[INFO] BaekSang Artist Awards

백상예술대상 투표 방법
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[INFO] The 46th Annual BaekSang Arts Awards – Vote

From shiro401‘s post @ Soompi :


Baeksang Award voting translated by Muse @ Cri J

The foreign instruction of ARS : BaekSang Art Awards Voting Sequence
(I refer to the original msg of 木槿霓 in freeboard and 나비효과 in member board)

The charge of this service is 300won per 30seconds (except phone call charge and tax)
And there is a limitation of MAXIMUM charging over 100,000won..
If you don”t know exactly, please call 001-82-70-8270-3425.
(but I don”t know they have a counselor who can speak foreign languages… T^T)

까만팬더 told me that she spend 8min 30sec for 10 votes of one call..
(That”ll cost around 5,000won per call)

Dial 001-82-60-900-4000

After getting through, you can hear the introduction in Korean..

After hearing beep sound..

when first hearing the sound like No.1 or No.2, dial 2
when second hearing it, dial 1 (for Movie part)
when third hearing it, dial 1 (for Man”s popular award)
when forth hearing it, dial 1 (for searching the list)
(and then you”ll enter to vote for the most popular award for artist
JKS”s number is 18)
when you hear No.18 JKS, dial 18 *
If you heard only the name JKS one more time on the other side,
YOU SHOULD dial 1 for confirming.. and then you”ve voted successfully.
(If You hear another name (not KJS), YOU SHOULD dial 2 for cancelling…)

If you heard the names of all nominees again,
please try again and dial 18* again until you hear No.18 JKS..

If you did vote right,
then you”ll gonna hear
“영화부분 인기상 장근석 이태원살인사건에 투표하셨습니다.” in Korean.
(YoungHwaBuBoon InKiSang JangKeunSuk ITaeWonSalInSaKeunEa TwoPyoHaShoSepNiDa)

And then the voice will start from the first again..
you can repeat the steps again and again : Dial 2-1-1-1-18*-1 in order…

(You can vote 10 times in one call..)

The upper voting is for Just Movie Part (role for Phearson in “Itaewon homicide case”)


If you wanna vote for Drama Part,(role for Hwang TaeKyung in “You”re Beautiful”)
The sequence if 2-2-1-1-19*-1

Please do your best!!! ^0^


Thank you to shiro401@soompi for this infos.

[INFO] The 46th Annual BaekSang Arts Awards

The 46th Annual BaekSang Arts Awards
제46회 백상예술대상

Date & Time : March 26, 2010 at 20:00~22:00
Network : KBS 2TV
Official Homepage : http://isplus.joins.com/100sang/awards/awards_01.html

One of the nominees is Jang Keun Suk for Movie Itaewon Case Murder and Drama You’re Beautiful.

Movie Section:

The nominees for Popularity Award

TV Section:

The nominees for Popularity Award

Voting thread : http://isplus.joins.com/100sang/vote/vote_org.html

(the link is still haven’t opened yet…)


Thank you to kdramafanusa@The 46th Annual BaekSang Arts Awards thread.

and thank you too to  ilwoo_aein & Mz_Hyunki @ Soompi.