[PIC] Keun Suk at Incheon Airport, Leaving For Hawaii

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[PIC] Bus Ad

Jang Keun Suk Asia Tour – The last in Seoul promotional Ad found on Korean Buses.
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[Sears : FYI! The bus ad was paid by Jang Keun Suk DC gallery. Sweet =)] Wow! so awesome!! ^^

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[PIC] Keun Suk Pictures

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[INFO] More on Lounge H at Yokohama

Additional informations for Lounge H Yokohama for all.
Credit: Tomoko

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Jang Keun Suk Japan tour “AfterParty LoungeH” the procedure for application

We will invite 400 people chosen by lottery from the following event participants (complimentary tickets)。

Note: Only Frau members who have reserved in advance by PC or mobile phone is a subject of 400 people chosen by lottery.

12/Nov(Fri)   Fukuoka sunpalace
21/Nov (Sun)  Nitori Bunka Hall
26/Nov (Fri)  Kobe Portopia Hall
27/Nov(Sat)   Yokohama Pacifico

★ The procedure for application
One (1) person per event can apply 1 application.

1) Please apply your application by a reply-paid postcard. (Application terms: 6th of September 2010 to 30th of September 2010. An application must be postmarked by specified deadline.)

2) Please write the following addressee’ name and address of sending portion of the reply –paid post card.

Jang Keun Suk “AfterParty LoungeH” application entry
Frau International Co., Ltd
Kitahama Higashi Nomura Building 8th floor, 1-22 Kitahama Higashi,
Cyuou-ku, Osaka, Japan 540-0031
Tel 81(Japan)-6-4791-2400 Fax. 81(Japan)-4791-2403

3) Please write the following information the back of sending portion of the reply –paid post card.

・Your name(*It is acceptable the application by a companion but need to write representative together.)
・Reservation number
・Event name (ex. 27/Nov Yokohama event)

4) Please write the addressee’ name and address of reply portion of the reply – paid post card.

5) We will informed the winner of the lottery by the reply –paid post card early November .

* An application by the person herself or himself who is able to attend the party(All complimentary tickets are not transferable )
* Underage is not acceptable.
* 1 complimentary ticket per person is entitled.
* The lottery result is not provided in spite of any inquiry.
* Any changes of your application information may not be accepted after submission. If your event information do not matched with our information, your application will be void.

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[INFO] Lounge H at Yokohama

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Translation from Frau Webby : Tomoko

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“Let’s join with DJ Jang Keun Suk!”
After party
Lounge H

On 27th of November after Yokohama Final event,
hold a reserved premium party somewhere in Tokyo.

We will present complimentary tickets for a premium party to 400 people chosen by lottery.

Jang Keun Suk Japan tour “AfterParty LoungeH” information

DATE: 27th of November 2010 (Saturday)
PLACE: somewhere in Tokyo(Location name is informed to only 400 people chosen by lottery)
START: 23:00 Open (Estimated 1~2 hours)

We will invite 400 people chosen by lottery from the following event participants (complimentary tickets)

12/Nov(Fri) Fukuoka sunpalace
21/Nov (Sun) Nitori Bunka Hall
26/Nov (Fri) Kobe Portopia Hall
27/Nov(Sat) Yokohama Pacifico


・This event is not live or Fan meeting, as after party, we will provide a fun party and relax time for you with Jang Keun Suk.

・Admission free (Only 400 people chosen by lottery), but drinks and food charge will be paid by the party participant.

・Only the person chosen by lottery admission to into the party with identification of person by driving license, Insurance card for Japanese participants,
Identification card, passport, student pass with photo for overseas participants.

・We do not accept underage because the party place is not be suitable for underage legally.

・We do not accept entry by presented ticket by someone . If ticket is discovered not your own ticket, the ticket will be void.

・We do not accept that participants will do taking a photo, movies recording, sound recording, and movie data distribution because of an infringement of copyright and image rights for the actor.

・Your understanding requested that without any notice, we will change the part of contents of party.

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[INFO] Japan’s TBS “Jang Geun Suk series”

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Translation: jas + Last_Angel@park-shin-hye.com

Japan’s TBS “Jang Geun Suk series”

Fans are ready and excited to see Jang Keun Suk act again on new drama. Japanese television station TBS will be ready to launch a new special program of Korean STAR Jang Geun Suk.

JKS will have a flight on 26th to Hawaii. TBS started from July Japan’s Fuji TV broadcast drama You’re Beautiful ratings in its time which occupy the first place, so decided to rush to prepare special programs.

On 26th on this week, will be full with the film JKS in Hawaii aboard a small aircraft, motor activities such as surfing, of course, will also take some of the local characteristics of the screen. TBS related personnel, said, “will be ready to detonate in Japan, popular a program of JKS. I believe the ratings will be added next DVD sale and other industry has great influence, very worth the wait.”

On the past 6 months, JKS went in Taiwan, Beijing, Japan and Hong Kong to host Asian Tour has been fully demonstrated during the Korean STAR new ultra-high popularity. In Hong Kong because of the relationship between paparazzi and even act in convenience, in China’s assessment is “an actor can do this really amazing performances, the absolute value of the fare.”

In fact, JKS decided to star in a new drama this novemberthat will be brodcast is KBS2. Title ‘Mary stayed out all night’. Starring JKS, I believe that over 200 million in royalties can get it back.

After JKS goes back from Hawaii.,on September 5, his last FM in Seoul will be held in korea university. JKS Company ‘TREE J’ said: “we will be displayed JKS surprisingly never mentioned in public appearance.”

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Here’s a written transcript of the Japan A.N JELL fan meeting interview from parkshinhye.org.

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