[MAG] Keun Suk at Japanese Magazine

Japanese magazine scan copy of Keun Suk’s work in Hawaii.  Click HERE and HERE for related post.


[BONUS] from Nuovo Series pictorial


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[SCAN][TRANS] Jang Keun Suk on KBOOM – November Issue

Jang Keun Suk on KBOOM Magazine November Issue “The A to Z of JKS”

Known as an actor who’s always approachable for interviews, actor Jang Keun Suk specially appeared in KBoom for his Japan fans amidst his busy schedule.

A famous reporter from Korea once said this – “I think he really loves his fans. He always thinks about what he can do to make his fans happy during his FMs. Among the new generation of stars, he is considered as someone who is a “real actor”. The reason why he is highly sought after by producers and magazines – it’s not just because of his acting skills – it’s also because he always does things to make others happy.”

When asked about YAB’s success when it was aired in Japan and how it increased his popularity, he said: “Though I’m not actually there to feel the impact, but I heard from my managers that there are more invitations from Japan now as compared to Korea. When I read from the news that YAB topped the viewership rankings in Japan, I was really shocked…(laughs)”

JKS is scheduled to hold FMs in various parts of Japan from Nov to Dec. Regarding the progress of the planning, he replied: “Yes, everything is progressing very smoothly! In order to show the fans the “best of me”, I am working hard! Everyone, please wait in anticipation!” As the FM tickets were nearly sold out during the pre-order sales, there has been talk that one more show will be added for 27 Nov – that means 2 shows in one day! It’s obvious that many fans out there are hoping to understand him better by attending his FMs…

And so, the theme of this interview is “We want to understand JKS!” (To JKS) “Are you ready?”

(JKS) “Yeah, I’m ready…(laughs)… just a little nervous (about saying the truth), (laughs)…”

Japanese-Korean by 挚爱小帅—张根硕全球中文网
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Chinese – English by siwonsh
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Find the full translation for The A to Z of JKS “We want to understand JKS!” in my previous post :
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[MAG] Chinese Magazine

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[MAG] SG Teenage Magazine June 2010

Singapore Teenage Magazine June 2010 issue.
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[PIC] May 2010 HOT CHILI PAPER 2010 VOL. 58

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[PIC][MAG] Keun Suk at I-Weekly Issue No. 653

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[PIC][MAG] Keun Suk at U-Weekly Issue No. 230

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