[VID] MSOAN : Press Conference

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[PIC] MSOAN : Press Conference

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[PIC] MSOAN behind the scene

MSOAN behind the scene

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[Additional Info]

The drama’s press conference will be held a day early at the Imperial Palace Hotel on November 3 at 2:00pm.

The confirmed english title of the drama is “Marry me, Mary “.

Today’s shooting location was at Olympic Park. Keun Suk’s mom was there and was seen chatting with Geun Young.

Marry me, Mary will be shown on KBS WorldTV on December 20.

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[PIC][VID] HK Presscon

Keun Suk at HK Press Conference

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[TRANS] PressCon Interview

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Jang Keun Suk refers himself as Handsome is hunting for HK food. Enthusiastic fans alerted the police.

JKS who came to HK for the 2nd time will have a fan meeting, his arrival yesterday has attracted hundreds of fans, he was friendly and waved back and also made the “V” sign for the media to take pictures, he used English for self introduction, and also said “Ni Hao” in Cantonese. He also apologized because when he arrived at HK, the security was too protective, so he couldn’t greet everyone.

Yesterday South Korea lost to Argentina 1:4, JKS of course supports his nation’s team, he and his staff sat in the hotel room, changed into red shirts and watched the live broadcast, he said “It’s not the final result, when I go back to Korea, my friend and I will open a party to cheer for South Korea vs. Nigeria, of course I wish South Korea can win the championship, it is okay to dream bigger, and also hope to see more Asian football team in the World cup, Fight!”

In YAB, JKS’ character is very cool, just like him in the real life, a perfectionist, his next target is to conquer the world, has a positive outlook on overseas activities, and will not resist releasing an album, he also sang one part of the song from the series . He also revealed a secret during shooting: Li Hong Ki went around telling everyone that he and I are very close, please do not say so.”

Before he came to HK he went out drinking with Li Hong Ki, Super Junior’s Hee Chul: “Once Li Hong Ki drinks, he will become a dangerous creature, Crazy boys! Me too!(note: Italic means he said it in english) (my note: this really confirms Hee Chul’s twitter saying that JKS was coming to have a drink with them).

He also said his mom really likes the lead actress Park Shin Hye, but did not respond to whether he is PHS’ type.

Eating Western food at Tsim Sha Tsui
JKS hopes to try out the local delicacies such as dimsum, but because he needs to be on diet he will not dare to eat too much, he said he wants to go to Lan Kwai Fong, because it’s Friday.” When he accepted the flower, he used Mandarin to praise himself: “Wo hen shuai” (meaning I’m very handsome) (my note: All the eels agree with you, Sukkie)

JKS also went to Tsim Sha Tsui to eat western food and attracted more than 100 fans waiting outside the shop, and caused disorder, the police had to urge them to leave. Inside the restaurant, JKS opened up the window to inspect the situation on the street, around 9pm he went back to the hotel and avoided the camera.

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[PIC][VID] Keun Suk at Dream’s Press conference


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[PIC] After the Press conference


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[PIC][VID] Dream’s Press conference

Newsen article for the ” Dreams, giving them Wings” press conference, click Here.



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[PIC] Tokyo Presscon

Tokyo Fan Meeting Presscon Photos

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[INFO] Pray for the earthquake victim

Beijing press conference: Jang Geun Seok will pray for Yu Shu citizens, wishes to “take over the universe”

Sohu Korean Entertainment – Rising in popularity after the airing of “Minamishineyo” (You’re Beautiful), Korean star Jang Geun Seok held a press conference in Beijing to promote his Asia Concert Tour Fan Meetings. Wearing a stylish black suit with his wavy hair, he revealed that he loves chrysanthemum tea and ma poh tofu, enjoys watching “Infernal Affairs” and wishes to work with John Woo and Wong Kar Wai. He added a special presentation last minute, and sang Minamishineyo’s theme song.

Expresses his condolences to earthquake victims, and hopes to personally visit Yu Shu to help the quake survivors

After just arriving in Beijing last night, Geun Seok heard about Yu Shu’s devastating earthquake and before addressing the media’s queries, he first expressed his condolences to Yu Shu’s earthquake victims. At the same time, he hoped that the citizens of Yu Shu could renew their faith and rebuild their country. “Many Korean artists went to Haiti to help with the rebuilding process, I hope that I have the opportunity to go to Yu Shu, and personally help them.”

Loves watching “Infernal Affairs”, wants to work with John Woo and Wong Kar Wai
Bringing up China’s origins, Geun Seok said it was his second time visiting, but the minute he stepped off the plane he could feel China’s grandeur, saying “There are wide streets and grand buildings”. In 2007, Geun Seok would often go to Shanghai to attend Andre Kim’s Fashion Show. “The feeling this time is very different, I hope to be able to expand more in China.”

Did you notice Chinese films while in Korea? “As a male viewer, I mostly like history and action films, my favourites are ‘Infernal Affairs’ and ‘Red Cliff’, if given the opportunity I would love to work with one of China’s directors.’ As for directors that he wishes to work with, he named John Woo and Wong Kar Wai off the top of his head. Otherwise, he really likes Jacky Chan’s works and acting skills, saying “I treat him as one of my idols, if he ever goes to Korea, I hope to be able to run into him, and treat him to drinks.”

Loves chrysanthemum tea and ma poh tofu, receives thoughtful gift

A tea lover, Geun Seok’s favourite type is chrysanthemum tea, and his favourite Chinese food is one that he recently tried yesterday, ma poh tofu. After the press conference, he kept saying “Din Tai Fung”, and wanted to gorge himself there. “Before exercising, I like drinking coffee, and before going to bed at night I like drinking po lei tea or jasmine tea, lots of my fans gift me with Chinese tea, so I drink it a lot.”

JS Media’s president Jason stepped onstage to give Jang Geun Seok a present –a tea table, tea set and po lei tea bags. Geun Seok thanked him lavishly for the thoughtful gifts, and spoke “thank you brother”in Chinese. As Korea’s pioneer management company, who have organized concerts in China for artists such as Rain and Jun Jin etc., Jason expressed that organizing concerts for Geun Seok made him especially happy, and would further support his activities in the future. “I will work harder in the future to improve relations between Korea and China in terms of culture, and provide entertainment for the people.”

Wants to present his truest self, plans to take over the world

Minamishineyo’s Hwang Tae Kyung left deep impressions on Chinese fans, and Geun Seok said that that character is actually really similar to his own self. But he also joked that “I don’t have mysophobia, but I also won’t eat food that’s been on the floor.” Afterward, he also revealed that his next project is to “act as a dancer who is around the same age as me, so I’m trying to lose weight and learn how to dance at the moment.”

So what is actor Jang Geun Seok’s goal? He laughed, “My dream is to take over the world!” And when he was asked when he developed this dream, he admitted, “It’s actually just a joke, but everyone has the same dream when they are young, now instead of ‘taking over the world’, it should be more like ‘working all over the world’, for example I’m in China now.”

A fashion magazine asked Geu Seok about his fashion sense. He said that a year ago, he was obsessed with the coolest and most extravagant styles , but now he wants to be more natural and innocent , “I want to retain my roots, so I will choose simpler but stylish clothes, and hope to avoid flashy designs. I want to be true to myself.”

Has no plans as a singer at the moment, personally organizes fan meetings

Although he is an actor, he also frequently shows off his vocal abilities, but he says that he has no real plans to expand in a singer. “It’s because I just happened to sing the theme song when I was acting in a drama, and I was pretty happy singing. I’m satisfied this way, I really appreciated the process.”

Jang Geun Seok’s Asia Concert Tour will kick off in Beijing, with the first stop at Beijing’s Chao Yang Athletic Centre, and many of the events for the fan meetings have been planned by Geun Seok himself. “Starting from the Taiwan stop, I filmed a couple NG scenes to act as the opening VCR show for everyone. I hope that all my fans will be happy upon viewing it.”

After delivering a strong press conference, Geun Seok serenaded the audience with a song, and sang an acapella version of “Minamishineyo”’s theme song, to a standing ovation.

Accepts Sohu Entertainment’s exclusive interview to talk about acting skills, has wanted to become an actor from a young age

After the press conference ended, Geun Seok accepted an exclusive interview for Sohu Entertainment, and gave himself a 7 for acting skills. “I still want to be perfect, but after reviewing it, I find many pitfalls and room for improvement.” He will also try and learn something from everyone, from Kim Myeong Min to Ha Ji Won, or even his junior Park Shin Hye. “I will try hard to talk with them, and keep learning”

Jang Geun Seok had at least ten dreams since junior high, “I wanted to be a race car driver, and an autoshop owner, at an even younger age, I wanted to be a doctor.” The most important dream he had and achieved though, was the one to become an actor. Mentioning his goal to “take over the universe”, a slyly ambitious Geun Seok said, “I want the whole world to know me, the Korean actor Jang Geun Seok.”


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