Dear SeOUL Sister Weng, thank you soooo much for sharing your fan account for the Hong Kong FM (^-^)

I arrived at Taipo Center at around 11 a.m. Saw some eels in the bus. keke.. I thought I was early since the event was at 1:30 p.m. and only the VIP ticket holders who were drawn to be in the Fan Signing and Fan Photo taking were instructed to be there at 11:30 a.m. Imagine my surprise when, as I was walking towards Zone C, I saw hundreds of eels who were already positioned on the 2nd floor! EELS FIGHTING! I texted shiro to tell her that a lot of eels were already there.

I decided to eat first before anything else since I didn’t eat before leaving for Taipo. I ate at KFC amidst eels who were also eating there. hahaha… I went to the Customer Service booth to ask for a stapler since I had to seal my gift for Sukkie ^^. Then I queued for the FS. I saw they had tickets already so I asked the girl behind me where she got hers. That’s when she pointed at Heung Ro who was behind a table. There was no queue there so I immediately went there. waaahhh… Heung Ro! hihihi… After getting my ticket, I went to the queue again for the FS. They gave us posters and numbers. I was no. 62. The FS winners were on the left side while the FP winners were on the right. The time for the waiting begins… haiz!

To pass the time, I took pics of the place, the set-up and of course, the eels ^^. At around 1 p.m. they started showing “Magic Drag” to the delight of the eels. The first time they showed it, the place reverberated with the screams. LOL! Maybe until two to three times but when they kept on showing it, the eels were already getting antsy. Hahaha… Two eels who were close to me were wearing Panda costumes. So cute! I took a pic of them but got their back… hihi.. The MC went onstage and said something… She did it maybe 2 times? I didn’t understand what she was saying. Sorry! But I think she was telling us to wait for a ‘lil bit longer… and an explanation, maybe? Why Keun Suk was late.

At around 2:10 p.m. (YES! Late again ) We finally saw our Keun Suk! He’s getting more beautiful, if you ask me… waaahhh… How can that be??? He was wearing a loose-fitting gray top w/ black pants and that adorable GRIN! Hihihi… I thought there will be an interview like the one in SG but the MC just introduced him and he spoke to us in English! It was fast! The FS began.

The first few eels got a lot of stuff signed but I think they, the managers and staff, decided to limit one stuff to be signed only ‘coz it was taking too long! Huhuhu… There goes my promise to the SeOUL Sisters particularly Mama Kay.

Keun Suk is really nice. Whenever an eel points to a group, he smiles and waves to ‘em sometimes even standing up and giving flying kisses. So sweet! There was an elderly eel. I think she went there straight from the airport ‘coz she still had her luggage with her. Sukkie stood up and bowed to her. awww… In the middle of the FS, Sukkie suddenly stood up and shouted something. It was just one of his antics. Keke.. Sukkie will be Sukkie. And there was this eel who gave him a bracelet. It turned out that it was a couple’s bracelet! She had a hard time putting it on Keun Suk. Hihihi… Then he stood up and put on the other bracelet on her! Waaahhh…

I was busy looking at Keun Suk and the eels who were getting their stuff signed that I didn’t realize I was next! LOL! So, I got my gifts and the SS’ 2 projects ready. As I was walking towards him, he said,”Hi, sweetie” with a beautiful smile (I’m still hyperventilating when I remember it! Keke..) I said, “Hi, Keun Suk” in return then gave him the gifts, saying “All these are for you”. He asked smiling, “All these?” I nodded then he said, “Thank you”. I placed the pic I wanted him to sign on the table. He took it then began writing. I showed him the paper where I wrote down my name. He took it then said, “How do you… ahhh… Is it Weng?” I replied, “Yes. It’s Weng”. Then he began writing. He is really a perfectionist. He kept on putting ‘lil touches on it so that it would be pretty. Waaahhh… Fell in love with him even more!!! Then he gave me the pic and offered me his hand… waaahhh… Shook hands with Sukkie. Finally! Then he said smiling, “Thank you and take care”. I just nodded! I forgot to say Thank you also!!! Argh… I was so mesmerized… Anyway, got off the stage and back to the queue.

I took pics again. The MC said something that got the eels moaning. I think she said since the Fan Signing took so long, the Fan Photo taking will not commence. Side comments all around! After the FS, Keun Sama (who’s a ‘lil bit thinner than in SG. Is he on a diet too?) gave a drink to Sukkie then said something. Sukkie stood up and said that his favorite gift is this (he held up an I ❤ HK shirt!) The eels screamed! Then he said he’ll be taking pics with us. He went to the 3 sides to pose with us then went backstage.

The Fan Photo taking continued as planned. The eels were grouped into 50s and positioned then instructed. When everything’s ready, that’s the time Jason, CEO of HSMedia will bring Sukkie out to pose with them. Some eels gave him their gifts while some chatted with him but it was only for such a short time since once the photos were taken, he’ll be heading backstage again surrounded by security. Some eels really try to get close to Sukkie! There was this one incident wherein the security admonished a group of eels since they were being erm… too passionate? *winks*

I got good pics of the Fan Photo taking session since I was positioned behind the photographer! LOL! Sukkie, what have you done to this noona? You’re making me do these crazy stuff!!!

It ended @ around 4 p.m. (not too sure ‘bout the time) I rushed to the rest room! Hahaha… Then went to the back of the stage to wait for Sukkie to come out. There were already a lot of eels waiting for him. I just got my cam ready. As he came out, he was also holding a cam and taking vids and pics of us. Hahaha… I just shoot and shoot! Then he walked to the exit surrounded by his entourage and security.



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[VID] Jang Keun Suk @ Star Entertainment Weekly

credit : princesslee501 @ YT

[NEWS] Jang Keun Suk’s Changes Ideal Type to Han Ye Seul

Actor Jang Keun Suk attracted attention when he changed his ideal type while he was doing an interview.

In the episode of KBS 2TV “Entertainment Weekly” that was aired on June 19, Jang Keun Suk appeared and revealed that his ideal woman is still actress Soo Ae, just as he had already revealed before. Since he likes a woman with feminine beauty, he chose actress Soo Ae as his ideal type. But, he changed his ideal type with disgruntled feelings after finding out Soo Ae’s response to this disclosure.

The reporter said to Jang Keun Suk that he had once asked Soo Ae, “If there were only two men left in this world and they were Kim Tae Won and Jang Keun Suk, who would you choose for your mate?” The reporter asked Jang to guess whom Soo Ae had chosen. Jang Keun Suk answered confidently by saying, “She probably chose me.” But her answer was Kim Tae Won. After finding out her answer, Jang Keun Suk said that Soo Ae has extraordinary taste, producing a big laugh.

Also, the reporter said again that Soo Ae had chosen Kim Tae Won because he seems to be a nice person to her. Then, Jang Keun Suk showed a mock enraged look while saying, “Then, do I look like a bad person?” Disappointed by her answer, Jang suddenly changed his ideal type by saying, “I like actress Han Ye Seul,” which drew another big laugh.

On the episode, he also revealed his story that he had been mistaken for a woman due to his long hair. He said, “It is weird when I hear that people are saying that I am pretty. I had not heard it before, but these days, I have heard it many times. So, these days, I think that hairstyle is very important. When I was walking on the street and suddenly looking behind me, I used to find out that men, who were following me, were surprised to realize that I am a man.”

Writer: Contributing Reporter Kim Min Ha
Source: KBS
Credits: http://theksource.blogspot.com/

Re-up : jangkeunsuk-en.com


ANJELL FM Pictures

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ANJELL FM Pictures

credit : as tagged, ParkShinHye.org, baidu & lovesears blog

[VID] Lounge H South Africa Event

More video Lounge H South Africa Event (^-^)

credit :iwabinkun

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