[PIC] Lounge H Halloween

Watch out for Lounge H’s latest gig ~ Halloween Gamble Night on October 30 Saturday at 11pm – 5am. The venue will be at Walkerhill Theater, Sheraton Grande Walkerhill.

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[VID] Lounge H South Africa Event

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[PIC] Lounge H South Africa Event

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[SCREENCAP] Lounge H South Africa Event

Lounge H South Africa screencaps from Y Star coverage of the event.

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[FAN ACC] Lounge H Fan Account

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CONGRATULATIONS TO SOUTH KOREA ‘S RED DEVIL for advancing to the next round !!!

Okay, here goes… there would be many details inadvertently left out, because it still seems surreal even now…

I arrived at Sheraton around 9pm. Just when I got off from the cab, I saw a black SUV driving by. As usual, I checked whether it’s Range Rover or not (my mom is not too happy about this habit… because I instinctively did that every time, even when I’m crossing the street… hahaha…) To my surprise, it was a range rover! And I recognize the plate number! So I was grinning there on the curb, waiting for the passenger to get out. True enough, there he was, wearing red shirt and black pants. His hair was pulled up, with a red cloth tying it. He wore a high top shoes he wore in HK and had a red-blinking earring in one ear. He was with a friend (I think it must be Kurt? I didn’t even look at his friend… hahaha… only know he was wearing black and black). They discussed something, and then a bus drove by blocking my view. When my view was clear again, he’s gone. T.T

So I went in, go to the theater hall (silly me, I didn’t even memorize the place where the Lounge H was going to be, so I had to ask around… The receptionist didn’t know, so I had to ask Muse for help… *sigh*) When I finally found the theater, the doors were closed. There seems to be some musical show still going on inside. Then Muse appeared, and I told her I saw Sukkie outside. She said, “he’s here! Look over there!” Yup, he was at the booth waiting for the musical show to end. He was chatting and laughing with his friends. The fans were all looking from a distance… no one approached him or anything. About fifteen minutes later, the doors opened. When he heard the music, he danced this dance that he did in HK in that piggy costume, similar to the Hwang Jini dance? I was grinning like crazy watching his antics… When the theater was empty, he then said ka ja (not sure about this, but to that effect) and went into the theater with the rest of the staff. Then the doors closed again.

The eels and fans were moved to the side to get our tickets. Not efficient at all. It took so long just to get the tickets. He was walking past several times, taking care of this and that. And I got to witness how serious he was about his work. Although Keunsama and Heungro were there, he went taking care of the details with his friend. One time, like I told tofu, he walked so close past me… not even 30 cm. I could see his eyeliner… Another time, he was discussing about something on the layout paper and called his friend over. Anyway, yeah, he was walking around the 1+ hour it took us to get our tickets.

We went in around midnight, and DJ Koo was already at it. Got our seat, then waited for him to finish while trying out this jagermeister that was put on our table. After DJ Koo’s finished, they put on highlight clip of South Korea matches. Then Kurt took the DJ stand. Alone at first. Then suddenly, behind him there was this figure in red and black, standing still, holding up the Korean flag! I was on my feet! He looked extra darn cool and breathtaking dancing and waving that flag. Afterwards, he toted his metal laptop case and got out his mac computer and plugged it in. Then the party started!

This would turn into a novel if I have to describe every dance move he made… hahaha… just say it was sexy and hot and unbelievable… An hour after he started, he kept checking the time (the game almost started by then, around 3am). Then he’s gone and Kurt Dj-ing by himself. Suddenly, I heard his voice (don’t ask me what he said… kekeke…). A half-circle stage was lowered from above. He was standing in the middle, with four other people, all wearing red, all waving Korean flags. He danced around with the flag (almost had a heart attack from breathing trouble seeing him like that… hahaha…) So so soooo cool and ah, I don’t know what words to describe it…

Now, I truly truly love it during the game. He was being himself. He was moving around chatting with his friends, greeting his guests, sharing drinks with them, etc. Luckily, one of his friends’ tables was located two tables down on my left, and sometimes he came sitting there chatting with them. And I was seated looking in that direction. *grins* Suffice to say, I couldn’t concentrate on the match whenever he sat there… hahaha… and when Korea made the first goal, he was sitting there. He went jubilant and jumped to his feet, shouting and singing Daehanminguk (which means The Great Republic Korea?) and something Korea? I saw the press video cameras were trained at him, and he seemed to be answering some questions (hopefully this means we would get to see media reports on Lounge H soon… )

When Korea made it into the top 16, he went back to the DJ table with Kurt. At one time, he was on the table and danced abracadabra dance Jang Keun Suk’s style… I wish this memory of the dance won’t fade for a very very long time. It was HOOOOTTTTT! It was Abracadabra hip dance, but his hands were roaming his body and his face was looking up, eyes closed… hahaha… well, you can imagine the effect on the audience… And then he danced another dance with the flags, with fire sprouting up from the stage. The result: amazing! Just thinking about it made my heart thumping hard again… hahaha…

Lounge H ended at 6. He sang the last song with Kurt before they bowed out. And hot Sukkie turned back into the cute Sukkie with the way he said “thanks cri” before he disappeared backstage.

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[INFO] South Africa in Lounge H

South Africa in Lounge H



Presale: 30000 won
Ticket (when u buy on the spot): 40000 won
There is even VIP registration.
Date to book ticket: 15th June (today!!!) 2pm

The Lounge H – Jang Keun Suk and BigBrother
Dates: 2010/06/22
Venue: Sheraton Grande Walkerhill Hotel
Rating: 20 years and older
Opening Time: 420 minutes total
June 22 11:00 PM ~ June 23 06:00 AM

Sponsor / Organizer: Tree J Company, BigBrother Sound
– Tickets Open: Tues, June 15, 2010 14:00

Credit: Xene & daily_tofu from Soompi

[INFO] Lounge H

Invitation to party designed by Jang Geun-Suk

Jang Geun-Suk had participated in producing a college festival for the college that he is currently attending. The party will be held from May 18th to May 20th and it will be in a form of a club and will be called Lounge H. In the middle of his Asian fan meeting tour, he still found time to attend his classes and participate in activities including this one.

On below are photos of him helping out the preparation for the festival and a short interview. Unfortunately, only current students of the college are invited.

Credits to : allkoreangossip, andypek1@YT & lovesears blog

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