Laura and Flora’s secret garden DAY 3 (ANJELL TW FM report)

Thank to the blogger : Laura and Flora’s secret garden
Translated by SS Serene
[serene: I have shorten a bit coz the front part are her personal content so I wont translate]
Credit: SS FB + raine210

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Today JKS’s schedule should be TV variety shows.

If he end early, maybe he can have a day to tour Taiwan.

But I only know that he will go to Hua Shi(CTC)TV station for “綜藝大國民’ Super-King.

Cri-J eels were organized and orderly when the producers gave instructions. They lined up in 2 rows for JKS to walk pass.

In return, JKS’s charming smile is the gift.

He also went for “佼個朋友吧” variety show. After the filming, Mr Mickey Wang (the host) posted a message at his facebook.

HUANGMICKEY said that ot os a strike to interview JKS! Successful! Handsome and very cooperative! No wonder he is so popular!


Mickey Huang’s blog:


[綜藝大國民(should be on10/16)]


[佼個朋友吧 (should be 10/12)]


[timing schedule]


Waiting and waiting~ Hope that today JKS has a wonderful day!

Tomorrow then go to airport. If did’n manage to see him, is fine for me, at least I have a beginning and an ending for this journey~

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[FANACC] ANSHOW Report (Part II)

Laura and Flora’s secret garden DAY 2 (ANJELL TW FM report)

Thank to the blogger : Laura and Flora’s secret garden
Translated by SS Serene
Credit: SS FB + raine210

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DAY 2 (ANJELL TW FM report)

Yesterday I heard of a tip: the driver will be there at Grand Formosa Regent Taipei around 1230pm.

All the drivers never expected that all the tips (the timing and the places) are fake. (JKS had 5 hrs to be his own personal time… hahaha!!!)

Haha. My energy only lasted for a day, only for yesterday!
Today I am very relax that I repair my glass, borrow Korean travel books, and walked to the National Taiwan University stadium.

Actually I want to follow yesterday’s route : Go to basement 1 carpark and take a lift to level 4.

But unexpected situation happened : Due to performance, all lifts will only move from B2 to level 3. (Level 3 – there are guards, of course no chance of entering)
Walking here and there… and finally I used the staircase and managed to go to Level 4.

But my goal is level 5 , to wait for the rehearsals!
Later I met a group of eels whose actions are so obvious that the guards discovered them. Of course the door at level 4 was locked after they are caught by them.
Hahaha~~~ Luckily that happened after I entered.
(Everyone should be a low profile and smart eel… Nearly caught by the guards too…)

I spent the rest of the time on planning my Korean itinerary.


AN.Show was extremely exciting~ although my seat location was not very good!
But at least see the facial features ~ ha ha ha!!! ~ Really … “handsome” …
Opening was they sang “Promise”~ ~ later were their individual performances.

JKS sang “I’m in love” ,”Fly me to the moon” and Lounge H ‘s song (original singer is by Big Brother)

PSH sang Beyonce Beyonce’s (I’m not familiar with this)(Serene – Single lady), Miho Nakashima’s song (I am also not familiar with)(Serene- Glamorous Days) and YAB “My Lovely Day”

Later is their duet : include “Without Words”, “What Should I do”, “Goodbye”

And also there are lucky fans who can re-acted the scene with JKS.. So envy~
(That scene is Huang Tae Kyung allowed Go Minam to be his fan, and later they hugged.)

7 lucky fans danced “Gee” with PSH.

To everyone’s pleasant surprise is they sang 2 Chinese songs : “Lovely Day” (chinese version) and ” Today you will marry me” by Jolin and David Tao.

Finally ~ “Promise” and “Still As Ever” as Encore … And also played with ANJELL’s big balloon…

I’m most moved by~ the MV made by all fans and the Sky lantern with “SUK HYE LOVE”~ All fans are diligently!!!
Ah!! I was weeping!!! (PSH was crying ~)

(In fact, according to the provisions, No photography. But I took some photos. Hee… Wishes that the DVD will be out soon!!! )

After the FM, I followed 2 vans to the place which was a tip given yesterday.

Bingo! Really is ” Mala Hotpot’ trip~

Is the most famous and has most privacy – Tai Ho Dien


Guards said that it will be uncomfortable for us to stand ouside while they are having their dinner!!!

So.. Bye and Enjoy… Psycho-j…


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[FANACC] ANSHOW Report (Part I)

Laura and Flora’s secret garden DAY 1 (ANJELL TW FM report)

Thank to the blogger : Laura and Flora’s secret garden
Translated by SS Serene
Credit: SS FB + raine210

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DAY 1 (ANJELL TW FM report)

Last night it began to rain ~

Some eels who were waiting start to disppointed!


Once the sunshine is here, all e disppointment has gone.

Today is a day that I never seen before … Crazy Day!

This morning, all the way from the taxi to the Howard Plaza Hotel and then to the airport …

Fortunately, around 11:30 , I reached airport.

And thanks to the help of Winny ~ so I can experience the wonderful day!

Aircraft arrived in Taiwan around 2 minutes ahead of schedule and we waited about 15 minutes to see JKS~ ~

Honestly~ Seeing him in live really no words can describe his handsome.

Compared with the drama, video, photos,great difference.

How there is such a perfect body and face it? … It has a beautiful voice and talent!

Seeing him in live … he is really … very handsome !!!!! Even the perfect close-by One TV, himself in live is more handsome than those photos!!

(I recorded the video look bad ~ Better see those reports by the media)

Two media links:



Once KS is in the car~ we went straight to the van ~

(Ha ha ha … they are really strong!!)

In the Mercedes-Benz … I saw JKS … sleeping …

Poor thing! Korea is a hr ahead of Taiwan … I’m afraid that this young guy,who used to sleep late ,would have problem to adapt!

1st Stop: Grand Formosa Regent Taipei !….. Stay there till 2:30 pm ….. Later we rush to go for lunch…

(Okay … Because there is no time for eating … should be able to lose at least half a kilo!)

2nd Stop: to National Taiwan University stadium for rehearsals … We started to play in the underground car park …

JKS went to the 3rd floor for rehearsals…

We used the Goods lift to the 3rd floor with some fans. … But coz of too many people, we are found and stopped immediately!

After much thought ~we went down to the basement to take the lift to the 4th floor.

So we heard the LIVE scene … though not complete … but very satisfied!!!

Full content?? Unveiled tomorrow ~

6:30pm – dinner time ~ think will be the final stop!

Because of the full dress rehearsals and the time, we decided not to stay there for JKS.

Later, we found out that at the official website, he posted a message that he was doing facial and playing his DJ station.

Anyway …

This experience is very memorable although my body is aching there and there… ~


Hwaiting, JKS!!!

Looking forward to tomorrow night’s A. N. Show …


PS. Two cars of eels are cool, except the driver who is more crazy than us~!

[PIC][FAN ACC] Jang Keun Suk’s Last Seoul FM (Part 4)

Big thanks to Shiro401 for sharing her fans report! ^-^

Shiros fan account : Jang Keun Suk’s last in Seoul FM (Part 4)

And of course, the ANJEll bit… :D

After BV, he took us back to 2009, to You’re Beautiful. He took the stage singing Ohtokajo (of course… :lol: it’s his obsession after the bungle of HK FM… :D) But this time, it was nicely done. The Koreans around me were saying like “yeah, you did it!!” after he’s done with the song and he grinned… :lol: Then he said something like sorry but because of the schedule, the ANJell couldn’t come, etc… when suddenly from stage right there’s someone calling him “Hyungnim!” and another “Hwang Tae Kyung!” ^____________^ Shinhye and Yonghwa walked out and went to him. Sukkie gave Shinhye a girl hug (like he put his arm around her shoulder and squeezed her closer) and Yonghwa a guy hug (like chest to chest and pat on the back hug). Then they got to talk some more… I understand Yonghwa said he’s going on tour to China, etc then Shinhye went to Sukkie and said in a sulk something like “so you’re abandoning us again” kekekeke… so cute!!! ^o^ Then Sukkie asked him what should they sing, and Yonghwa said Promise. So that’s what they sang… it’s soooo great to see them together again, even though Hongki couldn’t make it. And once again, Tae Kyung was the leader… *grins* At one time, he let Shinhye sang some of the lines by herself, and Yonghwa was like following his lead; he stopped singing when he noticed Sukkie stopped singing and let Shinhye took the stage. Too bad they only sang one song together. I would love to hear them singing As Ever too…

Fans account credit to : Shiro401@soompi
Picture credit to : as tagged, flower@DC Gallery

[PIC][FAN ACC] Jang Keun Suk’s Last Seoul FM (Part 3)

Big thanks to Shiro401 for sharing her fans report! ^-^

Shiro’s fan account : Jang Keun Suk’s last in Seoul FM (Part 3)

Now, for the highlight of the FM for me… :D

I love the Lounge H bit the most.

The slideshow was showing interview with Team H when suddenly Kurt appeared on the stage. He tinkered with his DJ-ing equipment and then the music started. I craned my neck trying to catch where Sukkie might be, and he appeared behind Kurt, carrying a Cri-J flag, wearing the same black sleeveless Lounge H T-shirt as Kurt… :wub: He asked the fans to stand up (Thank God, I don’t know how I could restrain myself from jumping up otherwise… :lol: ) and sang the song the sang in South Africa Lounge H two month ago, complete with the flag dance and the fire n smoke effect. Adrenaline rush!! ^o^ he sang another song… I think this is the one he talked about writing the lyrics for. Then he reminded about the Lounge H in Yokohama (as if we could forget about that… kekeke…)

The close second would be the Hwang Jini bit… :lol:

He was showing us about his drama and movie along the years. He started in 2006: Hwang Jini. The video was showing how Eunho met Jini for the first time, their first kiss, the day he put rings on her, and on until the day he died. There’s commentary from the director, etc. Then “Hwang Jini” appeared on the stage. I was staggered in shock as I thought “please don’t tell me Sukkie is dressing as Hwang Jini!” Then the camera panned to our Jini, and I burst out laughing seeing Keunsama’s bashful face, complete with whiskers and sideburns and mustache and Hwang Jini braided hair… hahahahaha… then from stage right, appeared Eunho, trying to recite the line he said to Jini before putting the ring on her. But this time, Eunho couldn’t say anything but double-up in laughter… :lol: And I also did the same when he put the ring on “her” finger, touched “her” whiskered face, and instead of kissing “her” he burst out laughing and said something like “just let’s go” hahahaha… :lol: I love how Keunsama seems to be game to everything Sukkie planned, but I swear, I would never see him in the same light again… hahaha…

After Hwang Jini, we went back to 2007: The Happy Life. We were shown the highlight of the movie, then Sukkie took the stage and sing the theme song of the movie. OMG, I love it! It was such a surprise that he would sing it in this FM. And for 2008 he did the Beethoven Virus bit and sang Can You Hear Me. But both are not my number 3. It’s the I’m in Love song, actually… :D (and no, tofu, never heard the song before… :P)
It’s a fantastic surprise to see him in white suit holding five stems of red roses and singing the song with such feeling (I recorded half of the song with my iphone, btw… :lol: it’s so gonna be my ringtone now… hahaha…) And that voice saying I’m in love would always melt my heart… :wub:

These are pics during the Happy Life bit…

(to be continued….)

Fans account credit to : Shiro401@soompi
Picture credit to : as tagged

[PIC][FAN ACC] Jang Keun Suk’s Last Seoul FM (Part 2)

Big thanks to Shiro401 for sharing her fans report! ^-^

Shiros fan account : Jang Keun Suk’s last in Seoul FM (Part 2)

I might have gone only to three of his FMs, but I really sincerely think this Seoul one blew Singapore and Hong Kong out of the water. I heard there were about 2000 people there, but it felt so intimate somehow, and he really did show a little bit about his everything.

The FM started with a video of a guy wearing bathrobe watching a video. The video showed clips of FMs in Taiwan, Beijing, Singapore, Tokyo, Osaka and Hong Kong. Afterward the little plane with Sukkie’s head flew back to Seoul. The guy stood up, pulled open his bathrobe (he’s bare inside kkkkk), put on a black sweater, and turned off the video. And just at that moment, the screen parted in the middle and revealed a smiling Sukkie wearing exactly the same black sweater and jeans… Oh my!!:wub:
It’s all so familiar, you know, but I couldn’t put my hands on it. Not until I saw the torrents of pics that it clicked. He’s imitating Steve Job of Apple! The clothes, the lone notebook and seat on the stage… :lol:

But of course, with a personal touch of Sukkie’s own brand :lol:

He talked about his babyhood, childhood, teenage years and adult years with the slideshow of pics running behind him. *how I wish there’s an invention of language chip available already, so I could insert it somewhere and program my mind to instantly understand Korean… T-T *

Then his birthday party started. A Cri J officer brought in this very cute cake and a gift box. Sukkie laughed as he saw the cake topper: him carrying a beautiful white jangeo… :lol: He opened the gift and said “ooohhhh…” then pulled out a headphone. He put in on, then pulled out another box: a computer. He said his appreciation and thanks, and we sang him the song we had prepared from the OFC notice. Then the cake and present were taken backstage… after he ran after them because he still had the headphone on… :lol:

He said he also had a present for us, then he revealed a new website (www.cri-j.com) and put a demo for us… and no, it doesn’t replace his OFC.

In the right side of the new page, there’s a link to the OFC :D I think this new site is for the jangeo to interact instead of the messy freeboard? :P
Afterwards, there’s a clip running about interview with Team H. I understand nothing but the people around me laughed so hard… *sigh* then there’s the interview with his managers. He took the part of MC, and asked them about Jang Keun Suk. A board was also brought in and he picked some questions and asked the managers about it. One of the questions related to Keunsama’s girlfriend I think… :lol: He was embarassed and fanned himself, and tried to divert it by saying something about Heungro and Hulrang… but when Heungro tried to say something, Keunsama was ready to put his hand on Heungro’s mouth to silence him… :lol: Then Keunsama was clearing some rumor about Sukkie and Kim Yuna that cropped up several months ago, I think… *again, sigh*

I just have to post up these pics here, because I really love his simple fashion style :wub:

(to be continued….)

Fans account credit to : Shiro401@soompi
Picture credit to : as tagged

[PIC][FAN ACC] Jang Keun Suk’s Last Seoul FM (Part 1)

Big thanks to Shiro401 for sharing her fans report! ^-^

Shiro‘s fan account : Jang Keun Suk’s last in Seoul FM (Part 1)

Ah, I don’t know what to do. I tried to write a fan account, but it’s not even halfway and it’s already 2 pages long. So how about doing a pic commentary this time? ^^;;

credit as tagged (flower’s are from DC Gallery)
thing is, on the notice before going into the venue, it’s said no pic or video. Those who caught would be chased out of the room. Which is one of the reasons why I didn’t take any pics :P Another reason is I think Sukkie said something about this at the star of the FM, because nobody in the area I was sitting at had their cameras in their hands. The girl near to me even put her camera back into her bag. :P (Sorry, Mee, but the guard was standing in front of me, and I didn’t want to take the risk… ^^;; )

(to be continued….)
Fans account credit to : Shiro401@soompi
Picture credit to : as tagged, Flower@DC Gallery

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