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[CRI-J][100429] Keun Suk’s Message : Babam…!!

Sukkie’s new message 29-04-2010

Title : Babam…!!

Ive got a brand new SUV…!!!

Eels ah ~~~thank you cri!!!

I love you all!

His reply:
I took cold medicine, a bit dizzy cri….bye bye cri……


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[FAN ACC] More from SG FM

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At about 5.50 p.m. the queue started moving into the Rock Auditorium.
The auditorium looks a bit like the one in you’re Beautiful, when Ko Mi-nam planned to reveal herself as a girl, but is saved by Kang Shin Woo and (a bit belatedly) Hwang Tae-kyung. But instead of 2 blocks of seats, there were 3 blocks of seats and 2 aisles. There was a stage up front, and three large white screens onstage. These were projector screens which would project Jang Keun Suk’s performance for the benefit of the fans in the seats further behind.
Around 6.20 p.m., the lights dimmed and everyone started shrieking.

A slideshow began on the 3 big white screens:
Then the screens went blank again… and nothing happened for about five minutes. Then they showed the same slide show. Then the screens went blank again.
Then another slide show appeared – and this time all the words were in Mandarin. Loosely translated to the best of my memory, roughly this is what it said:
“1. PLEASE DO NOT RECORD ANYTHING OR TAKE PHOTOGRAPHS. EELS SHOULD LOOK ONLY AT ZHANG XIAO-SHUAI” [“SHUAI” means totally gorgeous, handsome and cool. “XIAO-SHUAI” is an affectionate nickname the Taiwanese and Chinese have for him, like saying “Cute-chan!”]
I forgot the 3rd rule… or maybe the 2nd rule… sorry, my memory’s not very good and maybe I got the rules a bit wrong… but essentially I got the spirit, lah. If anyone can remember please correct me, thank you and sorry.
Anyway, they kept playing this slideshow about 2 more times. They just recycled the Beijing slideshow… but this is Singapore… and not all of us understand Mandarin… quite insensitive
Then the lights FINALLY went out in the auditorium, so the show could really begin. This skinny guy popped up on stage and announced: “Hi!!!” He was DJ Ken from FM 100.3 [he introduced himself later].
“Are you ready?” Shrieks, screams, squeals of joy from the fans.
DJ Ken: “Not loud enough… ARE YOU READY?!”
LOUDER shrieks from the fans.
DJ Ken: “That’s all, ah… must see my script, it says here the emcee gets to decide who will go home with him later… ARE YOU READY?!”
Long, loud, ear-splitting shrieks, screams – and someone brought a very loud whistle.
DJ Ken: “Is he hot?”
Fans: “Yes!”
DJ KEN: “Is he hot?”
Fans: “YES!!!”
DJ KEN: “Am I hot?”
Fans: “Yes.”
DJ Ken: “Wah, can also lie… haha. Afterwards, when he’s here, if he’s inside you, I mean outside… haha, my English not very good.. ” Then he spoke in Mandarin: “Usually I speak Mandarin, can I speak in Mandarin?”
Fans: “Yes!”
DJ Ken (in Mandarin): “Okay! I can speak in Mandarin!”
Someone in the audience must have protested and I agree, because there are people from different countries and not everyone understands Mandarin. Besides, Singapore is multi-racial and there were fans from different races in the audience! I’m Chinese, but hey, we have people who don’t understand Mandarin so it’s not fair to them!
DJ Ken: “Who says I cannot speak in Mandarin?”
Some hands in the audience (including mine) shot up.
DJ Ken: “Okay…”
He then went on to say other things, but I forgot what. At some point in time –
DJ Ken: “Okay, who’s from Indonesia?”
Some faint screams and shrieks from scattered pockets.
The Thai fans screamed even more loudly than the Indonesian fans – looks like there were more Thai fans
The screams and shrieks this time came from the front seats – the priority seats. After all, at least 20 fans from Korea were there!!! They really yelled and cheered very loudly!!
DJ Ken: “Waa, the Korean fans’ voices… okay, Singapore!”
Screams rocked the auditorium.
After that, DJ Ken played a little with the crowd, but some fans from China pointed out that he’d forgotten their country, so:
DJ Ken: “Okay, fans from China!”
Screams from a few fans.
DJ Ken: “Any other country… er, Taiwan?”
Cheers from a few fans in the crowd.
“…Hong Kong?”
Some more cheers.
Some people laughed, and some people cheered.
“… Germany?”
More cheers from the fans.
Now everyone was cheering.
“So we have a United Nations here! Haha! Okay, who are you here for today?”
“He could be here… look next to you… don’t be surprised if he’s next to you…”
At some point in time, I can’t remember exactly when, but a funny video was played on the projector screens. It was a video of Sukkie at Seoul’s Incheon Airport, a bunch of fans behind him (were these the Korean Cri-J fans who later came to Singapore for this fan meeting?). It showed Sukkie arriving at Incheon Airport, then going through Incheon Airport. Then after that, it showed a cartoon map of Asia. There was a little aeroplane with Sukkie’s big head on it and the little aeroplane “travelled” across the map from South Korea to Singapore! Then the video showed Sukkie at Singapore’s Changi Airport! He was waving to fans, very close to fans and smiling at them at the airport, regardless of the security officers.
Cue music. Cue strobe lights. Cue spotlights going all over the auditorium.
Cue slideshow on the projector screens:
Fans were on their feet, clapping, screaming and turning their heads like crazy, trying to following the different spotlights that went in totally different directions!
Then there were shrieks.
From the left side of the auditorium, from one exit, out came someone dressed in a rabbit suit!!! (Like Bugs Bunny, grey ears and all!) Then more shrieks as someone else came out from a door at the back of the auditorium – someone dressed like a duck! Then even more shrieks as a THIRD person appeared, dressed in something like a bear/indescribable animal costume. Which one was Sukkie?!


The Duck, the Bugs-Bunny-like person, the bear/indescribable animal person, all carried baskets of candy. Since they were walking at the front of the stage, they threw the candy to the people in the priority seats. [For sharp-eyed people, the camera consistently focused on the person in the Bugs Bunny-like suit, so it was easy to guess…]
Then they all went up on stage. Bear/indescribable animal took off his head. Not Sukkie. Bugs Bunny turned to the Duck. Duck just stood there. Bugs Bunny whacked Duck on the beak. All the fans giggled. Duck meekly took off his head – okay, not Sukkie. Therefore—
Bugs Bunny-guy is Sukkie!!!!
Fans were screaming already. Bugs Bunny-guy pretended to take off the head – but only partway, just so you could see the smile and the chin!!! Then he put it back on again!!!!! It was Sukkie – he has such a distinctive smile and chin!!! And so characteristically mischievous of him!
Finally he took the head off and revealed his face – screaming and shrieking hit a crescendo. Sukkie was laughing, his grin stretched to its widest and his eyes sparkling with mirth. He waved to the fans, who screamed and cheered.
Sukkie had to be helped out of his suit and he wore a black top with rolled up sleeves (I remember one side looked sleeveless but the other side had a sleeve). He looked all sweaty and really hot. Hot as in he was perspiring and strands of his hair clung to his face. His first hairstyle was the one where it’s parted on the left, and he has to keep pushing back the hair on his right so that it won’t keep falling into his face. He has the rest of his hair tied up in a little knot at the back of his head.
Anyway, Sukkie didn’t speak at first. He just grinned and waved. Then he went to this little table that had been set up on stage. It had about 3 large grey trays on it and some electronic equipment which was made of metal, strangely-shaped and had wires sticking out of it all over.
Then Sukkie dipped his hands into the 3 large grey trays one by one – guess what? He started taking out his bracelets, his rings, and putting them on his fingers and wrists!!! That means he had to take them off when he was in the Bugs Bunny-like costume!
Then he put on his portable microphone – the one where you have a little box clipped to the back of your pants and the hands-free mini-microphone that’s attached to your shirt in front.
Sukkie waved to the (still) screaming fans: “HI, SINGAPORE!!! IT’S SHOWTIME!!!!”
Then suddenly music began to play as he bent over the electronic equipment – so he was spinning music for fans, like a disc jockey (DJ)! He spun several different beats and rhythms together – it was like being in a club, only without the dancing. The music, the beats, the rhythms, the lights – it would have been great if all the fans could have danced to it! (Not just wiggled a bit to the beat…)
Sukkie spun the music for about 6 minutes, I think. Then he stopped. The flashing disco lights disappeared; the stage lights went on. All the fans sat down. There were 3 people on stage, perched on seats – DJ Ken, Sukkie and a female interpreter.
Handshake between Sukkie and Ken.
DJ Ken: “Hi! Welcome to Singapore!”
Sukkie smiles, waves: “Hi, Singapore…”
DJ Ken: “Many fans here…”
Sukkie: “Amazing!”
DJ Ken: “So this is your first time in Singapore?”
Sukkie: “Yes. At the airport… fans were there…to welcome… wow…”
DJ Ken: “So you didn’t know you were popular?”
Sukkie: “No…”
DJ Ken: “You DIDN’T know you were POPULAR?” [No need to shout, DJ Ken…]
Sukkie: “…no, because… first time this year… in Asia…Taiwan, Beijing… how does so many people know, about me…”
DJ Ken (to fans): “You all watch the You’re Beautiful show right?”
Fans: “Yes!”
DJ Ken (wagging a finger): “You all download!!! But must go and watch You’re Beautiful showing on Starhub starting May 19!”
Fans: “Yes!”
DJ Ken: “Internet.”
Sukkie: “Oh, Internet!”
DJ Ken: “People know from the Internet!”
Sukkie: “Oh!”
DJ Ken: “So, A.N. JELL, are you close to the members?”
Sukkie: “Yes, we’re friendly. Ah, Yong Hwa –“
Fans in the audience screamed and squealed.
Sukkie: “He’s busy, in Korea, with music. And Hong-gi –“
More screams in the audience.
Sukkie: “He’s in Japan. Hong-gi, he likes me. He always calls me ‘Hyung, hyung’ and asks me to give him alcohol. So I bring him alcohol. Alcohol.”
[I think for Sukkie, it’s a guy thing to enjoy alcohol. Like clubbing. He’s young and lives life to the fullest, so alcohol and clubbing are 2 very cool, very guy things to enjoy in Korea, maybe?]
DJ Ken: “Oooooooh. Any more dark secrets?”
Sukkie: “Oh. Oh. A.N. JELL, Hong-gi is no-good dancing. So we have to change places, like, the band.”
DJ Ken: “Hong-gi is no good at dancing!”
Sukkie: “Yes. He’s not good dancing.”
DJ Ken: “You’re better than him?”
Sukkie: “Of course!” Sukkie proceeds to wiggle his body – while seated – in a few hot dance moves.
DJ Ken: “So what did you do after this show?”
Sukkie: “Well, I stay home, read book…”
DJ Ken: “You like to swim?” To fans: “When he came here, Thursday, he went to his hotel midnight until 3, he swam in the hotel pool!” To Sukkie: “You like swimming?”
Sukkie: “Yes. Swimming… I like…”
DJ Ken: “Ah, you have muscles on the arm!” [I think he meant that swimming gave Sukkie nice biceps…]
Sukkie laughs a little, and makes a muscle.
DJ Ken: “I know you’ve prepared a lot for this fan meeting to show fans.”
Sukkie: “Yes, I want to show fans everything about me. EVERYTHING!”
Fans cheered and screamed.
So it was time for Sukkie to go backstage to change. Before he left the stage, he blew a kiss to the fans: “I’ll be back!”
When Sukkie next came out on stage, he had done his hair differently, in the hairstyle that Ko Mi-nam likes on Hwang Tae-kyung. Fans, needless to say, were absolutely delighted.
Sukkie sang his song from Beethoven Virus. His voice, as always, was beautiful, rich and deep in tone (though it was a bit drowned out at points by the accompanying music). Fans who knew the words sang along – you could hear the faint echoes of their voices in the audience.
DJ Ken: “So you said you’re going to show us EVERYTHING.”
Sukkie: “Yes.”
DJ Ken: “EVERYTHING? Take off your shirt?”
Sukkie, catching on: “Uh.” Sukkie looks down his shirt. “Oh no, no, no. Not my body. Just… me. Everything about me.”
DJ Ken said something about Sukkie from the time since he was a child and told the fans they were going to see things from Sukkie’s childhood.
Cue slideshow!!!


This was a beautiful little slideshow-cum-video.
Then it went on to show photographs of him as a baby, on a cushion/small mattress of red-and-white checks. There were photographs of him over the years, as a toddler and then maybe 1 of him a bit older.
Then clips of him in “Hwang Jin Yi”, “Happy Life”, “Beethoven Virus”, “Hong Gil Dong”, “Itaewon Homicide” [where he said his English lines exquisitely], were shown. I remember the last scene was a particular scene in “Itaewon Homicide” when Sukkie says something in English and he has a particularly bad-boy, devilish… almost evil look on his face.
DJ Ken then asked Sukkie questions about his being an actor and his impressions of the dramas he was in.
[Embarrassingly enough, DJ Ken got the name “Hwang Jin Yi” wrong… he kept calling it “Hong Jin Yi” even though fans were hollering, “HWANG! HWANG Jin Yi”. Not funny. Also he got “Beethoven” wrong. Very not funny!!!]
Sukkie said that in Hwang Jin Yi, he was just 20 years old and he said there were a lot of sunbaes on the show and he actually learned a lot about acting from them. At this point he turned to the interpreter to ask what ‘sunbae’ was in English – the fans called out, “Seniors!”
“Ah, seniors,” said Sukkie agreeably.
Sukkie said that for “Beethoven’s Virus”, it was very hard. He had to keep waving his arms about, because he played someone who had to do conducting of an orchestra. His arms ached because of the filming. Very hard, Sukkie said.
DJ Ken asked about the last scene in the slideshow, the one where Sukkie in Itaewon Homicide has a particularly bad-boy, devilish… almost evil look on his face. DJ Ken: “Can you do that naughty look again?”
So Sukkie, very obligingly, actually said that line again, with the same expression on his face!
DJ Ken asked Sukkie whether he was naughty when he was a child.
Sukkie needed an interpreter before he could understand the question, but he answered that yes, when he was little, he was a bit naughty. He’d be making noise while the neighbours had their (afternoon) siesta.
Sukkie: “I’ll go: YAHYAHYAHYAHYAH!” He scrunched up his face really cutely and waved fists in a cute little-boy fashion.
Then, and this is really funny, Sukkie went: “SINGAPORE SINGAPORE SINGAPORE!” in exactly the same tone, and scrunched up his face cutely again and waved his fists.
At least that was what it looked like because I was sitting far behind…
DJ Ken also asked Sukkie to act something from You’re Beautiful. I couldn’t quite catch this, but at first Sukkie said this was a line from one of the earlier scenes with Ko Mi-nam: “Ko Mi-nam, etc. etc.” [Sorry, don’t know the line in Korean].
Then Sukkie told DJ Ken: “Okay, you are Ko Mi-nam.”
DJ Ken: “Me?”
Sukkie: “Just cry.”
DJ Ken: “Cry?!”
Sukkie: “Yes.”
So DJ Ken pretended to cry – I think this is the part when Ko Mi-nam finds out that her mother’s dead and she can no longer see her on this earth. I remember Ko Mi-nam then cried her heart out and Hwang Tae-kyung stumbled upon her.
(Ally_Li: Actually, this scene was the one where Hwang Tae-kyung says to Ko Mi-nam “I give you permission to like me”.)
Sukkie said the lines from that scene and then when DJ Ken went on crying, Sukkie told DJ Ken that, er, can stop crying…
I think the next part was when they brought out 3 small message boards. Each held a maximum of maybe 30 post-its. Apparently, before the show, some staff went round to get fans to write down questions they wanted to ask Sukkie. The staff then stuck the post-its on the message boards. It’s a good idea, BUT unfortunately due to the size of the message boards, obviously the vast majority of fans never got the chance to write down questions.
Now this part was a bit awkward and uncomfortable. I was quite surprised at some of the things, because I thought fans would write nice things. So note to everyone: next time at fan meetings, bring super-colourful ink and write super-nice messages!
When it began, Sukkie was still backstage. DJ Ken was on stage, looking at the post-its.
DJ Ken: “Questions for Jang Keun-suk. Eh, in Korean, I cannot understand… Jang Keun-suk, EH? This one for Hong-gi?!”
Later, Sukkie came out from backstage.
DJ Ken: “Which question?”
Sukkie: “The one with Hong-gi! The one with Hong-gi! I want to see!”
DJ Ken looked at it. “Er…”
Sukkie (reading it out) : “Tell Hong-gi he’s too fat! His pants are too… high?”
DJ Ken: “Tight.”
Sukkie: “Tight! Really? Okay, I will take it back to Korea and give him!” Sukkie then tucked it into the back pocket of his pants.
[I thought that message was a bit mean and not something you should write, even if it’s a joke.]
Sukkie then picked out a post-it at the top of a message board: “Will you marry me?”
The fans whooped.
DJ Ken: “Ooooh…”
Sukkie delivered the punchline, to much laughter: “But below, it says, haha, just kidding.”
DJ Ken: “A lot of messages in Korean. I can’t read.”
Sukkie picked a post-it. He read it out aloud in Korean, then paused, then turned to his interpreter. Then he continued reading it aloud in Korean.
Sukkie: “This says… in Taiwan, I was not on time. That I promised and didn’t keep…? Who wrote this? I want to understand this question. Who wrote this?” He was quite serious and anxious.
Murmurs amongst the fans. It was not a nice message. Translated, it was an accusation. Not good to have at a fan-meeting. Sukkie, why of all post-its…?Sukkie: “This part, in Korean, it means something wrong.”
More murmurs amongst the fans.
Sukkie , very firmly, and his face was stern and serious: “Okay. I am never not on time. Always on time. And Taiwan, I’m with Taiwan fans. Always with Taiwan fans.” He was intense, so intense… we had a glimpse of the part of Sukkie that doesn’t laugh. The serious, intense… I would say, deeply passionate side.
I can’t remember what happens next, but Sukkie went backstage again. He was going to prepare a special present. DJ Ken told fans to check their mobile phones. Apparently, before the show, a staff member had gone round to collect mobile phone numbers which fans wrote on star-shaped pieces of paper and dropped into a box. However, I can tell you this: the staff member collecting mobile phone numbers didn’t come to my section of the queue. So I suppose the last few hundred fans who queued from 4.15 p.m. onwards didn’t have a chance for this special present.
The special present was really special. Sukkie was backstage and they filmed him so that everything was shown on the projector screens.
Sukkie: “I’m thirsty.” Sukkie held up a can and shook it. “Any oolong tea?”
Sukkie went on about how Singapore was very hot, but where he was… air-con, he said. Cool, like air-con. Then he looked around: “Oolong tea! Thirsty!”
Then suddenly he laughed. “Look at him!”
The camera swooped to where Sukkie was pointing at and showed someone scrambling along the floor on hands and knees… somebody in a suit, but I couldn’t see his face. One of the Korean management staff, I think, but didn’t look like Sukkie’s manager. [sears: sukkie’s other manager not Mr. Kim]
Anyway, someone handed Sukkie a fresh can of oolong and he took a long draught from it, in exactly the same way I’ve seen Hwang Tae-kyung drink water in You’re Beautiful.
Then I realised that in You’re Beautiful, sometimes Hwang Tae-kyung’s actions are Sukkie’s real-life actions. It’s not all acting. That boy’s so cool that even when he’s drinking oolong tea from a can, his movements are beautiful, graceful and utterly stylish.
Sukkie pulled a first star-shaped paper from the box filled with mobile phone numbers. Someone handed him a phone and he tried to call the number.
Sukkie (looking into camera): “Oh. Wrong number.” He looked at the star-shaped paper and at the camera. “Sorry, Becky.”
Sukkie then pulled out another star-shaped piece of paper. He dialled the number, murmuring: “Phone… difficult use.” [He meant he was finding it a bit difficult using the mobile phone. Maybe it was Nokia, and he’s used to Korean brands which look, feel and operate differently from Nokia].
But this time the call went through!!!!
The fan was a girl of about average height, with sideswept hair parted on the left, and she couldn’t believe her luck!
DJ Ken: “Come on stage!”
There was a pretty embarrassing moment for the girl, ‘cause she actually went all the way behind the big backstage screen… when she was just supposed to be on stage. Anyway, the staff managed to haul her back and led her to a seat centre-stage…
… and on the big projector screen, Sukkie announced he had a special gift: a big, beautiful bouquet of flowers!
Our fan on stage was overcome with blushes.
Then A.N.JELL’s “PROMISE” blared out from the sound system. (DT: Ally_Li edited this out and change the song to Still.)
Sukkie popped out from backstage, singing “I WILL PROMISE YOU…” and the fans sang along loudly. He presented the bouquet to the blushing and delighted fan, knelt before her, singing – and finished off by hugging her. The first hug was a simple hug, the second hug – I think he nearly lifted her off the feet. It was like a burst of happiness. He’s really, really fond of his fans.
[You know, for a guy like him to be willing to open this part of his heart to his fans is really remarkable. So, as a fan, I’m going to love him back too, all the way!]


At some point in time, the projector screens showed a video of Sukkie, hunting for presents for fans. Sukkie said in the video that he wanted to find things that showed traditional Korea, and he was looking for special items. He hammed it up for the camera by posing with some items, including a traditional wood-carved fan that he fanned himself with (“Ah, cold, cold!”). On his way back from all that shopping, Sukkie took some Polaroid photographs of himself: “I’m going to sign it and put it in the presents!” [Why hasn’t Polaroid capitalised on A.N. JELL and get them to make commercials to advertise Polaroid?]

There were only three presents, so fans had to play a game to decide which lucky fans would get the presents.

DJ Ken: “How much do you know about Jang Keun Suk? It’s true or false. True, you make a circle. False, you cross your arms. If you’re wrong, you sit down. Everybody who wants the presents, stand up!!! If you don’t want you can sit down!!!”

There were a lot of questions and we learned a bit more about Sukkie along the way.

He has an IQ of more than 130. He used to want to be a university professor, but then he went to school, and his dream changed to becoming an actor, he said. He was wearing vanilla-scented fragrance and he really loves the scent of vanilla. He has 2 laptops – one is Windows, and he plays games and uses Messenger (MSN?) on it. The other is an iMac which he uses to make videos (he said, for filming, movies). He personally made the video shown at the start of the Singapore fan meeting; you know, the one where it shows him arriving in Singapore’s Changi Airport and all the fans welcoming him. He really likes Hainanese chicken rice.

Sukkie: “Hainanese chicken rice… very good, very good.”

At the end, 4 people were left standing. So Sukkie decided they’d play a game of rock-paper-scissors and the first 3 to beat him would get the 3 presents. He was sorry, but the 4th person wouldn’t get anything.

When Sukkie brought out the 3 presents, he asked the 3 girls who won the game to decide who would get the biggest present. None of them said anything, so he gave the biggest present to the girl standing nearest him, because she was the tallest, he said. Then he gave the next biggest present to the second tallest girl. For the last girl, he gave her the smallest present and a big hug to make up for her getting the smallest present!

I think that when Sukkie next came out, it was very, very cool. He was just one person, but he was completely in performance mode – he’s a brilliant dancer, and came out showcasing some of the coolest, slickest, tightest moves ever. I don’t know the name of the song that he performed, and I’m sorry, but I was quite blown away by him. He wore a dressy white shirt, with black motif of some sort – a black scarf/tie/other accessory and black pants. He exuded sensuality, generated a whole lot of heat, displayed unbelievable amounts of energy and the quality of his performance was consistently excellent throughout.

The fans adored his performance, and when Sukkie went down into the front rows as part of his performance, he then brought back with him on stage, a lady who looked to be about sixty or so years of age. She’s Korean, I think, and he danced and shimmied with her. She was very game, dancing gracefully behind him and with him, and giggling when he made some particularly sexy, really slick dance moves.

One of the breaks between items was pretty long because Sukkie was preparing for the next item. Fans were shown video clips of him practising dance moves, and the video clips froze in certain frames, and the sounds didn’t seem to match the action at some parts. Anyway, fans were also shown video clips of his performances where he sang for fans, I think. The clips included him singing a cover of 2PM’s Heartbeat. He’s fabulous, a born entertainer if there was one!

It was great, except that the videos kept freezing in some frames, so fans were left hanging for a few seconds now and then until the videos moved again. It happened quite a few times throughout the entire fan meeting. Technical system acting up…

After the particularly bad bout of technical glitches, Sukkie apologised to fans for the glitches. You could tell he felt really very bad about it. Fans’ response, of course, was: “It’s okay! Never mind!”

Sukkie, looking straight at the central portion of the auditorium where the technical equipment and video cameras were, said with a merry laugh and glittering eyes: “Producer, I’ll kill you.” [Or maybe he said, I want to kill you…]

I think our boy’s a bit of a perfectionist. He wants to give his very best and he also wants his fans to have the very best. He understands that technical glitches happen, but then again, he really does not want to settle for second-best. I guess he would have gone to the technical people after the show to asked what happened and to ensure that it won’t happen again.

I remember Sukkie sang “GOOD BYE” from the You’re Beautiful soundtrack… hearing his voice, live, brought tears to my eyes. I didn’t understand a single word of the song, but the emotions that came through, of farewell, and pain… Hearing him sing it live wrung my heartstrings. There’s nothing like hearing him sing in person, that glorious sweep of his voice… it’s just, WOW. I’d pay just to hear him sing, live. More fan-meetings, please!

Sukkie bowed really deeply at the end, and thanked the fans. He spread his arms, wide, as he bowed, so it was really the end of the fan-meeting.

Following that, though, we had two encores. One started up by the fans, and I think in answer, he came out and sang “PROMISE”, the full version. Hope my memory serves me right here!

I distinctly remember the cheers and the whoops of joy and the screams that sounded when we heard the familiar beginning guitar chords of the music! The audience was singing along and Sukkie delightedly held out his mike now and then to the audience just so he could hear them sing and hear their voices resound through the auditorium. He even went amongst the front rows, skipping from the left side to the central, to the right-hand side – shielded by some overzealous security who to a certain extent stopped him from having closer contact with the fans. Sukkie can rap, by the way. He did pretty well on the rap part of this song, although I could also hear that Jung Yong Hwa’s rapping had been left in the music. Sukkie rapped over it and did it really well.

Well, since fans thought there was only one encore, people started getting up to leave after “PROMISE”… and then DJ Ken called out to fans, to ask whether they wanted Sukkie back on stage! Of course we all did! DJ Ken had to say: “Eh, tell them [those people going out the exits] to come back! Come back!”

The final song was “As Ever/Still” – more shrieks of joy as the music began! Sukkie was pretty funny and he was just happily weaving his way around the front rows and back on stage, grinning broadly as he sang. At one point, during the bridge of the song (I think) he grabbed hold of this chap – was it his manager? – Sukkie then flung an arm around the chap to stop him from escaping, I bet! Sukkie then cheerfully poked the mike into the man’s face to get him to sing the rest of the song! Poor man was quite red in the face and faltered, unable to sing the lyrics –and Sukkie just burst into laughter. He laughed and laughed! Then Sukkie did it again, and this poor man was still not quite able to find his voice. Sukkie really likes teasing the chap!


Sorry, my memory’s not the greatest so I probably mixed up some details. My apologies!

Some other memories I have, but can’t remember which part of the fan-meeting it happened. Hope my memory’s accurate here:-
1. Sukkie said, quite a few times about Singapore, that it was hot. Also that he heard there was shopping, a lot of shopping malls and there were all these brands.
DJ Ken: “You must go to Orchard Road!”
Sukkie: “Orchard Road?”
DJ Ken: “Yes, it’s most famous for shopping! And the shopping mall you must really go to is ION! ION Orchard!”
DJ Ken: “You should go shopping at ION tomorrow! Sunday! 3 p.m.! 4th floor!”He turned to fans. “So now you all know where to find him tomorrow…”
2. Sukkie said he’ll definitely come back again to Singapore, on vacation. DJ Ken said, okay, he’ll take Sukkie to eat seafood.
Sukkie: “Okay.”
DJ Ken: “And shopping!”
Sukkie: “Now you’re talking!”
3. Sukkie said that they’re planning to hold the next fan-meeting in Hong Kong.
4. A fan got to go on stage to verify that Sukkie was really wearing vanilla-scented fragrance.
DJ Ken: “Which part can she smell?”
Sukkie (cheerfully): “Oh, any part!”
Yes, he did say that! The fan wisely chose the spot near his collarbone – that part where the neck meets the shoulder. Yes, she leaned in close and sniffed.
DJ Ken: “So is it really vanilla?”
Blushing, giggling, nodding fan: “Ye-es…”
DJ Ken: “He wears vanilla!”
5. Sukkie said that he’d be in the Korean film “You’re My Pet” next. He had to lose weight for it, another 3 kg more, he said woefully. His waist is currently 27 inches.
DJ Ken: “I’m 26.9~!”
Sukkie: “You’re too skinny!”
6. There were various other video clips shown during the fan meeting.
One was a video clip where Sukkie is in a studio recording a song. Just before he records it, he is show sitting in the office of the recording studio, going through the song with someone else. Sukkie explained to the camera that he’s been appointed as an ambassador to promote Seoul… I think that’s why he’s there, to record the song.
Another video clip shows the backstage footage of him at one of his (many) photograph shoots, for magazines and stuff, I guess. He’s excellent at posing, turning up the cute factor at times, the cool factor at times, the sexy factor, etc. In this clip I remember, at the end of the fashion shoot, he was wearing this black shirt that kept sliding off one shoulder.
Sukkie: “I’m really sexy and this is the sexy side of me that I’m showing…”
He then proceeded to totally shrug off the shirt so that the whole shirt slid all the way off his shoulders – and out of sight! About as close as you can get to Sukkie stripping… although the camera only managed to capture his shoulders and part of his back.

7. Sukkie said he’s leaving today. He doesn’t want to leave, but he has to go back for the show “You’re My Pet” [or whatever the right name is]. There’s just one Korean Air flight out of Singapore today… at 9.30 p.m….

Some personal thoughts about him:
After seeing him perform in person, I think he’s a genius.
A genius in singing, dancing, acting and hosting.
He’s so all-rounded and such a talented and charismatic artiste, and at such a tender age. I have never seen anyone like him.
He’s a live wire, a never-ending display of fireworks, a one-person supernova.
There’s a brightness about him, something that blazes with astonishing brilliance. He lives life to the fullest and enjoys it as much as he can.
I have to say… I am totally amazed.

One last thing: Sukkie said that he would always remember the Singapore fan-meeting. That even when he goes back to Korea, he’ll remember and think of the fans here, at that fan meeting … that he’ll keep them in his heart. So, he said, please don’t forget him. Please remember him.

Singapore Fan meeting

 Malaysian eels~ Actually still got many Malaysian eels coming but they are not in the main door, they already in the fans signing area waiting…sob sob

Please take out with full credit. Thanks
Picture from CRI-J Malaysia.

[CRI-J][100427] Keun Suk’s Message : Gift for winner2

Title : Gift for winner2

This photo is only for HeeMangUmma.

HeeMangUmma…. Jason…thanks you on behalf of hs media.

Jason….. lo….lo…………..likes you


Quiz to be continued next time..

psycho_j [2010-04-27 오전 6:28:50]

WaHaHaHaHaHa I”m bursting off laughing Uehahahahah

psycho_j [2010-04-27 오전 6:36:17]

(Sudden straight face)Ah just reminded, today I have to shoot CF..

psycho_j [2010-04-27 오전 6:39:44]

I have to go to the office at 9am.. have to take a sleep.. next quiz will be announced later. ㅋ BByecri~!~!

psycho_j [2010-04-27 오전 6:43:13]

byr cri to all of Asian JANG-ER~!~!


Fully translated by Muse

Please take out with full credit, thanks.

[CRI-J][100427] Keun Suk’s Message : Gift for winner

Title : Gift for winner

This photo is only for ThomasMom…
On the running machine.. I am…

imagining running to you ThomasMom..

ThomasMom….. You know how much I love ya?

Always Thank you~~~^^chuchu♡

ThomasMom..! Love you

to be continued for the secondary winner,,,


Fully translated by Muse
Please take out with full credit, thanks.

[CRI-J][100427] Keun Suk’s Message : Good-slept Suk

Title : Good-slept Suk


Well got back to Korea!

During the flight I couldn”t sleep, so I editted the clips and after coming back home, slept whole day long suk ㅋ

But the most important thing is… now is the time to sleep but I can”t sleep a wink cri.. 웩

* 웩 (wak) : the sound of vomitting.. ㅠㅠ but this time he expresses his feeling like this..
Anyway I came back safely!

Thanks to Singapore eels, I finished my performance without any accident and took a deep rest !

The performance producer was waving his hands after finishing the show ㅋ

In this schedule, I had my own time, did the shopping and saw the ocean

Felt a lot about Singapore Cri!

It was my first time visiting, but so much beautiful city it was.. most of all so clean.. weather was fantastic..

Definitely during my autograph session, I blamed the sky..ㅠㅠ

I and all of you eels came close to be swept out by the rain…(it spoiled Gunsama”s favorite shoes ㅋ)


I saw here and there, there are a lot of eels to wanna know  about what I thought at the beach..

To tell ya some…

At fist

While shopping I bought so much expensive thing out of accordance with me

I was calculating the exchange rate of Singapore dollar and payback taxes from the airport.. I bought it unawares to my mom..

How can I cook Chicken Rice.. (It”s extremely delicious. When U visit Singapore, be sure to eat it!)

And from time unknown.. Facing camera lens is more frequent rather than facing people”s eyes..

Agonizing.. what if I lose myself..

However thinking and thinking, the lens facing me

are the same as people”s eyes who wanna communicate with me after all?

I also have a horror of complicated things as like me ㅋ Enjoy first cri..

Ah and so much thank you eels for coming out to meet me at the airport

Actually there was no salad within an in-flight meal, so I had to go hungry

Thanks to your morning lunch-boxes, Stuffed food into my mouth!

Thank You Cri!

This Singapore tour made me so much happy cri…

But did some emperor shopping, I”m…. little bit…..afraid of…….. the day of receiving my credit card statement………..

Please pray for my safety..!

two days later, suv will come……………….Tada!

[2010-04-27 오전 4:14:24]
You have to eat Chicken Rice…

psycho_j [2010-04-27 오전 4:18:25]
who person knows about how to make a chicken rice?

psycho_j [2010-04-27 오전 4:20:21]
Maybe frying long grain rice with chicken stock not adding oil.. Terrific<

psycho_j [2010-04-27 오전 4:27:25]
Ah.. I wanna eat one more time.. In Singapore my lunch-box menu was Chicken Rice all the time.

psycho_j [2010-04-27 오전 4:29:54]
The next show time is Hong Kong~!

psycho_j [2010-04-27 오전 4:30:50]
By the way I bought a new camera.. Those baits are so massive, so warried about where should I upload them cri

psycho_j [2010-04-27 오전 4:34:42]
Anyway about 600 photo were taken for 4 days cri.. the problem is that those were taken by HulRangEe..

psycho_j [2010-04-27 오전 4:36:23]
First of all, 100 or so without upper clothes..
(* He was chatting with some Korean eels *)

psycho_j [2010-04-27 오전 5:00:20]
Then for american fans, let”s have FM in the Itaewon, gogocri!

psycho_j [2010-04-27 오전 5:01:44]
I will show you something cool….in ITAEWON!

* he was acting like Jason of Itaewon Homicidal case

psycho_j [2010-04-27 오전 5:03:14]
Korea Encore.. wanna do.. wanna do.. wanna do.. petition cri!

psycho_j [2010-04-27 오전 5:14:04]
FM in Zoo? what a good thing!! I wanna go!!!with ma elephant doll

psycho_j [2010-04-27 오전 5:20:02]
I like panda..and bamboo too kkkkk what do i talking about..kk..-_-

psycho_j [2010-04-27 오전 5:22:28]
Always all of your presents are delivered safely. Impossible to Certificate them.. overbound cri..ㅠㅠ

psycho_j [2010-04-27 오전 5:26:16]
I made a guess and it was correct.. ㅡㅡ happy birthday annie!!

psycho_j [2010-04-27 오전 5:27:07]
I and Gunsama are going to get a private English lesson.. I”m the loser of studying abroad at an early age.. sob sob..ㅠㅠ

psycho_j [2010-04-27 오전 5:29:23]
I can eat Low-fat Tuna sqeezing out oil.. can eat sashimi..  do you know how calorific the squid is cri?

* 회(sashimi) : slices of raw fish

psycho_j [2010-04-27 오전 5:31:35]
Tell me rather than 6 months.. almost 1 year.. Please cri.. ahhh… feel so tiny…

psycho_j [2010-04-27 오전 5:34:24]
Should I learn from Moon Mason”s dad… He told me that he”ll teach me continuously..

psycho_j [2010-04-27 오전 5:37:00]
Well I usually didn”t use English, really it is forgotten in my head.

psycho_j [2010-04-27 오전 5:38:01]
OK then I”ll give you some choices…

psycho_j [2010-04-27 오전 5:38:34]
No1. Making a English-speaking foreign girl friend and learning english from her

psycho_j [2010-04-27 오전 5:39:12]
No2. Going to Smell”s house for studying, and learning English and Japanese from her (little doubt)

* 스멜(Smell) : a Korean Eel who can speak English and Japanese maybe…

psycho_j [2010-04-27 오전 5:39:55]
No3. Just whip away to a foreign country(about a year)

psycho_j [2010-04-27 오전 5:40:55]
No.4 Keep concentrating on the next work as I usually do.

psycho_j [2010-04-27 오전 5:42:24]
No5. What the hack of English, just do the Encore FM of Asian Tour!!!

psycho_j [2010-04-27 오전 5:44:00]
Maybe No1 is the fasttest way?

psycho_j [2010-04-27 오전 5:46:25]
PuHaHahahaaaa limitation of words to learn.. crik..kkkkk

(* He was curious about how did we recognize him in Rabbit Suit.
At first time he should wear the Duck Suit but he didn”t like to wear tights, so instead of duck, he chose rabbit suit…*)

psycho_j [2010-04-27 오전 6:02:13]
I”m bored.. I”m gonna give you a quiz, and gonna give a gift to the one who answer it. Attension Please cri!

psycho_j [2010-04-27 오전 6:03:09]
I”m gonna give my gift to the first right answering one.. kkkk ah exciting

psycho_j [2010-04-27 오전 6:04:30]
Ah.. But.. I can”t think of a quiz. ㅡㅡ

psycho_j [2010-04-27 오전 6:06:08]
OK.. The name of Asia Tour Partnership company?????!!!!!

psycho_j [2010-04-27 오전 6:07:09]
Right.. This quiz is tooooo easy.. again agin..kkk

psycho_j [2010-04-27 오전 6:09:52]
Quiz. Where is the second place to be introduced by my clip of the Seoul UCC Contest?

psycho_j [2010-04-27 오전 6:11:26]
Ya~ Right. ChungGyeChon..

psycho_j [2010-04-27 오전 6:12:13]
ThomasMom wins!!

psycho_j [2010-04-27 오전 6:12:45]
Nop.. wait a minute.. he wrote ChungGaeChon.. Should I take it?

psycho_j [2010-04-27 오전 6:14:15]
What should I do… Right or not.. Majority vote!

psycho_j [2010-04-27 오전 6:14:59]
ChungGyeChon and ChungGaeChon are different.. Cause I”m an honorary ambassador of Seoul city.

psycho_j [2010-04-27 오전 6:16:47]
kk OK admit cri.. the gift will be uploaded to the next post..


Fully translated by Muse
Please take out with full credit, thanks.

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