[PIC] Dream CD (^^)

Dream CD (^^)

Release Date : 2010 .06.07
Genre : Ballad
Language : Korean


Credit to : as tagged, baidu & lovesears blog


[CRI-J][NOTICE] Limited Edition of DVD & Beijing FM location

[10/04/07] Limited Edition of DVD


This is Tree J Company.

We would like to ask your understanding for making Seoul FM DVD only a limited edition of 1000 copies. Among others there is a problem with licensing for making more copies.
We apologize to those who cannot own the DVD because of this.
This DVD will contain the live performance at Seoul FM, making film and self-cam taken by JKS. We are sure it will fulfill your expectations.
We are planning to make more copies for JKS Asia Tour DVD, which will be coming out after JKS finishes the tour.

Thank you.

[10/04/06]  Beijing FM location


This is Tree J Company.
We have attached a file with the direction of to the Beijing FM location,
Chaoyang Stadium.
Please download the file to see the detailed direction.

Thank you.


Original source : CRIJ
Re-post : sears@lovesears.blogspot

[INFO] New Keun Suk Stuffs at DVDheaven

Hai all, DVDheaven have add more new Sukkie stuffs ~ (^^)
Direct link : DVDheaven.com

[DVD] You are so Beaytitul (SBS Drama / Director’s Cut / New Ver. / 10disc)
[Foodstuff] Jang Keun Seok CF goods – Cup Coffee (mocha latte)
[Foodstuff] Jang Keun Seok CF goods – Cup Coffee (caramel Macchiato)
[Foodstuff] Jang Keun Seok CF goods – Coffee (caffe latte)
[Foodstuff] Jang Keun Seok CF goods – Coffee (cappuccino – hazelnut)
[Foodstuff] Jang Keun Seok CF goods – Coffee (cappuccino – vanilla)
[Foodstuff] Jang Keun Seok CF goods – Coffee (caramel Macchiato)
[Foodstuff] Jang Keun Seok CF goods – Coffee (mocha latte)

My D-Cut DVD

Hehe~Althought I’m a bit late, but im still want to share my picture. kekeZ~
I get the mouse pad as ramdome gift…Actually I want the pig rabbit…
But I’m still happy to get this. =)
credit : GuAva87 at this blog /   http://www.cyworld.com/crAzygUava

[INFO] Update about D-Cut DVD content

Update from the D-cut Cafe today

credit to 13sunshine@park-shin-hye.com

++++++++++++ DVD Contents ++++++++++++

Disk 01– Episode 1 & 2- Hong Song Chang director interview (27m 36s)
Disk 02– Episode 3 & 4- Jang Geun Suk interview (24m 10s)
Disk 03– Episode 5 & 6- Park Shin Hye interview (18m 47s)
Disk 04– Episode 7 & 8- Lee Hong Ki interview (17m 23s)
Disk 05– Episode 9 & 10- Jung Yong Hwa interview (15m 32s)
Disk 06– Episode 11 & 12- Commentary (32m 20s)
Disk 07– Episode 13 & 14- Commentary (25m 14s)
Disk 08– Episode 15 & 16- Commentary (36m 08s)

Disk 09– making film 180mins

1. Hwang Tae Kyung drowning incident
2. Chase! Minam delivery (service)
3. Radish please!!
4. A date on the phone with Milk guy
5. A long distance to finds Tae Kyung
6. Minam’s Generation
7. Ice-cream and bike
8. Autumn leaves’ fairy tale
9. Minam TV filming scene
10. Find Go Mi Nyu!
11. Tae Kyung’s piano serenade
12. The lost hair pin

13. I will finish this kiss scene quick!

14. Music video preview
15. A.N.JELL market outing

16. The heartbeat kissing scene of Taekyung and Minam

17. Hyungnim it’s really okay
18. My fingers got stuck
19. Shy Jeremy photoshoot
20. Bare foot Yoo Heyi
21. Sea eel and pig rabbit song
22. About to be fainted
23. Pasta for Yoo Heyi
24. Nocut interview – Minam and Shinwoo
25. A.N.JELL airport attack incident

26. KISS

27. The coffee I make
28. The day filming the last scene

Disk 10– 1.OST Music video- 19m 43s
*Still / As ever
*Without Words
*Lovely Day
*My Heart Is Cursing
*Promise (Jang Geun Suk theme)

2.Parody video- 3m 48s

3.Character video- 49s

4.Concert video- 34m 43s

+++++++++ Director’s cut DVD package goods ++++++++++

1.DVD 10 disks + Photobook + Poster + Calendar (bromide type) + Minam related items (random) + A.N.JELL membership card

-> Minam related items :

Pig Rabbit 30
Novel 35
Story book 35
Sticker 17
Pig rabbit keychain 160
Cellphone charm 490
Yepp mp3 1
Beard Papa ₩ 10,000 sample (10) – Beard Papa is a bakery
k-swiss shoes (women)
size 240 (4)
size 240 (1)
size 90 (2)
size 100 (3)
Jenny Hair House ₩ 10,000 x 6
ost(2nd version) 15

This is the poster we will be getting smile.gif

[INFO] Photos of You’re Beautiful D-cut DVD’s contents

Photos of You’re Beautiful D-cut DVD’s contents

Credit : DC Gallery [Thanks to Karrenstar @ Soompi for the info]

Hahahaha~I also can’t wait for mine…>.< I want to get their real signature…

[INFO][20100202] Jang Keun Suk Official Goods On Sale

장근석 MD굿즈 해외 판매 사이트 안내

안녕하세요. 트리제이컴퍼니입니다.
장근석 MD굿즈를 해외에서 구입할 수 있는
판매 사이트를 안내해드리겠습니다.

http://dvdheaven.com -> 중화권
http://innolife.co.kr -> 일본

많은 관심 부탁드립니다. 감사합니다.

Credit to: http://www.jangkeunsuk.co.kr

Hi eels,

This in notis from Cri-J, they are going to sell the goods on Fan Meeting Day,
And also sell at DVDHEAVEN : http://www.dvdheaven.com and also innolife.net

there are selling Autograph Book(limit 84 coppies), calendar,mug, post card and etc… faster check it out dear~ =)
I already place my order …kkk yay~=)

Also selling at Yesasia. =)