The venue for the Birthday gathering is currently change to Nyonya Corner at Avenue K (UC Level, above KLCC LRT station). Time remain the same at 3pm until 5pm. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Thank you.


[CRI-J NOTICE] Tree J change of address notice

Tree J change of address notice
credit: JKS official notice & sana


This is Tree J Company

Our office is moving during this week.
Pls send your mail to the new office address as below.


Tree J Company address has changed to

58-13, Cheongdam-dong,
Gangnam-gu, Seoul,
South Korea


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[MAG] Hot Chili Paper Plus 12 恋するk-boyfriend 2010 Summer

[Update Sukkie’s pic with high resolution. Big thanks to DailyTofu for sharing it ^^]

Hot Chili Paper Plus 12 恋するk-boyfriend 2010 Summer


credit to : dailytofu @

[VID] The Living Part 1 (Eng sub)

I received an email from Dailytofu yesterday about this awesome vid. Super big thanks to her for sharing this! (^-^)

Credit to : Dailytofu @ & raiannee210 @ YT

[POLL] Most Handsome Actor

Here’s another poll from ipoll Korea. This time it is for the ” Most Handsome Actor “. Click HERE to vote for wuri Jang Keun Suk.

Click on the 9th position [orange button – 2nd one from the bottom]. The number would appear on the right. Click until 200 (max), then click on the plus “+” button.

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[VID] More Cute Keun Suk ^^

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More cute Keun Suk vid uploaded by ^-^

Click the Thumbnail below for the vid ^^
Adult:jks asia tour ep5 edit
Credit :catsluver@FC2

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[VID][TRANS] More The Living Videos ^^

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Watch The Living – Team H Exclusive Interview #2, HERE for the latest vid ^-^
credit: raiannee210@YT

(This is the final episode of “The Living” Thailand TV Program with Jang Keun Suk & Team H. Let’s get to know the 7 members of Team H…)

Written transcript by ladymoon@

Rok Kim
“I’m the economic announcer & reporter of Economy TV Station. I just start this job recently. When I’ve free time, I’ll hang out with my friends.”

Seongbin Lim
“I working as an architect. I design condominium for Hyundai Company. I’m very busy, so I don’t have much free time. When I’m free, I’ll come and meet with my friends.”

Shin Jae Woong
“I’m a student. I study Political Science.”

Kurt Jung
“I’m a producer and a party DJ. I’ll release my own album soon, please support me.”

Ha Suk Jin
“I chose to be an actor (actually he studies engineering). Actually I’m working on drama project now. It’s a korean historical drama (Merchant Kim Man Deok). Luckily, today I don’t have shooting schedule. I heard that in Thailand has on aired “Hello Miss”. I hope Thai fans will have a chance to watch my works again soon. “

Woo Jeong Song
“I’m the 2nd oldest brother in this group. I just graduated last year. Now I work as an engineer at KCC Company. On weekend, I’ll hang out with my friends, Team H.”

Jang Keun Suk
“I debuted as a child star since I was a kid. Last year, my drama series “You’re Beautiful” have got good response from fans all over Asia. Now I have Asia Tour Fan Meeting in Beijing, Hong Kong, Japan, Osaka. I also studying in Department of Theatre and Film. When I have free time, I’ll hang out with my friends, Team H. We creating new good project together or going out for a ride. I’m not sure if “You’re Beautiful” already on air in Thailand (The answer is “no, not yet”^^). Though, please support my works.”


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