[TRANS] KBOOM November issue A-Z (part II)

Continuation of KBOOM magazine [M – Z ]

KBOOM November issue A-Z

M – Man

Q: What kind of man can be considered a “real man”?
A: I feel that a man who can stand in the centre of many people, one who can lead with conviction, one who can take care of everyone, is a real man. And I want to be someone like that – I think it’s very cool.

N – No

Q: “This is wrong!” When do you think that way?
A: When I think of how I look like after I get drunk… I don’t like it….

O – Other

Q: Would you want to act in another role in YAB besides Hwang Tae Kyung?
A: If I were to shoot the drama again, I would still want to be Hwang Tae Kyung. I’ve said before in other interviews – Hwang Tae Kyung and I have a lot in common – Don’t you think Hwang Tae Kyung is very attractive? (laughs)

P – Present

Q: What kind of present would you want most?
A: Erm….A cute girlfriend

Q – Question

Q: Anything you would like to ask your fans?
A: A whole lot of questions! Actually, I’m most curious about how they think about me…what kind of person do they think I am….what do they like about me…I’ve always wanted to ask them this!!!

R – Re-born

Q: If you can be re-born again, what would you like to be?
A: A rabbit. (laughs). I only need to eat grass everyday, and I can hop around freely. Since I only eat grass, there’s no need for me to go on a diet, right? (laughs)

S – Sake

Q: What do you like to drink?
A: Sake…I think it’s very nice…

T – Thanks

Q: Right now, who would you like to thank the most?
A: My parents. They always worry for me. All this time, they have been my fans, helping me, guiding me – I am really very grateful to them. I wish to tell them “I love you”

U – Used to be…

Q: Is there anything that’s yet to be fulfilled?
A: Though I’m not a computer idiot, but I’m really not very good with it. I like electronic stuff – if there are new gadgets – I would try them out immediately. But what I know about computers are very basic…other than that…I’m….(laughs)

V – Vision

Q: When do you want to get married? How many kids do you wish to have?
A: I’m always thinking of getting married! Just that I’m not really sure when or how it’s going to happen…If I really have someone I love, I would like to get married. To live together, to wake up together in the morning…just thinking of it (an ordinary life) makes me very happy. As for kids…hard to say…maybe 3…(laughs)

W – Wish

Q: Your wish is…?
A: I thought I just answered? “To conquer the world!”

X – X-Ray

Q: Have you ever felt unwell till you had to go for an X-ray?
A: Of course. When I broke up with my first love…it was really tough for me at that time…my heart ached so much.

Y – Y (Why)

Q: Is there something that you feel you can never resolve or understand?
A: Hmmn… I don’t think there’s such a thing. Because with my character, if there is something that worries me, and I can’t resolve it, I will feel very irritated.


Q: What will you think about before you sleep?
A: I will think about what will happen tomorrow. For example, if tomorrow I have to work, I will think of work, if I have an appointment, I will think of that appointment…This is my way of preparing for the next day…

What do you think of the interview?
Very interesting – I feel great throughout the whole interview.

Any last words for our readers?
Hi, everyone, the readers of KBOOM! Thanks for all your love and support! I’ll show you the best side of me, so please continue to support me! Do come for the Nov FM! Please also support KBOOM! Thanks!

credit: siwonshii + shiro401@baidu
re-posted : lovesears blog

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