November is Jang Keun Suk’s month in Japan. Lucky Japanese fans!!
The schedule:

Nov 01 – Mnet Japan Legend of Suk (2:00pm)
Nov 03 – Mnet Japan 2006-2007 MKMF
Nov 08 – Hong Gil Dong 1st episode
Nov 12 – Fukuoka FM
Nov 18 – TBS Suk’s holiday in Hawaii (9:00pm)
Nov 18 – TBS 2008 in Seoul (I think the interview n bts of Beethoven Virus) (10:00pm)
Nov 21 – Sapporo FM
Nov 26 – Kobe FM
Nov 27 – Yokohama FMs (2 sessions)
Nov 27 – Lounge H in Tokyo

In addition, YB will be re-broadcast by 4 TV stations that will cover the whole country.

credit: shiro401

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[CRI-J][20100226] Kyoto Communications Interview


[Magazine] Kyoto Communications Interview

Eels, tomorrow 2010-02-26 Sukkie got a magazine interview. Can’t wait for that.>< will update soon once it publish.

Original source : www.jangkeunsuk.co.kr