[INFO] Taiwan AN Show

Here are some information of A.N.jell Taipei,Taiwan
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October 2 purchase process is as follows:
Staff will at 11:30 am begin at the to sell site release number plates , registration plates will be printed on of goods purchase a single , please by obtained from number order in 12:30 at the designated the whole team area began to line up at 1 O’clock , that is, in accordance with line order open purchase the surrounding . Internet futures were also asked to follow the around the purchase process line pick up .

1. merchandise The site sale is expected from the 10 / 2, the day 1 pm until the concert the end of .
2. In addition to defective products outside will not accept returns .
3. Please bring your own change , merchandise the number and amount of you at the scene points clear once leave will not be accepted .
4. the scene to accept futures , commodity to buy one back for the futures single , carefully fill in commodity futures orders, and in the shopping counters checkout , will be 10 / 4 after the the mainland ordered sent to products, if of goods out of stock you notice the arrival Time.
5. In order to avoid the fans / fans at midnight queuing to happen , will be announced the night ranked team and own initiative of the teams are not recognized , to the organizers set the line line the main .

● the scene sold at merchandise types and prices , please refer to the following information.
You’re Beautiful surrounding
ANJELLShow2010 Limited Edition towel : NTD580 ※ in Taiwan limited .
You’re Beautiful cartoon bag strap Group : NTD690 ※ a group of five .
You’re Beautiful Manual AB models : NT450 ※ There are 2 option A models for the real money B section for the cartoon section .
You’re Beautiful cartoon folder : NT450 ※ a group of five .
You’re Beautiful cartoon mobile phone strap : NTD220 ※ There are 4 to choose from.
ANJELLShow2010 exclusive shopping bag : NTD680 ※ Special Limited Edition .

Visitors have the ” You’re Beautiful “exclusive avatar Machine : NTD300 ※ a total of 3 can choose


Jang geun suk individuals limited edition merchandise (only 10 / 2 at the site to buy, do not accept online booking)

Jang geun suk personal doll : NTD1750 ※ limited edition of 100 .
T shirt : NTD450 ※ Limited 300 .
Should aid nightlights : NTD490 ※ Limited 300 .
Should aid towel : NTD580 ※ Limited to 200 ( size 1400x200mm).
Photo folder : NTD300 ※ size 220x310mm.
Photo diary : NTD1080 ※ Limited 500 size 95x129mm.
3D small card postcards Group : NTD430 ※ includes a 3D postcards and with a 3D photo small card .
Pillow Cover : NTD690 ※ Limited 400 ( size 440x440mm).
Exclusive badge bag : NTD430 ※ Limited to 200 ( size 350x370x95mm).

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[PIC] Encore Merchandises

The listing for the Jang Keun Suk Asia Tour – Last in Seoul merchandises

These products will sell at the venue and on new homepage of MD Sales Inc. by J’s Company on September 5th.

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[PIC] Keun Suk – Pictures from the official merchandise

Pics from the official merchandise

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