[PIC] JKS at Incheon Airport

credit: keungall & daum
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[Video] His departure

Taken at Taiwan Airport the other day.

[REPOSTED from SS FB] Jang Keun Suk left Taiwan, and more than 150 fans waited at airport for him. He was so happy that he keep flying kisses, resulted screams from the fans.

credit: peng2001@YT

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[PIC] Back in Korea

Keun Suk arrived in Seoul.

credit: ★이난이맘★ & tdedie@baidu
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[PIC] Keun Suk at Airport

He is now in Taipei, Taiwan for the 2nd A.N JeLL fan meeting with PSH.

credit: sana + baidu
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[PIC] Keun Suk’s Arrival

Pictures of Keun Suk’s arrival in Incheon Airport from Hawaii ^-^

Welcome home! ^-^

Credit: as tagged + MANYUSOO@baidu
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[PIC] Keun Suk at Incheon Airport, Leaving For Hawaii

Credit as tagged + shiro401@soompi
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[PIC] JKS at Gimpo Airport & Haneda Airport

Keunsuk at Gimpo Airport leaving for Japan


Sukkie at Haneda Airport

credit: as tagged reposted from DC gal, shiro401@soompi & lovesears blog

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