lost a lot of weight and became very thin. I did not have any energy. It was in this painful period that I received the Hwang Jin Yi script. “All this will be my story. I have to interpret it properly.”

Q: During the filming, did you feel sad when you thought about the girl?

A: I had this feeling not as Eun Ho but rather when Eun Ho became me. I only wanted to cry during that period as it was very painful. I even secretly cried in my car when reading the script as I saw my girl’s face in Ha Ji Won unni’s face. Although I want to do more for my girlfriend still, that dream will never materialize. My heart and Eun Ho’s heart are on the same page. After the end of the shooting, It took me awhile before I found myself again.

Q:It was painful, … but as an actor…

A: Although it’s very cruel, but we can say that my sorrow helped my acting skills a lot.

Q: The marriage proposal scene is very romantic. Do you prefer romantic also?

A:To be exact, I like to create romantic gesture. For the sake of H.C.P readers, I will narrate a few childish stories (laughs) I have put a lot of balloons and an ‘I LOVE U’ banner inside the car trunk, so that they will fly out from of the trunk when it was opened. I have also tried writing a letter in a diary everyday for three months and gave it as a gift during our anniversary. But the most romantic of all was taking her out for a ride in a limousine which I had rented.

Q: Limousine? It must be very expensive!

A:It’s not as expensive as you think! It is only 200,000 won (around 1100RMB) and the car came with a driver. (laughs). I borrowed the limousine for two hours and we drove around the Han River. We even drank red wine inside the car.

Q: Do you like this side of you which keeps doing romantic gestures/actions? If not, was it because you like to watch the other party’s reaction?

A: En~ I like to do various planning. I feel proud to be putting in great efforts for my girlfriend. I think it’s very cool to show her that I love her through actions and not just words only.

Q: What other (Romantic) gesture would you like to try?

A: Because I am an actor, and I have great confidence in my video editing skill. So firstly, I’ll book the entire theatre and play my own video. Then the both of us will eat popcorn and watch the video together. It will certainly be very happy! But to do this, I’ll need a considerable budget. Ah~ I don’t have that much money (laughs)

Q: Looking back, what was the significance of Hwang Jin Yi to Jang Keun Suk?

A: Hwang Jin Yi is my starting point as an actor. My dream is to be an actor and Hwang Jin Yi made me realized what qualities are needed by actors. Because of my experience in past relationships, I treated Hwang Jin Yi as my story and not other people’s.

This is the first time using my past experience to ease into a role. From then on, my whole attitude and thinking towards everything has changed. Till now, no matter where I go, I’m always accompanied by my managers. If I say I’m hungry, they will prepare food for me. They will also book my appointments at the hair salon. I want to take care of things myself. This is because if a person is caged up, how can he claim to have acting ability? It will be no different from reading from the script if I have to act out something which I have not experienced before.

During the Lounge H activity at HanYang university, I personally contacted the sponsors. I wrote the sales proposal myself and got the school’s approval. To the extent that I will call and compensate anyone who had lost their items. I learned a lot of new things by doing all these. It’s not my manager who lived on my behalf, and it’s not my parents who closed the curtains to hide me away but it’s myself who goes out to look for activities. This is a breakthrough which will be helpful in my acting career.

Q:Through Hwang Jin Yi, you realized the importance of experience.

A: Yes! I realized how importance experience is. That’s why I don’t really like managers. (laughs) Because they are always thinking of doing things on my behalf. Today’s interview is an exception. I would prefer to do everything myself in my normal daily activities.

Q: Was Happy Life the same as Hwang Jin Yi where an actor can learn many things? My deepest impression was that you mentioned in a previous interview that it was the turning point in your life.

A: What I had felt from filming Hwang Jin Yi is that “Managers cannot live my life for me.” Obviously the seniors with whom I have acted together knew about that. Seeing them going to the convenience stores and sitting in front of the stores chatting till 4am, I had thought to myself “I would like to try that too”. If I were to follow the wishes of my fans and the people around me to be cooped up in a bird cage, I’m afraid it’s not possible. I want to be a bird which flies out of the cage and not be contained. Absolutely do not want to be contained.

Q: After Hwang Jin Yi, you acted in another drama called Hong Gil Dong as the revenge-seeking Chang Hui. Accordingly to you, this is your first time experiencing being an idol (smile)

A:Not only was there a conflict with the filming of Baby and Me, there were also 7 advertisement offers at the same time. It was extremely tiring. However, even under such circumstances, I still insist and want to act the role of Chang Hui well.

Q: What were your thoughts when you were acting as Chang Hui?

A: The drama series is interesting and filled with life. Except for my role as Chang Hui , a terrible character which seems to deviate from the mood of the show. When we just started shooting, I I panicked a bit. However, during filming, I talked to Brother Ji Hwan and other actors during the filming, we can find the same feeling (an understanding).

Just the filming alone is an endless pain (laughs). The main reason is that we had to stay in the mountain for the filming – it was very cold. It has come to a point where I developed hatred towards it. In addition, it was away from Seoul and I can only go home once every two weeks. When we are rushed for time, I only can manage a bath and had to go back to the filming ground immediately. If we continue living like this, our mood will become very bad. It’s not just only me, even the workers and other actors are becoming more quick-tempered. If this continues, the atmosphere will become very somber. So it was under that kind of situation that we successfully wrap up the filming.

Q: After that you went on to the drama Beethoven Virus.

A: After filming Hong Gil Dong and Baby and Me, I went on a 2-month holiday trip in Europe. Before my trip, I told my manager, “If you give me a script during the holiday, I will immediately tear it up and even burn it!” (laugh). Whatever the case, I did not want to discuss about work for the time being. As mentioned just now, the Japan schedule is very tight, I was exhausted, my body had grown weaker and I was mentally exhausted. I remembered saying, “I’m not sure if I want to go back to Korea anymore. Don’t come and bother me”…

But sure enough, the manager started to email me scripts (laughs). I was on vacation in Germany at that time and I was agonizing whether I should delete the emails before I read it. “Maybe this is the time to slowly decide my next work…” was what changed my thinking. So I didn’t delete the emails and ended up reading the script. I was very keen on it once I read it and after finishing the two chapters, I called my company to say, “I want to act”.

Q: Which part of the drama that attracted you?

A: I will be playing trumpet, moreover it will be directed by Lee Jae Gyu whom is well known for his aesthetic works in Damo. Other than that, Senior Kim Myung Min will also play a part. I can learn directly from these seniors. Senior Lee Soon Jae also played a part, so to me, this work to me is very important.

Q: What is your impression towards Senior Kim Myung Min?

A: He asks for perfection in everything, but he’s not like like Kang Gun Woo who is overly stubborn. (Laughs) I was the last to be finalized for the role in the drama, because I was lagging behind and and I also didn’t want to make the seniors feel unhappy, so I put in extra effort.

There will be trouble if I didn’t take charge of my trumpet. But unlike other works, I wasn’t suffering at all. During shooting, I didn’t feel anxious at all. Regardless of how tight the schedule was or busy to the point of not getting enough time to sleep, not only me, but everyone was very happy to get into shooting. This was really strange.

Q: Did everyone get along well during filming?

A: Maybe it was because the theme was regarding music. During the concert filming, fellow actors’ mindset was linked together through music. Discord notes turned slowly into harmony during the play. Although it was only acting but after the concert ends, I was really moved to tears.

Q: Don’t you regret rejecting the invitation of Boys Over Flowers and choose Beethoven Virus instead?

A: Ah haha.. (Laughs) I think I made a very good choice. Besides, what I might have received from Boys of Flower, I got it through You’re Beautiful.

Q: The script for You’re Beautiful is written by Hong Gil Dong‘s Hong’s Sister right?

A: I heard that the sisters were thinking of me while writing the script. After reading the script, although it was only the draft but my mind had started a fresh image. Through this drama, I felt that only the 23-years-old-me can bring out the cuteness and freshness, so I happily agreed to play in this drama. But there are also a lot of problems in this drama. (Laughs) During the shooting, the production company was changed several times. The two producers worried that, “If Keun Suk also gives up, what are we going to do?”

I said: “Don’t worry. When I saw the script, I already started to analyze the role. Contact me once the filming date is confirmed.” After going through all these problems, the filming finally started in August.

Q: Many said that Tae Kyung‘s excessive concerns of cleanliness and vicious words resemble Kim Myung Min’s role as Kang Gun Woo (Beethoven Virus).

A: Whenever I heard this statement, if I say I didn’t feel any pressure at all, it would be a lie, because of Tae Kyung’s line is over self-centered. Actually at the beginning, I thought of using Kang Gun Woo as a reference but I gave up immediately. I drew it from Editor Miranda from The Devil Wears Prada.

Q: Have you finished watching You’re Beautiful?

A: Yes, the day I got the DVD I called to confirm. There wasn’t any regret, only felt that it was a pity the filming was rushed, it happened many times that the script was completed in the morning of the filming day. And when the filming was supposed to start, the script hadn’t reached our hands yet
It was under these circumstances, all the actors and crew persevered to the end.

Q: What do you think regarding the airing time being the same as IRIS?

A: I didn’t feel it was a loss to be aired at the same time because I would watch IRIS rerun on weekend too. Only felt that it didn’t have the luck for a battle.

Q: Is your character the same as Tae Kyung?

A: Hmm.. How do I say this? Always a perfectionist at work and can’t tolerate any mistake at all. But once I finished work, I will show appreciation to my Manager and Office Staffs, “Although I am strict, in order not to fall into the last, we pulled through together.” I will also prepare gifts. But when I go back to work, I can be so sensitive to the extent where you can’t even touch me. I am this kind of character.

Q: To be exact, who is “Tae Kyung” to you?

A: A role that allows the 20 odd years old me to shine, the character which resembles Jang Keun Suk the most.

Stepping out of Tae Kyung character was painful, but Jang Keun Suk gradually did it. Currently, he is preparing his brand new image for his next movie You’re My Pet everyday.

“I guess you all might think that I must be playing around whenever you don’t see me on television, but the fact is everyday…. Everyday, at a place where you can’t see me, I am learning seriously to improve myself.”
He left this sentence and leaves the studio as he has an English lesson to attend.

Jang Keun Suk who is determined to change himself to act the role, he made this promise, “In the next work, I will show everyone a brand new side of me.”

Credit to: Gracelwf, Xene, Siwonshii, Whogar, chinyee, Sky9, dailytofu@ soompi & keunsukholic.comReposted : lovesears blog

[TRANS] JP MAG interview

Japanese Magazine Interview of Jang Keun Suk by HOT CHILI PAPER

Q: First of all, from childhood appeared in the “Ladies of the Palace ” began to talk about it?

JKS: It was 15 years old, because when I was a child star, it seems to have appeared in works of fiction can not be introduced. I started modeling around 6 years old, the first time as a child star on TV is in year 1997 called “Happiness for Sale”

Q: Still having any memories you remember at the filming scene?

A: In the “Ladies of the Palace “, because it was a very cold day I was wearing a hanbok filming, or in the folk village and fell … all remember very clearly, my memory is not so good. I remember there was a child of Nanjing with a cylinder, and then I threw a stone smashed to the vat cylinder play, because of my mistake, that was my child’s face hit the stone throwing.

Q: Are you afraid of the adults at the filming scene?

JKS: Fear ah (laughs). Cried a lot at the scene. Filming the scene is also a social one, although I am surrounded by great people say “lovely”, very kind to me. But another, even child star, as the actor has not done. However,when i was a child , that things really do not know, just happy to play with brothers and, as the scene of things, happy and busy crying. So as an adult, “how to read the script yet ah!” A man cried many times. From the film “Happiness for sale” i started to shot a man to live. Buses and subways … not once, accompanied by their parents had.

Q: Even when you are alone?

JKS: as a child star (laughs). Plus my mother will not follow me to the site of the type, I am grateful to my mother had to do so. They hate to pay tribute to the staff, “My son please everyone had.” Mom wanted me to be strong, no matter what, not only the cry … of course, at that time I was crying, and now be able to withstand different level test.

Q: In year 2002 you play a role in “Ladies in the palace” and” The Great Ambition ” the time has what to change?

JKS: From started to have the manager at that time. I starred in a mobile communication company’s advertising, is known gradually by the people….But, I do not have what change.In child star time although has to the enthusiasm which acts in a play, but to oneself completely to own future design blueprint, again has not grown up, also has the possibility to have other dream.

Q: After that, you played in a youth sitcom “Orange” right?

JKS: “Orange” in fact than the “Great Ambition” to early. My memory, just think of heat it (laughs). In the big summer filming, a lot of swimming scene, each episode is happy to participate in playing the shot. Filming took three months total, in addition, there is no memory of it. That was when i was 16 years old,and then next year I went abroad to study.

Jang Keun Suk was an active as a child star, before the fans are very famous. Opportunity is a kindergarten, to accept the recommendations of the teacher, principal, spokesperson of the children’s clothing. It later appeared in an ad and soon embarked on the road … even when acting simultaneously with the school shooting drama, etc., but at that time still “think I would become an actor.”

However, the mother looked like him, “if we do not have to study hard, then …” very disturbed mind.

Q: You go to abroad to study at new zealand?

JKS: Yes, in junior high school before graduation, my mother said to me, “If we do not learn, do not know when to be delayed to.” At that time, has been known for, it has been impossible for ordinary life in school. Mom said, “out of school you most want to learn it.” So went to New Zealand, and her mother together.

Q: Your mom has skilled in english?

JKS: No, absolutely not. (Laughs) Mom and I went to school to learn English. Not speak English, so the year and I live in a foreign country with not a easy choice. Mom is a respectable woman.

Q: What was life in New Zealand?

JKS: Well, even if standing in front of foreigners, not panic. Foreigners, especially Europeans and Americans to himself, “to speak to me, how to do …” was was very afraid and ran away a lot of people. I am not good at speaking English, how to say it is now standing in front of the West will not feel afraid. Their first friendly greeting, for example, if people ask for, I can very good guiding, I am in New Zealand full access to this kind of self-confidence.

Q: After you finished your study you appeared in the “Nonstop 4” 17-year-old played a “very sharp sense of the trend of the medical students.” I heard you have your own idea of a creative personality.

JKS: When i met the director, I said to him, “I wanted to play a child, doctors wanted to do, also likes to play the medical students.” Screenplay based on actual role of Medical Students, I am really surprised . As “Nonstop 4” is the situation comedy, though there are stories and moving, but the most important thing is that amused the audience laugh. Think so, I still need a lot of challenges. Create buzzwords, you can also say that the time lines with wonderful movement. Because I felt very strange, I have done a lot of attempts, so if the audience responded well, but also introduced new ideas.

Q: Then, you take up a role in “Lovers in Prague”, of a high school student who wanted to get the attend of your president father therefore playing truant?

JKS: I want to demostrate a different image from “Nonstop 4”. what i remember, the filming dates actually clash with the released of the University Admission Examinations Result. Thus, my mind is thinking all about the ‘what if’ for the examinations result, though i still passed it successfully. And “Lovers in Prague” act as my last project before hitting 20.

Q: What exactly happened during the filming of “Do Re Mi Fa So La Ti Do”?

JKS: To tell the truth, both “Do Re Mi Fa So La Ti Do” and “Baby and I” are not those project which i volunteered to take part in. Sorry for being so straightforward. [laughs] But that was the truth.

Q: Can’t you reject the offer?

JKS: Because the management have already sign a contract on filming the movie with the company, so there’s no way to turn it back. Also I heard from some high level officers too that, I won’t do what i hate and don’t feel like doing; This is my personality! Not those kind like a dictator kind of disposition. Also, even if i put all my heart into the role, I am also not sure if the project will be successfully present out. And after i finish one project, they will come up immediately to pass the exhausted me the next project’s script which makes me feel more stressful.

Also, i can’t really focus fully at the filming site. The only thing i could do is by complaining to my manager, “why am i here ah?”, thats how i finished filming “Do Re Mi Fa So La Ti Do”.

Q: Did the filming go on smoothly?

JKS: Other than “Do Re Mi Fa So La Ti Do”, there’s still other things happening around.[laughs] Halfway through the filming, the investment stop, thus filming have to stop too. Then, I took up “Hwang Jin-Yi” , “Hong Gil Dong” and “Happy Life”. Then, we suddenly received a phone call one day about saying “Do Re Mi Fa So La Ti Do” is to be back to filming, which is 2years later. “No matter what, we have to finish the movie filming.” asking, “why?” It’s very common in Korea media industry about the fact that you have to accept it silently and finish the filming without knowing the answer to why.

Q: The story is quite interesting, or is there’s some secret on it?

JKS: Looking at the script, it’s not that bad. However, if taking a house as example, no matter how strong and good the rack , there is no guarantee that the house will be perfectly build. Drama and movie has also the same philosophy. Not only the script, the actors, directors, cameraman, all have to cooperate perfectly well so as to present a very good film at the end. From this story, I think that I really have to protect myself very well, and let one become more stronger. At that time, no matter how unwilling i am towards the filming, i can still put some zealous in it, maybe there will be some changes to it because at the end of the day, my name will be on it. Thinking in that way, i find it quite a pity.

Q: Next is “One missed Call”, is it one which you decided to take up after much thinking?

JKS: AHH HAHA!~ that’s the matter. [laughs] I was 19 near 20 at that time, and i received a call and asking me to go for an audition after hearing that they’re looking for an actor near that age range. Also, i didn’t have any project on hand at that time, thats the project i took up when i was finding a opportunity for an audition.

Q: Are you currently still in contact with your partners Maki Horikita and Meisa Kuroki?

JKS: Nope. We’re not that close during filming itself. Actually i am one who won’t exchange number with the actors/actresses who im collaborating with. In such way, i can continue the feeling of being nervous, and even without exchanging number, the actors/actresses can still interact well and also gaining respect. If there’s a meetup during the private time for a drink or so, that will make me not keeping the nervous in me.

So i didn’t have any female celebrities friends, AHH! other than, Kim Heechul. [laughs]

Q: Both Maki Horikita and Meisa Kuroki are quite famous now.

JKS: From their point of view, this project is the same as “Do Re Mi Fa So La Ti Do” to me. [laughs]

Q: Is there any possibility for filming any Japan work in the future?

JKS: Of course, i won’t be rejecting it. The most important thing of choosing a project/work is the script, and the thing which is as important as the script is “i really want to take up this role” kind of passion. So if i really fall in love with the particular drama/project/work, even if it’s a comedy, i will accept without a second thought. Ahh, Yes! I kept hearing about im the type of person that japanese like, ahh, then why i still can’t become Bae Yong-joon ahh. [laughs]

Q: Hmm? Bae Yong-joon is your target? Both of you are in different style ar…

JKS: No, No. I don’t want to become Bae Yong-joon. Er… won’t it be weird if i say it in this way? I am not denying on how good Bae Yong-joon is. [laughs] I just want to be confirm by the people of my talent and fanbased that kind of meaning.

Q: As compared with some of the Korean actors, Keun Suk body size is in the Thin[苗条] category, Planning to become a muscle man?

JKS: In that case, i can wear those trendy fashion clothes that i like. [laughs] Regarding body size, every actor have different views on it. For me, i don’t really want to grow some outstanding muscles because i don’t like to work out!

Because of preparing to film “You’re My Pet” and to meet the film role, then i started to work out recently, Ballet dance is the main focus. Still having some jogging, cycling. In this way, im not afraid of being a muscle man!

Jang Keun Suk finally met the project of his heart in 2006, “Hwang Jin-i”. In the drama, he acted Kim Eun Ho, the first love of which Ha Ji-won took up, Hwang Jin-i. Both of them fall in love with each other and become a lover, however it ended in tragic due to the different level of status they’re in. At that time, the Netizens were surrounded by this particular character, and resulted in many different views. Worrying the age gap between Ha Ji-won and him will be a problem and also the criticism for his acting skills are quite not less.

Q: How did you see the opinions of people with regards of your role?

JKS: To me, “this is not a wall which cannot be overcome.”

“Why do you have to put Jang Keun Suk beside Ha Ji-won?” For the opinions and views of the people, i think, “Let you all say all you want, i will prove you all wrong! I will let you all see!”, As compared to present, that time im still a youth who is still young and crazy, [laughs] but because of this passion, i can really focus on the role, Eun Ho itself.

Q: How did you manage to walk into the mental&physical state of Eunho?

JKS: In fact, I just broke up with my girlfriend whom i really like alot. The one who ask for break up is her, and I don’t have any meaning by heart thus i keep apologizing to her. Still she said the word of leaving after what i did. So, I went to her place and wait for her but i got “Don’t wait for me” in return… Then, i wrote a letter to her everyday, she only replied … “Let’s stop it here.”… The reason is when i accidentally say the word of breakup during a mini quarrel that leds to this. The stubborn of being selfish. I keep thinking that if i can still be with her till now, love her alot, and can’t leave without her, but she just left me like this. The hurting me didn’t go out for at least a month, never did i have a meals normally, and keep coping up at home. Lost of motivations, no energy to do anything, loss alot of weight, and become very thin. At that point of time when im feeling real down, i received “Hwang Jin-i” ‘s script.

Q: Do you feel pain when you think of the girl during shooting?

ANot when im acting Eun Ho, but when EunHo become me, that feeling came up to me.
That time, because of only feeling heartpain so only know how to cry. And also tried reading the script in the car, but end up crying and sobbing secretly. Sometimes, i will regard Ha Ji-won noona’s face as the girl. Though, i still want to do more things for the girl but this wish is no longer can be fulfilled. This makes me and EunHo’s feeling to be parallel. Not only during acting, after acting and filming, just to find back my ownself, i really did suffer for a few moment.

Q:Feeling pain … but being an actor…

AThough it’s quite torturing, but the sadness/pain did helps my acting alot.

Q:Wedding proposal site is very romantic. Are you one who are romantic too?

ATo be truth, it’s me who like to create the romantic feel. Let me tell you a few of my childish story for the Hot.Chili.Paper’s readers. [laughs] I actually did by letting balloons out with strips tying on it writing “i love you” and let it up to the air when the car boot is open. And, tried writing letters on the diary for the next 3months then send it out as a present on the anniversary. But the most romantic thing i did was by renting a Limousine on anniversary day and bring her around for a ride!

Q:Limousine? It’s sure very expensive!

AIt’s not what i imagine! I only have to pay 20million won, not only car there’s also chauffeur too. [laughs] After renting the car for 2hours, we went for a ride in han river and had red wine in the car.

Q:Do you like yourself being so romantic? If not, like seeing the reaction of the other party?

AErm~ i like myself when doing different kinds of plan…. Because of girlfriend, i strive for myself and are very proud of it. Other than that, i find it very cool by doing some actions to prove to her that i like her and by not telling ‘i love you’ by mouth only.

Q:So, do you have any other plans you want to try on?

ABecause im an actor, plus im very confident of editing videos myself. So, first i will book the whole theatre down and play the video that i made myself then both of us will have popcorns while watching the video on screen, it’s sure exciting! But however, if i were to do that, that will be quite a big expenses. AHH~ i don’t have so much money! [laughs]

Q:Thinking back, what is the presence of tv drama “Hwang Jin-i” to Jang Keun Suk?

A: “Hwang Jin-i” is my first starting line and pathway for being an actor. I dream of being an actor, and the first time i understand what an actor needs to be after this project. Because i’ve got my own love experience, thus, “Hwang Jin-i” is no other than other people’s story but my story. The first time i used my own experience to act; And from that on, the perspective of me to everything single thing changed. Until today, no matter where i go, I will bring manager with me. Food will be prepared for me when i said im hungry, and still will make appointment with the salon, So, now i will do my own things myself.

Because, if one who live in luxury, can’t talk about acting at all. If never used own experience to act, that will be the same as reading the lines out from the script.

Recently, the event at Hanyang University, Lounge H, I contact the sponsors myself, and also write my own proposal to get approval for the organising of the event. In the event of lost & found during the event itself, all the calling and compensation is done by myself. By doing this, i learn new things again. It’s not the manager who live for my life, not the parents who close the curtain and hide me in somewhere, it’s me who find activities for myself, and gain some experience from there and overcome the new challenge. These might also help me in the entertainment industry in the future…

Q:You gained the importance of experience in “Hwang Jin-i”.

AYes! I understand how important is it to experience so much. So i don’t really like manager. [laughs] Because they are the ones who do things on my behalf. Take this interview today as an exception, in daily lives, i wish to do everything by myself.

Q:The movie “Happy Life” which is up after “Hwang Jin-i” is also one that made you learn alot? In my memory, i remembered that you said something that “it’s the turning point of your life in some interview. ”

AWhen i was shooting “Hwang Jin-i”, all im feeling and thinking is “manager can’t live my life on my behalf.” All the seniors who are involve in the show all knows this point. Seeing them walking out from their residence area, and sat at the bench infront of the convenience store and chat till 4am in the morning, i was thinking, “I also want to try living that kind of life” But if it’s not what the fans and the people around me wants, it will be like a live bird living in a cage which cannot be like that. I want to be a bird which can fly out of the cage and not one which is trap inside, yeah.

Q: In the drama “Hong Gil Dong”, you acted as one who seek revenge, Lee Chang Hwui. According to your saying, “It’s the first idol period” [laughs]

ANot only clashing with the movie “Baby and I”, also i’ve 7 commercial offers, so it’s very tiring. But at this circumstances, i still have to perform the role of Chang Hwui well no matter what.

Q:How do you feel when you’re in the role of Chang Hwui?

ATv drama itself is very angry, and interested, and it’s only me who acted as Chang Hwui this very scary role. It’s like out of the whole drama atmosphere and so at the beginning it’s quite panicking. However, by chatting with Ji Hwan hyung and other actors, we got the same feeling too. Just by only filming, it’s a continuous pain. [laughs] Filming is mainly done in the mountains, and it’s very cold. So my feeling towards cold have already reached pathological type of hate, plus we have to leave Seoul & back home once in 2weeks. And when schedules are tight, you have to rush back to the filming scene right after you wash up. If this life continues, the mood will become worsen. Not only me, the staff and the actors are all becoming more and more impatient. Continue on, the atmosphere will become very heavy. I think, thats how i ended the filming well in that particular situation.

Q:Next is “Beethoven Virus”.

AAfter “Hong Gil Dong” and “Baby and I”, I went to europe for a vacation for about 2months. And before leaving for the trip, i told my manager, “If you were to give me a script during my vacation, I will tear it and burn it down without a second thought!” [laughs] I just didn’t want to talk about work for the time being. Just like what i said earlier, schedules becoming more and more tight, body become more and more weak, plus fatigue and heart limping down. “Though i don’t know if i will go back to korea, just don’t care about me…” I still remember thats what i said that time…

Still, my manager start sending me the script via e-mail. [laughs] And at that time im at Germany having my vacation, plus thinking if i should open it before deleting it.

“Maybe this will be the period I decide to take up the next project or not…” and this mindset change, so i open up the mail and read the script without deleting it. Then i started to fall inlove with it after reading 2 episodes, so I called up the company and say, “i want to take up the role”

Q:Which part of it that attracts you?

AThe music is played with bass, also the art piece is Lee Jae Kyu production. Plus, there’s also the participation of Kim Myung-min sunbae in the drama. I know i can learn alot of things from the senior. Also Lee Soon Jae sunbae also, this production is very important to me.

Q:What’s your impression of Kim Myung-min sunbae?

AAsking for perfection for every single thing but not as stubborn as Kang Gun-woo. [laughs] I am the last to confirm for the role in this drama, because i didn’t want to disappoint the sunbaes so i did put alot of effort in it. If i didn’t start on learning trumpet, there will be alot of trouble, and this is not like other projects/production, because i don’t feel a single pain during filming itself. During shooting, even if there’s no time to sleep i don’t really feel the impatient in me acting on. Not only myself, everyone was very happy while filming this, which i find it weird.

Q:Everyone was very harmony at the scene

AMaybe it’s because of using music as the theme, when filming the performance, the actors seems to be in the line with the music and stick together. The notes which is out of tune slowly becomes in harmony, though it’s only filming, however when the performance ended, it really touches people’s heart and left in tears.

Q:Not regretting on rejecting “Boys Over Flower” for “Beethoven Virus”?

AAh haha. [laughs] I think i made a good choice myself. Plus, the result get from “Boys Over Flower”, I can get it through from “You’re Beautiful”

Q: “You’re Beautiful” script is written by “Hong Gil Dong” Hong sister’s script writer right?

AI heard the sisters wrote the script while thinking of me. After reading the script, though it’s just only the draft, my mind have open a very fresh image of it. Through this drama, i think i can fully present the cute and fresh image of the 23 years of age myself. So, i agreed on the role immediately. But this drama have alot of questions. [laughs] While during filming, we changed alot of production company. And both producers are quite worried, “What should we do if Keun Suk also give up?”. “No problem, after reading the script… i’ve analyse the character roles myself, contact me if there’s a confirm schedule date for filming”, i said. After this and that, we finally started filming in August.

Q:Many said the character HwangTaeKyung is almost alike to the role Kang Gun-woo that Kim Myung-min acted in “Beethoven Virus”

AAfter hearing this, it will be fake if i say im not stress over it. Because TaeKyung’s lines is very self-centered, the thought of me using Kang Gun-woo as a reference is off from my list. thus, i used the editor in “The Devil wears Prada”, Miranda as a reference.

Q:Have you finish watching “You’re Beautiful”?

AYes, on the day I got the DVD I’ve confirm over the phone and there’s no any part which i find it a pity, just that the tight schedules rushing for filming is quite a sorry. When we just finish filming in the morning on the script, there’s another scene in the afternoon. but the main script haven’t get on hand… so in that case, all the actors and staffs have to persevere till the last together.

Q:Any views on the same time broadcast drama, “IRIS”?

AI don’t feel that it’s broadcasted at the same time will make it feel like a loss. Because i will watch the replay of “IRIS” on weekends. Just that i don’t feel that there’s a battle of luck in it.

Q:So is your character same like TaeKyung?

AErm~ How do i put it? When im working, i can’t tolerate a bit of mistake, and im very picky. But after finishing work, i will thanks my manager and the staff for all that they did, “Though im not very strict in the requirements, but in order not the fall into the last, i pull it through all together” Still prepare present. But, when i start working again, i will be sensitive to the degree of touch. That’s my character.

Q:Accurately speaking, what is Taekyung to you?

AOne who can allow the 20years old plus me shine, and the role which is most alike to Jang Keun Suk’s character.

Because of Hwang Tae Kyung sequela, and the uncomfortable Jang Keun Suk, all slowly resolve. Now, to meet the new image of his for the upcoming movie, “You’re My Pet”, he’s preparing everyday.

“Though, I don’t know if people will think in a way of that not seeing me on tv screen is because im playing outside everyday. But, to be truth, everyday im at some place which you all can’t see me and learning things seriously and adding own-valued to my life.”

He left the studio after leaving this message behind just to rush for his english class.

One who determined to change himself, and to play the role of Jang Keun Suk, he promised, “For the next production, I will give everyone an image that no one has seen before”

Translated by: pinky@jkscrisg

Credit: Baidu, miniejungle, daily_tofu

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[TRANS] PressCon Interview

Translated by : daily_tofu@soompi


Jang Keun Suk refers himself as Handsome is hunting for HK food. Enthusiastic fans alerted the police.

JKS who came to HK for the 2nd time will have a fan meeting, his arrival yesterday has attracted hundreds of fans, he was friendly and waved back and also made the “V” sign for the media to take pictures, he used English for self introduction, and also said “Ni Hao” in Cantonese. He also apologized because when he arrived at HK, the security was too protective, so he couldn’t greet everyone.

Yesterday South Korea lost to Argentina 1:4, JKS of course supports his nation’s team, he and his staff sat in the hotel room, changed into red shirts and watched the live broadcast, he said “It’s not the final result, when I go back to Korea, my friend and I will open a party to cheer for South Korea vs. Nigeria, of course I wish South Korea can win the championship, it is okay to dream bigger, and also hope to see more Asian football team in the World cup, Fight!”

In YAB, JKS’ character is very cool, just like him in the real life, a perfectionist, his next target is to conquer the world, has a positive outlook on overseas activities, and will not resist releasing an album, he also sang one part of the song from the series . He also revealed a secret during shooting: Li Hong Ki went around telling everyone that he and I are very close, please do not say so.”

Before he came to HK he went out drinking with Li Hong Ki, Super Junior’s Hee Chul: “Once Li Hong Ki drinks, he will become a dangerous creature, Crazy boys! Me too!(note: Italic means he said it in english) (my note: this really confirms Hee Chul’s twitter saying that JKS was coming to have a drink with them).

He also said his mom really likes the lead actress Park Shin Hye, but did not respond to whether he is PHS’ type.

Eating Western food at Tsim Sha Tsui
JKS hopes to try out the local delicacies such as dimsum, but because he needs to be on diet he will not dare to eat too much, he said he wants to go to Lan Kwai Fong, because it’s Friday.” When he accepted the flower, he used Mandarin to praise himself: “Wo hen shuai” (meaning I’m very handsome) (my note: All the eels agree with you, Sukkie)

JKS also went to Tsim Sha Tsui to eat western food and attracted more than 100 fans waiting outside the shop, and caused disorder, the police had to urge them to leave. Inside the restaurant, JKS opened up the window to inspect the situation on the street, around 9pm he went back to the hotel and avoided the camera.

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[INFO] JKS JP Interview

Original text : Click Here
Translated by: kaedejun@soompi

A Reporter’s Article on Jang Geun Suk’s Asia Tour in Japan

Because of his appearance in “You’re Beautiful,” “Beethoven Virus,” “Hong Gil Dong,” and other popular dramas, Jang Geun Suk has already displayed mature acting skills, and he has become a representative of a new generation of Korean actors.

On May 29, at Tokyo Gotanda U-Port (not sure if this is the right location) he held a press conference at the “Asia Tour in Japan” event. Right now he gives us an on-the-scene detailed interview!

“Hello everyone, I am a Korean actor, Jang Geun Suk. I hope to hear many comments from you!” Jang Geun Suk spoke in fluent Japanese to address everyone. He is truly amazing! (loose translation) Moreover, he is thinner than I imagined! Please look forward to the following…! He is tall, with long hair and a distinct low voice.

Reporter: Why did you come to Japan this time?

Jang: With this Asia Tour underway, I am happy to follow up China, Singapore, Taiwan with a visit to Japan. In Japan I hope to advance my acting activities, but this time it will be through a concert. At this Asia Tour I hope to present to everyone a new kind of FM. (I think that means fan meeting?)

Reporter: How was the response in China, Singapore, and Taiwan?

Jang: It was flattering, very good, very interesting! (laughs) I had never been to these countries, or see that many FM staff, so it made me feel a great sense of responsibility. In addition I got to meet the local fans face to face, giving me a really cool experience.

Reporter: When you did “You’re Beautiful” you became a popular topic. How do you see it?

Jang: Truthfully, in regards to this popularity it hasn’t really made an effect on me. I’m still the same as before, all I want is to act well in the roles I get, which is something I always thought that from an actor’s perspective is very important. Everyone has shown a lot of a care to me, and I am very thankful for it. From now on I will continue working hard as one of Korea’s young actors.

Reporter: Through leading the drama “You’re Beautiful” you have become a hot topic for every part of Japan and everyone knows about your works. We heard about your new project – can you tell us a little about it?

Jang: (Using Japanese) The next film is “You’re my Pet.” Everyone knows that this originated from a Japanese manga. I will start filming soon as the leading role. I lost weight for this role, because my character is a talented dancer, so I have been working very hard at practicing dance.

Reporter: I think from now on you want the challenge of a variety of roles. Do you have any goals or a particular role you want to play?

Jang: In “You’re Beautiful” I was able to bring out more character while in “You’re my Pet” I had to act as cute as a house pet but could also show off another side of ‘pain and suffering’. So I hope everyone will like my performance. From now on I hope to be able to act skillfully in any role.

Reporter: We’re looking forward to your future performances. What do you plan to tell your Japanese fans?

Jang: I am very happy with the warm welcome my Japanese fans gave me. This time at the Asia Tour I wanted to get to Japan as quickly as possible. Also, everyone brought in a new experience for this FM, so it made me very happy to come to Japan like this. I definitely will give everyone who comes an excellent performance.

Reporter: So far there are plenty of challenges with this big role, and you can act in a role that matches your image. What have you benefited from this?

Jang: In my opinion, acting in “You’re Beautiful” gave me the biggest reward in that it allowed me to express inner emotions, and it frequently gave me a chance to express the darker side of myself for a while. However in “You’re Beautiful” I was also able to perform in a lively manner. In addition, as the leader of ANJELL I would take care of my group mates beside me, because I would feel the sense of responsibility as a senior taking care of my juniors. That was a completely new experience for me. I can now use these experiences to improve my leading abilities.

Reporter: You have already read the original work of “You’re my Pet” and watched the Japanese drama version – what are your impressions on it? Are there any particular difficulties in portraying the role of a talented dancer?

Jang: I heard that the lead guy Jun Matsumoto is the same age as me. In order to learn a little and borrow from his acting talents I would look at a couple of his other works. I’ve seen two of MatsuJun’s other dramas – “Hana Yori Dango” and “You’re My Pet.” At that time, I truly admired MatsuJun’s acting abilities. In addition, based on his performances he plays his roles so perfectly that it seamlessly blends in with the drama. In regards to the original manga, although the production company gave it to me to study, I already saw the drama, and since this is a Korean film remake, therefore I didn’t read the manga. (Note: he said in last year’s FM in Japan on a video that he didn’t like mangas, too childish, so it justifies his answer! haha!)

We followed the basis of the original works, but on top of that we wanted to produce something that would suit Korean tastes and give them a new Korean movie. In addition, performing the role of a gifted dancer made me lose a lot of weight, and aside from not being able to eat spicy cabbage pot (maybe he means kimchi? or some spicy stew?), there are no other difficulties. (laughs). Of course, the pressure is on, and the feeling of failing is stronger than feeling happy (not too sure if that’s right). From Monday to Friday I can only concentrate on dancing, but I can’t just live on dancing alone. (I think he means he can’t just depend on it). (Also because of this Asia Tour) I don’t know if I should celebrate its success or its misfortune. (laughs).

Reporter: The set up in “You’re My Pet” has you living with an older woman. In your own words what do you think about living with an older woman?

Jang: This question is interesting. (laughs) I’ve never thought of this problem before. First of all, Korea doesn’t have a culture where people live together like that. Of course, recently with younger generations it’s gradually changed. By taking part in this film, I’ve thought a lot about the issue and I think it’s more meaningful.

If it’s someone I truly like, and we would get married, then I’d live with that person; every day would feel like a happy adventure. It would really be a sweet life. I’m personally interested in cooking so if I can feed her breakfast every day then that would be the best.

Reporter: Thank you for your answers.

Reporter: The deepest impression he gave me, he’s still so young but he is so mature/poised, and he has an overwhelming and distinct presence. He truly is a unique individual! From now on he’s going to become an even bigger star, a bright one that people can look forward to!He isn’t going to just represent Korea, but he can represent all of Asia’s actors!


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