[FAN ACC] FM at Beijing

Some fan accounts  from JKS Soompi thread, THANK YOU so much eels for sharing. (^^)
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FA #1:
Translated by daily_tofu

This girl was so thirsty, so she was asking a lot of bodyguards where she can buy some water, but they all didn’t know. So he saw someone standing near the merchandise counter, she went there and asked where she can buy some water. The man was speaking in Korean. She didn’t understand so she asked, Where can buy some water? The guy was still speaking in Korean. She said thanks and took off. When she came back, she saw the guy standing with Sukkie’s mom.. only then she realized.. that guy… is Sukkie’s dad =)

FA #2:
Kylie Nomiko’s Personal Fan Account

JGS appeared in a human-sized donkey doll outfit (those you see in amusement parks wearing animal costume and big animal heads). I sort of recognised it was him because the donkey was the craziest and most enthusiastic among the other animals which appeared with him giving out sweets (they look like sweets to me, at least)~ Quite an interesting way to show up~ ^^

He started off doing some disco-DJ stuff and there were lots of interview~ His English should be enough to tickle the Singapore crowd, haha. Fans asked him questions, and one of them was whether he went to the club the past 2 nights. The host blocked the question for him. He shared secrets with us such as Lee Hongki couldnt dance xD There were a lot of videos too, like pictures of when hes very very young, scenes from YB, preparation for his Asian tour, a few dance clips of his Taiwan FM… I personally wished that they didnt show us that many videos. -.-

Fan interaction
People in the VIP seats put in their telephone numbers in this box before the FM. JGS went backstage, picked one number from the box, CALLED HER CELLPHONE, invited her to the stage, started singing ‘Still’, kneeled down and presented her with a bouquet of flowers, HUG her, sang the song with her… then more HUGS towards the end. -.- Lucky girl. We also had a ‘right-wrong’ qn-ans game where by the host will post a qn and we will ans with an ‘O’ or ‘X’. If you got the qn wrong, then you have to sit down. Everyone took part in the game and it went on for a while. The remaining few then played scissors-paper-stone with him and the 3 winners received presents which he personally picked out and bought in Seoul, such as the Haechi doll (at Gwanghwamun), an autographed photo he took of himself and a gift he picked out at Insadong (I dont quite rem what it was) Some questions asked included the size of his underwear (M) , if he had ever left home (he said no), whether he values friendship or love relationship more (love~), whether he prefers short or long hair now (short, but had to keep it long for his next movie~~) Hmm, dont quite rem the other questions =X

As compared to the Taiwan FM, he only did one dance which is Sexyback. The Chinese crowd doesnt seem to be familiar with the song.

He teared during the FM when he saw what the Chinese fans prepared for him (which is a photoslides of fans holding a board with words like ‘Cri-J’. He said that he doesnt usually tear~ o.o

He said that the black shiny jacket he was wearing while singing Goodbye (pics above) were HTK’s from YB~ ^^


Credits : fans account @ soompi & sears @ lovesears.blogspot


[FANSPROJECT] Calling All Official Eels that will attend the Singapore FM

Calling All Official Eels that will attend the Singapore FM

Hi, eels!

As you know, Jang Keun Suk will hold a fan meeting in Singapore as a part of his Asia tours in April.

From what we have been hearing, there&rsquos a lot of international eels from all over the countries who would like to attend the Fan Meeting it, especially from Philippines, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Australia, New Zealand, and other nearby countries.

So far the information we have is the tickets will not be sold online which presents a huge problem for us, eels, who reside out of Singapore. We are planning to make a special request to Tree-J about it. We are looking for Official Eels (who are a full member of JKS official website) because we really need your support to carry this out.

For OFFICIAL EELS who will attend the Singapore FM, please send an email to: Eels.Intl@gmail.com and we will reply you with more details. Thank you very much cri~!

credit to daily tofu from Cri J