[VID][100329] SBS Youngstreet radio – FULL VIDEO

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[MAG]3tory from Korea Mag

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[MAG] Easy Magazine

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[UPDATE]SBS Power FM Radio Show

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[NEWS]Jang Keun Suk Attend Choi Jin Young Funeral

Actor Choi Jin Young had committed suicide on March 29th. Jang Keun Suk attend his funeral yesterday. =(

One and a half years after “The Nation’s Actress” Choi Jin-shil committed suicide, her younger brother had followed suit.

On March 29, the body of actor and singer Choi Jin-young, 39, was found at his home in Nonhyeon-dong in Gangnam, Seoul. According to the police, he died by hanging himself.

Original resources: By JONATHAN M. HICAP

Jin-young became inactive in the Korean entertainment scene since Jin-shil committed suicide in 2008.After the actress’s death, Jin-young and his mother took care of her two children. He announced last month that he would go back to acting.

After Jin-shil’s death, Jin Young appeared on a TV show to talk about the times before she died. His demise brings back painful memories of Jin-shil’s death. Jin-shil was one of South Korea’s most loved actresses. Her death came after her friend Ahn Jae-hwan committed suicide in September 2008. Online rumors began to circulate that she pressured Ahn to pay his debt which drove him to kill himself. Jin-shil asked the police to investigate who spread the rumors. Eventually, two employees of a securities firm were charged with spreading groundless rumors about the actress. This reportedly further depressed the actress and eventually lead to her death. Jin-shil had been suffering from depression since her divorce from her husband, Jo Sung-min, a former baseball player.

Last year, the two employees were found guilty by the Seoul Central District Court. They were given a two-year suspended sentence and ordered to render 120 hours of community service. Last year, Jin-shil’s ashes were stolen from her grave. A man was eventually caught by the police who admitted taking the ashes.

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[MAG]More Picture about Korean Wave Vol39

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[MAG] Korean Wave vol 39

Magazine Korean Wave vol 39

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