[INFO] The 46th Annual BaekSang Arts Awards – Vote

From shiro401‘s post @ Soompi :


Baeksang Award voting translated by Muse @ Cri J

The foreign instruction of ARS : BaekSang Art Awards Voting Sequence
(I refer to the original msg of 木槿霓 in freeboard and 나비효과 in member board)

The charge of this service is 300won per 30seconds (except phone call charge and tax)
And there is a limitation of MAXIMUM charging over 100,000won..
If you don”t know exactly, please call 001-82-70-8270-3425.
(but I don”t know they have a counselor who can speak foreign languages… T^T)

까만팬더 told me that she spend 8min 30sec for 10 votes of one call..
(That”ll cost around 5,000won per call)

Dial 001-82-60-900-4000

After getting through, you can hear the introduction in Korean..

After hearing beep sound..

when first hearing the sound like No.1 or No.2, dial 2
when second hearing it, dial 1 (for Movie part)
when third hearing it, dial 1 (for Man”s popular award)
when forth hearing it, dial 1 (for searching the list)
(and then you”ll enter to vote for the most popular award for artist
JKS”s number is 18)
when you hear No.18 JKS, dial 18 *
If you heard only the name JKS one more time on the other side,
YOU SHOULD dial 1 for confirming.. and then you”ve voted successfully.
(If You hear another name (not KJS), YOU SHOULD dial 2 for cancelling…)

If you heard the names of all nominees again,
please try again and dial 18* again until you hear No.18 JKS..

If you did vote right,
then you”ll gonna hear
“영화부분 인기상 장근석 이태원살인사건에 투표하셨습니다.” in Korean.
(YoungHwaBuBoon InKiSang JangKeunSuk ITaeWonSalInSaKeunEa TwoPyoHaShoSepNiDa)

And then the voice will start from the first again..
you can repeat the steps again and again : Dial 2-1-1-1-18*-1 in order…

(You can vote 10 times in one call..)

The upper voting is for Just Movie Part (role for Phearson in “Itaewon homicide case”)


If you wanna vote for Drama Part,(role for Hwang TaeKyung in “You”re Beautiful”)
The sequence if 2-2-1-1-19*-1

Please do your best!!! ^0^


Thank you to shiro401@soompi for this infos.


[INFO] The 46th Annual BaekSang Arts Awards

The 46th Annual BaekSang Arts Awards
제46회 백상예술대상

Date & Time : March 26, 2010 at 20:00~22:00
Network : KBS 2TV
Official Homepage : http://isplus.joins.com/100sang/awards/awards_01.html

One of the nominees is Jang Keun Suk for Movie Itaewon Case Murder and Drama You’re Beautiful.

Movie Section:

The nominees for Popularity Award

TV Section:

The nominees for Popularity Award

Voting thread : http://isplus.joins.com/100sang/vote/vote_org.html

(the link is still haven’t opened yet…)


Thank you to kdramafanusa@The 46th Annual BaekSang Arts Awards thread.

and thank you too to  ilwoo_aein & Mz_Hyunki @ Soompi.

[CRI-J NOTICE][20100225] 대만팬미팅 티켓수령 공지입니다.

New Notice at Cri-J


대만팬미팅 티켓수령 공지입니다.

트리제이 컴퍼니 입니다.

3월7일 대만 국부기념관에서 열리는 아시아투어 대만 공연의
티켓수령 방법을 아래와 같이 진행하오니 참고해 주시기 바랍니다.

–  아  래  –

1차 수령 : 2월26일 오후 2시~3시까지  HS미디어 사무실
(송파구 잠실동 175012 효성올림픽카운티 담당자 : 장혁진 대리 010-7599-1165)

2차 수령 : 3월7일 오전 9시~10    대만국부기념관 앞
(담당자 : 장혁진  대리 010-7599-1165 해외로밍가능)

* 대만공연 이벤트 : 3월1일 이벤트 당첨자 발표(이벤트 대상 : R석, S석 구매고객)

이벤트 내용 및 시간, 장소는 3월1일 이벤트 당첨자 발표시 추가 공지하겠습니다.
티켓구매하신 회원분들께는 문자메세지로 위내용을 발송할예정이오니
확인해 주시기 바랍니다.


Original source :  www.jangkeunsuk.co.kr

[CRI-J][20100226] Kyoto Communications Interview


[Magazine] Kyoto Communications Interview

Eels, tomorrow 2010-02-26 Sukkie got a magazine interview. Can’t wait for that.>< will update soon once it publish.

Original source : www.jangkeunsuk.co.kr

[TRANS] O’live show

Translation for O’live show http://tieba.baidu.com/f?kz=716703225

Thank you to ploinkypink@soompi for the translations.


Host: How many times have we met? (*Host is a famous photographer)
JKS: We worked together for magazine photo shoots about 5 or 6 times?
Host: but I feel like we’ve collaborated for more than 100 times already! haha~
JKS: hahahahahaha…. we know each other very well
JKS: (points) This is the photo from our first photo shoot collaboration!
Host: You look very young then…
JKS: I’m not that old now… so of course I was a lot younger then! That was when I was 20 years old.
Host: what’s your first impression of me the photographer?
JKS: A very aggressive person… hahahahahahahha!

Host: You are already 24 years now (born in 1987). What’s your zodiac sign?
JKS: I’m a Rabbit…
Host: I don’t feel that you are like a Rabbit….hahaha
JKS: I feel more like a Snake
Host: hahahah…why a Snake?
JKS: the feeling of a soft pliable body, snakeskin prints etc…. I like~
Host: The photos from this morning’s shoot (showing Pink JKS photos on screen)…JKS exudes the vibes of a carnivorous man. Do you personally like to be a carnivorous man or a prettyboy?
JKS: i don’t really like the term “prettyboy” recently. you should ask if i’m like a carnivorous man or herbivorous man?
Host: haha… which type do you think you are?
JKS: I’m a herbivorous man in the day…. and carnivorous man at night!
Host: hahahahha…. then how about herbivorous woman? or canivorous woman?
JKS: Carnivorous woman?! hahaha
Host: JKS likes to tease photographer…. A basic requirement for carnivorous man is 6 pecs. So do you have 6 pecs?
JKS: (acts cool) I can easily train and have 6 pecs, but I don’t feel like doing it now. haha.
Host: The fact and myth about JKS’s height. JKS is actually 182cm tall!
JKS: The reaction of people who see me in real life is always: “Oh! You are really tall!” I’m not bothered about those rumours (about my height). (Says with a straight face) but I won’t give up wearing heeled shoes either.
JKS: Although I wear heeled shoes, I definitely don’t wear those height-increasing cushion inside my shoes.
Host: Hahahahahaha. An honest JKS is even more charming!
JKS: (Smile) (*the 2 seem to be sharing some private joke.)


Host: In the recent Celebrity Crush World Cup variety show, you picked Soo Ae as your ideal woman…
JKS: It was really hard to choose…
Host: What’s the reason you picked Soo Ae?
JKS: Because she belongs to the type of girl that I like…. very feminine, elegant and has poise. The type of girl who, when chatting with me alone, will listen to my views and what I have to say.
Host: Hope that JKS will find his ideal girl type soon… You are too young to understand but a grown woman like me…. (JKS looks at him with a “huh?” look) (Host lowers voice) has a lot of selfish desires…
JKS: (looks a bit shocked) hahaha. gave me a shock!
Host: hahahaha. Ok I will take away the phrase “like me” in my earlier sentence.
(*I think the host was trying to say that he fits JKS’s ideal type of woman.)


Host: Fact and myth no. 2 about JKS. Mature women like JKS~?
JKS: Actually I’ve never thought about this question at all.
Host: What I think is that… mature women like you because you have the enthusiasm of youth + a manly side….
JKS: I’ve never shown my manly side…. but I actually do have a manly side…
Host: For example…?
JKS: I mentioned it just now…. I’m a carnivorous man at night…
Host: hahahahahaha
JKS: For example, in the daytime I’m sitting here quietly like now, but at night I’ll be crawling here and there (JKS crawls over the host)…
Host: hahahahah… JKS is a man with many charms


Host: Which body part will you notice when you first see a girl?
JKS: The eyes. Especially the depth I feel when looking into the eyes…
Host: Then your ideal type should be me. I’m good….
JKS: *looked at host* *looked away* (pause) the more you say the more panicky I feel… hahaha
Host: Why do you notice the eyes?
JKS: I like girls who is individualistic with an unique charm…
Host: like your gaze in that photo (points at screen)…that’s the look that I the photographer also approve (photo of JKS in pink smeared lipstick and an intense look)
JKS: Yes I hope to have that look… I want to be that type of person

Host: What is JKS’s hot issue now?
JKS: Choosing my next project.
Host: Choosing good projects is something JKS is good at. Like Beethoven Virus, You’re Beautiful etc. I mistakenly thought your drama is called “You’re A Man!” hahahaha!
JKS: hahahahaha. Today is a laughing talkshow hahahaha. The title is really confusing. At first it’s “So you are a prettyboy” (*literal tranlation of YAB’s Korean title). Then some say it’s “Do you know it’s a prettyboy?”, “Is it a prettyboy?” and “Looks handsome!” etc. hahahaha.

Host: You got even more popular because of YAB.
JKS: I won the Netizen’s most popular award. It’s very meaningful to me especially at this time. I really wanted to win this because it’s voted by the public viewers.

Host: If you are not an actor what will you be?
JKS: Car salesman. I think my sales results will be very good! because I have good talking skills. maybe because I was a DJ, that helped. Also I interact with my friends and parents.
Host: I interact with my friends and family too! haha. ok you are suitable to be a car salesman. I can imagine!
JKS: You are a woman, you shouldn’t be like this!
JKS: It’s because I was a child star, so I have to be careful about what I say. I have to think before I speak.

Host: JKS’s dressing now is always matching and sensual. What do you look for in clothes?
JKS: Difficult question! Before any programme, the stylist will choose 8 to 10 outfits for me. I will look at how the fit is, the quality of fabric and how the clothes make me feel. Last time I like more complicated looks. Now I prefer simpler designs and do away with jewellery and accessories.
Host: Because I think you’ve grown up and are more mature…
JKS: I think so too. I feel like I’m slowly becoming an adult…
Host: Yes you are slowly getting older… hahahahahaha

Host: Another side of JKS. drawing eyeliner.
JKS: once during a photoshoot, I tried on eyeliner by chance. although eyeliner is usually used by women, it’s something new for guys and I quite like the look.
Host: You don’t care about how others look at you?
JKS: There’s nothing to be bothered about. I’m in a line where I should try different images and I like to experience different things and discover different styles for myself

Host: What is latest JKS’ trend?
JKS: I wish to be one who won’t be swayed by the latest trends. When people mentioned JKS I want them to think of all the different sides of me. I’m constantly searching for myself. I even think about how I will be like when I reach middle age…. my father has a big paunch now…
Host: So your father is different from the JKS now…
JKS: I want to maintain my look now…and people’s expectation of JKS.
JKS: I’m thinking of what to do for my next project. Everytime I choose a project I want to look for a role which suits me… my projects so far have one similarity… I read the script carefully from page one till the last page…

JKS: JKS’s expectation for 2010 is to be able to find himself more… If I climb too high too fast, I’ll be scared of falling. My hope for 2010… is health. Health is most important. Also I hope to meet more talented and outstanding people…
Host: Like me…
JKS: *looks at host* (laugh) Can’t stand you~
Host: hahahahahaha
JKS: O’Live TV!


Credit to : ploinkypink @ soompi

[INFO] Update about D-Cut DVD content

Update from the D-cut Cafe today

credit to 13sunshine@park-shin-hye.com

++++++++++++ DVD Contents ++++++++++++

Disk 01– Episode 1 & 2- Hong Song Chang director interview (27m 36s)
Disk 02– Episode 3 & 4- Jang Geun Suk interview (24m 10s)
Disk 03– Episode 5 & 6- Park Shin Hye interview (18m 47s)
Disk 04– Episode 7 & 8- Lee Hong Ki interview (17m 23s)
Disk 05– Episode 9 & 10- Jung Yong Hwa interview (15m 32s)
Disk 06– Episode 11 & 12- Commentary (32m 20s)
Disk 07– Episode 13 & 14- Commentary (25m 14s)
Disk 08– Episode 15 & 16- Commentary (36m 08s)

Disk 09– making film 180mins

1. Hwang Tae Kyung drowning incident
2. Chase! Minam delivery (service)
3. Radish please!!
4. A date on the phone with Milk guy
5. A long distance to finds Tae Kyung
6. Minam’s Generation
7. Ice-cream and bike
8. Autumn leaves’ fairy tale
9. Minam TV filming scene
10. Find Go Mi Nyu!
11. Tae Kyung’s piano serenade
12. The lost hair pin

13. I will finish this kiss scene quick!

14. Music video preview
15. A.N.JELL market outing

16. The heartbeat kissing scene of Taekyung and Minam

17. Hyungnim it’s really okay
18. My fingers got stuck
19. Shy Jeremy photoshoot
20. Bare foot Yoo Heyi
21. Sea eel and pig rabbit song
22. About to be fainted
23. Pasta for Yoo Heyi
24. Nocut interview – Minam and Shinwoo
25. A.N.JELL airport attack incident

26. KISS

27. The coffee I make
28. The day filming the last scene

Disk 10– 1.OST Music video- 19m 43s
*Still / As ever
*Without Words
*Lovely Day
*My Heart Is Cursing
*Promise (Jang Geun Suk theme)

2.Parody video- 3m 48s

3.Character video- 49s

4.Concert video- 34m 43s

+++++++++ Director’s cut DVD package goods ++++++++++

1.DVD 10 disks + Photobook + Poster + Calendar (bromide type) + Minam related items (random) + A.N.JELL membership card

-> Minam related items :

Pig Rabbit 30
Novel 35
Story book 35
Sticker 17
Pig rabbit keychain 160
Cellphone charm 490
Yepp mp3 1
Beard Papa ₩ 10,000 sample (10) – Beard Papa is a bakery
k-swiss shoes (women)
size 240 (4)
size 240 (1)
size 90 (2)
size 100 (3)
Jenny Hair House ₩ 10,000 x 6
ost(2nd version) 15

This is the poster we will be getting smile.gif

[CRI-J][20100218] Keun Suk Message : Hand!

Title: Hand! (Imagine someone training a doggie and asking for the paw. He’s using this expression)

Is there anyone still online? Now its 5.12 AM…

Nobody right?

I’m now listening to Mr.Kim’s song, “Portrait Days”, its very nice cri~~

Noonas and ahjummas who listens to 90s’ music~~

Please share with me~~Cri~~!

This is a lonely but brilliant new year~!!

<Jang’s comments>

[2010-02-18 am 5:15:00]

Eh? Really theres nobody online at all?

[2010-02-18 am 5:15:00]


[2010-02-18 am  5:15:00]

Oh~!!There’s somebody~!!!

[2010-02-18 am 5:16:00]

Any more nice songs~~~?

[2010-02-18 am 5:17:00]

Kim Geun Mo ssi’s songs in the past were very nice~

[2010-02-18 am 5:18:00]

Can’t sleep…Listening to music…Let me tell you,I didn’t drink tonight

[2010-02-18 am 5:20:00]

Now I’m listening to “Beautiful Farewell”

[2010-02-18 am 5:21:00]

The one that released an album? (Discussing with Eels about singers)

[2010-02-18 am  5:22:00]

I know a little bit about machinery, but I really don’t know much about computers…

[2010-02-18 am 5:22:00]

I’m listening to music in a daze, Cri~~~

[2010-02-18 am 5:24:00]

Oh…This is also nice cri~~ (Song name:Why Are You Like This To Me)

[2010-02-18 am 5:26:00]

Jeong Ye’s songs..So sad

[2010-02-18 am 5:29:00]

Hehehe,anyone knows the song “Inituition” from crystal boys? Any more songs of this type?

[2010-02-18 am 5:30:00]


Hi (Said hi to an international fan!)

[2010-02-18 am 5:32:00]

Kekeke,the cosplay ahjumma has come,kekeke (Sukkie saw a fan he recognised)

[2010-02-18 am 5:34:00]

Erm…Don’t discuss things like tights(briefs),I’m asking for nice songs~~cri~~

[2010-02-18 am 5:35:00]

But i like songs from can groups..Is it not suitable with my image??Girls don’t seem to have the same sentiment…

[2010-02-18 am 5:38:00]

OO,now putting the CD in..Now is this Kim Kwon Hyo sunbae’s voice? Kim Kwon Jin? Who is it? (Sukkie getting confused,not knowing the name of the singer)

[2010-02-18 am 5:39:00]

Whose song was that just now??Tell me, fast…

[2010-02-18 am 5:41:00]

“Kolago”..What song is this?(Note:Kolago seems to be the name of a japanese girl, but Sukkie who cannot understand the romanized japanese mistook it for the name of a song)

[2010-02-18 am 5:45:00]

Everybody go and listen to “I Am Happy” by Li So Ra~I just want to listen to it with all of you..

[2010-02-18 am 5:48:00]

Ah..This song..So sad..

[2010-02-18 am 5:51:00]

Everyone,go listen to “Feeling..Like The First Time”..Kekekekeke

[2010-02-18 am 5:59:00]

Actually somebody did suggest that I go back to being a DJ…Really thankful..I hope to wait until I’m older,until I can express my views on certain things more freely, and able to give better opinions before becoming a DJ again…

[2010-02-18 am 6:01:00]

Yup, I went out for coffee tonight..Parked my car at the coffee house and came back by Keun sama (Manager Kim)’s car..Its snowing heavily..

[2010-02-18 am 6:02:00]

Hehehhe, MNET is now airing a program called “Wake Up”, really makes people feel pained..

[2010-02-18 am 6:05:00]

Be it Starbucks or hand ground coffee, to me its okay. The interesting thins is,compared to when drinking with others, i prefer the wine itself. Compared to the fragrance of the coffee, i prefer the atmosphere when drinking coffee with others cri~~

[2010-02-18 am 6:07:00]

Let’s eat breadfast waiting for bread

[2010-02-18 am 6:10:00]

I haven’t had breakfast cri~~My parents are still sleeping~

[2010-02-18 am 6:24:00]

Eels/Jang eos~~Now have to stop chatting~~Its snowing more and more cri~~~Today really THANK YOU cri~~~I will keep all of the songs you recommended into my mp3~~Bye cri~~


Credit: VeeVeeBO @ Soompi

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