[VID] Interview with Team H

The exclusive interview of Team H by The Living Thailand.

credit: raiannee210@YT


Written transcript of the above video by Ladymoon @http://ladymoon29.blogspot.com


Team H from Hanyang University



Ha Seok-Jin, Seongbin Lim, Woo Jeong Song, Seungjae Woong , Kurt Jung, Rok Kim, and Jang Keun Suk

They have been asked about what is “Team H” and what is the objective of “Team H”…

(Because I don’t know them all, so I can’t figure out who is who…???… I’ll use Team H for the others, except JKS, Ha Suk Jin, and Kurt )

JKS : Team H is the group that we gathered since last year. “H” means Hanyang, the name of our university. The objective of “Team H” is to gather a group of HYU Students to hang out together and do advantageous activities, such as festival or annual events.

Ha Suk Jin : At first, Team H don’t have any specific objectives. Just to gather a group of close friends. But later we’d like to do good things and let our friends in the university can join with us, so the idea of university’s festival has came up. Team H also produced the digital project for publicized Seoul City. In the future, we still have more good activities.

JKS : From participating with that project, I became the hospitality ambassador for Seoul City.

Team H : Actually, Team H has no difference from any other clubs. But in our group happened to have 2 celebs, so the media focused their interest to us. And we’d like to use this opportunity to do good things.

JKS : We’ve planning various events now, such as Dream Catcher (???) & Lounge H II.
Team H : That’s right. We’re planning many things. And who knows, in the future we possibly have Lounge H in Thailand. (But…why Kurt shaking his head !!!…hahaha…) Please support and follow up Team H’s activities.

Kurt : Each of us have different career. When we’re gathering, each Team H members have different responsibilities. With this, we don’t waste our spare time.

JKS : Even each of us come from different field and career, but we all have same interest. That’s make us feel so close. It’s not often to find friends from different field can be close friends. Because Seungjae Woong is the Leader of Student, so he can gather friends from different faculties. And we can get a great idea like Lounge H or Dream Catcher.

Team H : We’re brainstorming to do good things like aiding project for leukemia’s children patient . Team H don’t gathering just for fun. But we’d like to be a group that can help our society. I think because we have different career, that’s make us feel closer. We can learn more from each other and can support each other while working.

Kurt : In Korea, there’re many styles of music. But electrohouse is the most popular now.

JKS : (pointing to Ha Suk Jin) He’s also the DJ.

Kurt : Yes, he’s going to be a DJ. He already have name “DJ Huckleberry”…

Ha Suk Jin : (speak in English) I’m more famous…. (all of his friends laughing…^^)

To be continued… (this segment should have Part 2 next week…)


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