[VID] MSOAN : Press Conference

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[PIC] MSOAN : Press Conference

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[PIC] MSOAN behind the scene

MSOAN behind the scene

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[Additional Info]

The drama’s press conference will be held a day early at the Imperial Palace Hotel on November 3 at 2:00pm.

The confirmed english title of the drama is “Marry me, Mary “.

Today’s shooting location was at Olympic Park. Keun Suk’s mom was there and was seen chatting with Geun Young.

Marry me, Mary will be shown on KBS WorldTV on December 20.

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[PIC][VID] HK Presscon

Keun Suk at HK Press Conference

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[TRANS] PressCon Interview

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Jang Keun Suk refers himself as Handsome is hunting for HK food. Enthusiastic fans alerted the police.

JKS who came to HK for the 2nd time will have a fan meeting, his arrival yesterday has attracted hundreds of fans, he was friendly and waved back and also made the “V” sign for the media to take pictures, he used English for self introduction, and also said “Ni Hao” in Cantonese. He also apologized because when he arrived at HK, the security was too protective, so he couldn’t greet everyone.

Yesterday South Korea lost to Argentina 1:4, JKS of course supports his nation’s team, he and his staff sat in the hotel room, changed into red shirts and watched the live broadcast, he said “It’s not the final result, when I go back to Korea, my friend and I will open a party to cheer for South Korea vs. Nigeria, of course I wish South Korea can win the championship, it is okay to dream bigger, and also hope to see more Asian football team in the World cup, Fight!”

In YAB, JKS’ character is very cool, just like him in the real life, a perfectionist, his next target is to conquer the world, has a positive outlook on overseas activities, and will not resist releasing an album, he also sang one part of the song from the series . He also revealed a secret during shooting: Li Hong Ki went around telling everyone that he and I are very close, please do not say so.”

Before he came to HK he went out drinking with Li Hong Ki, Super Junior’s Hee Chul: “Once Li Hong Ki drinks, he will become a dangerous creature, Crazy boys! Me too!(note: Italic means he said it in english) (my note: this really confirms Hee Chul’s twitter saying that JKS was coming to have a drink with them).

He also said his mom really likes the lead actress Park Shin Hye, but did not respond to whether he is PHS’ type.

Eating Western food at Tsim Sha Tsui
JKS hopes to try out the local delicacies such as dimsum, but because he needs to be on diet he will not dare to eat too much, he said he wants to go to Lan Kwai Fong, because it’s Friday.” When he accepted the flower, he used Mandarin to praise himself: “Wo hen shuai” (meaning I’m very handsome) (my note: All the eels agree with you, Sukkie)

JKS also went to Tsim Sha Tsui to eat western food and attracted more than 100 fans waiting outside the shop, and caused disorder, the police had to urge them to leave. Inside the restaurant, JKS opened up the window to inspect the situation on the street, around 9pm he went back to the hotel and avoided the camera.

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[PIC][VID] Keun Suk at Dream’s Press conference


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[PIC] After the Press conference


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