[JKS MSG][2010-06-04]Title : On Mobile Web now…

Title : On Mobile Web now…

psycho_j [2010-06-04 오후 6:39:52]
So far, only 500 people signed up for the Encore FM…

psycho_j [2010-06-04 오후 6:40:24]
well, still a long way to filling up all 10,000 seats!! hmm….

psycho_j [2010-06-04 오후 6:40:59]
Oh yes, this isn’t Encore Fans Meet, just the last performance for Asia Tour 2010!

psycho_j [2010-06-04 오후 6:43:26]
The latest news headlines.. Jang Keun Suk’s Asia Tour, last stop in Korea.. has the least number of fans attending!

psycho_j [2010-06-04 오후 6:44:44]
Because not many people come, maybe I will drink a few bottles of wine at home .. ㅠ ㅠ ㅠ

psycho_j [2010-06-04 오후 6:46:25]
Ha ha ha, got you! Aigoo, in the past, when theres not many people, it also increased the services of delivering it to their homes, it is really fun, oh ~

psycho_j [2010-06-04 오후 6:49:40]
Ah ~ feel like singing a song. Lee Sang sang, ‘ my smile isn’t smiling ‘.

psycho_j [2010-06-04 오후 6:51:53]
CAn’t even go thru the script in peace now ~ So tired~ ah~ arms aching… ㅠ ㅠ

psycho_j [2010-06-04 오후 6:54:51]
Panic man (his staff) was found to be using the most senior of the most advanced cameras, this super-photogenic Pink Suk shot destroyed , waiting for the punishment!!

psycho_j [2010-06-04 오후 6:55:44]
My dreams will be broken like that? hu hu T.T

psycho_j [2010-06-04 오후 6:57:53]
Arms are beginning to feel numb.. Having staring competition with I-Phone now..

psycho_j [2010-06-04 오후 7:00:55]
I have so much to say, and I want to say! My mouth is so itchy uh ~

psycho_j [2010-06-04 오후 7:02:45]
It is reported that Jang Keun Suk Asia Tour, The Last In Korea Jang will be riding in the SUV that was bought, with the help of the fans. In addition, in order to avoid his body being voered with ash, he insisted on entering the auditorium with ‘hanging wire’, and causing a stir about this.

In addition, this meeting is all planned and organised by himself, but it raised all the commotions and sighs from people around.

According to relevant sources from Jang Keun Suk’s company, Tree-J, in order to meet the expectaions of Jang’s plannings, everyone worked thru out the night and was deprived of beauty sleep. This also stirred up much curiosity.

However, even if such efforts are put in, Asia Tour, The Last In Korea… the number of participants is lesser than the estimated. 500 people.. can’t help but feel really sad.

Behind all these, Jang is walking home restlessly after purchasing pork from MyeongDong.. He revealed that if the space of 10,000 are all filled up, he will do Sexy Back Dance in Encore FM, and will consider doing a strip..But all these are almost all gone ~ upon this, his eyes went red…

But, in this kind of situation, after spending 3hrs dyeing his hair, in collaborance to the Summer season.. Jang is still very positive, He says he is confident.. Still putting on his mermerizing smiles.. and putting up with a positive mindset.. This is hardly seen, even in professional actors.. This is something we ought to feel proud of Jang Keun Suk. =)

cri J

Credit: CRI J fans club
Post: minijungle at soompi
please take out with full credit. thanks.


[CRI-J][100602]Keun Suk’s Message (2 messages)

Message #1

Subject: 긴장들 하지말고요

Do not be nervous..

Come on, spit out the photos from Japan~~~

Surely you’re not nervous because I frightened you last time??

I want to see PINK SUK, you eels!!!

Right Now!!!!!!!!


Message #2

Subject: 와핳 ㅏㅎ ㅏㅎ ㅏ

Pink Suk threw (something) away & hellip

Not the handphone electronic magnetic block page&hellip

It was the Polaroid I took at the hotel which was meant for the fans&hellip

Until now you still don&rsquot know about it&hellip

Do you want it? Hehehehe~~~

Credit to: JKS soompi, kym@CriJ SG, jks4jg@JKS webby & lovesears blog

[JKS MSG][2010-05-31]The end of Osaka

Title : The end of Osaka

(pic1) Gunsama is sitting in the airplane, holding a coffe with his right hand, hearing something with earphone, abd looking at the laptop monitor.

(pic2) Heungro is looking at the camera with a big smile in the airplane.

(pic3) Hullrangee is surprized by something.

(pic4) Keunsuk is reading something on paper journal(in front of the paper there is his grayscale goods photo).

(pic5) Photo of eels at Osaka FM.

(pic6) Photo of the stage.

(pic7) Another Photo of eels at Osaka FM.

Maybe Eels are all curious about my bait….


Omoshiroyang~~ (Maybe in Japanese, It was soo funny~~)

Translate by Muse. Please take out with full credit. Thanks.

[JKS MSG][2010-05-30]The end of Tokyo

Title : The end of Tokyo

(pic1) Gunnie was about to pick up something on the bed in hotel.

(pic2) HeungRoZzang is staring at the camera, the other manager is carrying Keunsuk”s new backpack and his new metal suitcase(maybe for his laptop?) and about to pick up something on the table.

(pic3)Hullangee is holding a red wine glass and smiling weirdly.. ^^

(pic4) There are four people who are in the mirror.
Keunsuk is holding a camera with his eyes down to look at the camera screen,
HeungRoZzang is behind of Keunsuk”s left with smiling,
Gunnie is staring at the mirror on Keunsuk”s righthand side,
and a woman(maybe a coordinator) is between Keunsuk and Gunnie”s back.
Keunsuk is wearing the suit just the same as his media-meeting.

(pic5) Keunsuk is running out of his dressing room in a hurry,
and there are two women looking at him behind.
He is wearing a monkey costume without head mask, but his hair is curly.. so.. his back figure really looks like a monkey.. kkk..
And you know what.. the costume.. there is a long tail and his buttocks are red… hahahah~~

His message :

Osaka Come Come.

The last pic shows MonkeySuk who is running out for the toilet in a hurry , 2 minutes before my show. kk

All translate by Muse, please take out with full credit. Thanks.

[CRI-J][100528]Keun Suk’s Message

Keun Suk, best of LUCK for the Japan FM this weekend. (^^)

그대오는길’s trans for todays early message. Thanks cri.

All systems of sortie go! (2010.5.27)

Finally I will make a sally into JKS ASIA TOUR IN JAPAN tomorrow.

I am in the best shape with sleeping more than 10 hours!!!

(I am wakeful since I slept too much)

I am downloading music..

I wanna introduce the World Cup Album by my friend Kurt whom all eels know.

Although we are not the same age, we are of the same mind and he has a good feeling and sense of music.

The first Album, World Cup Special by Kurt who went through a successful Lounge H with Jang Keunsuk!!

You can easily listen the music searcjing BIG BROTHER!!(I call him a elder brother)

As long as many eels listen, I would be able to pester him to give me a song.

Actually I have been already pestering him…kk

By the way..no matter how hard I think, isnt Kurt cooler than Big Brother….?


I have question for you….

If I suggest that Kurt and eels get together and cheer watching World Cup…

Are you going to come?

The title is Lounge H FOR South Africa!


Translation credit to :  그대오는길  & Muse
Re-up : lovesears blog

[CRI-J][100526]Keun Suk’s Message (2 messages)

그대오는길 translation of JKS messsage today.

Messsage #1

Title: Apology

Ah……………………. My blood pressure goes up……………………….

The one smelled a rat and is running away…………………

Message # 2

Title: Enter after reading this first

Therefore I will tell you what happened…

Yesterday after shooting photograph for the magazine I returned to the agency. When I read the cookbook to prepare the dinner for managers who worked hard, the DVD problem cropped up.

I lost my temper and threw the book.

The managers got punished.

Mr. Kun stole away.

At the end we ordered the dinner.

The end.

I am really sorry cri.

Ah, I am embarrassed………………Damn it



Message #1
Title: Apology

My blood pressure goes up………………………..

One person smells something and runs away……………..

Message #2
Title: (down arrow)Read it first and Come in

* (down arrow)Read it first means Read “Apology” post first

So, Let me tell you what”s going on now…

Yesterday, when I returned back to the office after magazine shooting and was reading some recipe to cook for my managers (pic #1 and #2 : he is reading the recipe book so seriously.. oh.. hot.. ^^),
The dvd problem bursted out.

So I threw my recipe and pissed off
Our employees were punished (pic #3 : three men were raising their both hands up and kneeled.. ㅠㅠ poor guys..)
Gunsama ran away (pic #2 in Apology post : he ran away with his toothbrush in his mouth)

After all we ordered our dinner (pic #4:A table set with an ordered dishes..)


Really Sorry Cri

Ah.. What a shame…………………..gosh


Translation credit to :  그대오는길  & Muse
Re-up : lovesears blog

[CRI-J][100525]Keun Suk’s Message (4 messages)

JKS posted 4 messages on 25/05/2010…(^^)
Big thanks to Muse for the translations.

Title: At this moment..

Dvddvddvddvdvddvddvdvdvd Arrived

WooGaJaGaWoAGuAhGuAhGuA Excited~~(ShinNa aaaaaaaaaaaa)!@#!$!@#!@#

I insist its quality so eagerly,and pay attention to JangKeunsuk’s NAN DVD which was taken part with its finishing material and design by JangKeunsuk!

For reference, in remembrance of limited edition, You can see the serial number at the righthand-side bottom of the front cover..

But.. I am a Master, so proudly wrote master

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Excited

Yesterday I was chatting and drinking with my mom and aunt til dawn at home, in the morning, found the DVD and jumping up and down now…


DakChanHara(Shut up and praise me)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Kkyak (Woak Painful Throat ㅠㅠ)


he wrote a lot of comments..
he told he doesn’t mind the thing anymore.. and mentioned about Encore FM(He told us “push HeungRo to do the EncoreFM..” ^^)
and.. finally he is free from diet!!!!
but.. the problem is he can’t eat KimChi and Stews..
he feels so hot and salty.. ^^ hahah..

and.. after lunch, he wanna upload his lunch photo.. (and now he uploaded already)

and.. if eels make 2000 comments, he will upload his lunch photo + top-less photo took at Singapore..

(now the comments are already over 2000, and he uploaded the lunch photo first.. now he is searching around to find his topless photo from his hard disk)


Title: First of all, my lunch table..


I ate Salad labeled by JangKeunSuk~

* it means he prepared the salad all by himself.. ^^

This is a meal of mine.

At dinner time, I’m gonna cook something with chicken breast or salmon..

Ah I’m so full…ㅠㅠㅠㅠ

(I took the photo of refigerator without mom’s notice, if caught by her, she will gonna stamp on me.. ㅠㅠ)

And the bonus, Undressed Suk, I’m just searching for it from my portable hard disk.

There are nearly 1000 photos in there, and it ran away, so I’m searching now.

giggle giggle giggle

U are properly biting my bait..

His Reply

This shelf is my own. There should be things shopped only by me~~

* sorry mistypo not self ->shelf


Title: Undressed Suk Tada!

Ahhh just a fib ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ


Title: Really Undressed Suk

At that time, was it a month ago?

And then came back to Korea, continued exercising, had done some tough job because of loungeH..
Caculating my body consumed this and that way…


comparing with that photo..……….

I’ve got some abdominal muscle by losing body fat…..

my forearms are very veiny by losing body fat…. (A nurse was surprised by it, when I visit to inject some Ringer solution.)

Additional loss of minus 3kg…….

Just imagine it with your eyes closed ㅋ

His Replies

but can’t dump my cutie-abdominal muscle k kikikikiki

The cost of my undressing is just only 700 comments?

Just 851?

ㅋ over 1000… so I’m leaving here for shooting BByeCri


Translation credits to : Muse
Picture credit to : baidu
Re-up : lovesears blog

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