[TRANS] KBOOM November issue A-Z (part I)

KBOOM November issue A-Z

Although Jang Keun Suk ‘s schedule is very tight, he is very willing to accept interview because of his fans.

A korean reporter said ” I think Jang Keun Suk really loves his fans. Even for the fan meetings, he always thinks on how to let his fans to feel happy.” In this young generation, I will considered him as the “real actor”. Many productions and magazines find him, not because of his acting, and also those happy things that he has done.

A question on how he feel about the drama “You’re beautiful” is on air in Japan. Jang Keun Suk said “Although I can’t feel the strong popularity in Japan, but according to his manager, there are more invitations in Japan than in Korea. And I am shocked to know that “YAB” ‘s ranking is number one in Japan. ”

Today topic: To understand more about JANG KEUN SUK!

A – Attraction

Which part of your body that you thinks is most attractive?

JKS: Calf … (laughs) Other people often say that my calves are pretty ! ( Laughs) Maybe they see wrongly. Haha…

B -Bag

What do you have that are always in your bag?

JKS: My camera is always in my bag, because even I will take a photo of those common things that happened daily, can’t miss any moment. When I have free time,those memories will reappear while organizing those photos and I feel warmly.

C – Chance

If you have a chance, what will you wants to try?

JKS: Recently, I have attended Japanese and English lessons, but there is more free time,I would like to go for language courses.


What is the daily thing that always essential for you?

JKS: I always listen to all types of songs, during driving, rest time, or even with someone that I like. I will feel happy when I listen such a great music.


What do you want to eat now?

JKS: I want to eat buckwheat cold noodles, especially during Summer time.


Most memorable fan?

JKS: Those memories of my fans are in my heart, really thankful. But most memorable is at the Japan FM, there is a fan who keep calling “Keun Suk Ah!” loudly. Thank you for her warmly support!


What is your Biggest goal?

JKS: Almost all interview will ask about this question, and my answer is always the same “world domination” . Haha!!!

More precisely, beside South Korea, as well as in Asia, beyond the internationally recognized best actor.


Your Habit?

JKS: Recently I have a new habit: Turn on television once I wake up. But not because of watching the programme, is because I have to force myself to wake up, or else I will stay in my bed. But by doing this, I am able to update with the worlds’ news.


Ideal type of a women?

JKS: Women who are very feminine. (Laugh)
Example of a Women in Medieval Europe. Fans, you know what I means? Haha..


Are you a Jealousy man?

JKS: Yes! Very jealous man!


Jang Keun Suk’s specialty skill?

JKS: I know how to make a delicious rice!

Secret of making one? ‘My own know-how’ is confidential. (Laughs) But when there is chance, I will teach all of you.


Most desirable places in Japan that you want to go?

JKS: I want to surf in Okinawa, because I love water sport, but haven try it in sea! Okinawa’s sea is very gorgeous!

[to be continue…]

Translated by : SS Serene
Credit to : SS Serene & Lovesears blog


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