[NEWS] Jang Keun-suk series presold to China for record high price

Jang Keun-suk series presold to China for record high price
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Upcoming Korean series “Mary Is Out of Night” starring Jang Keun-suk has been presold to China for a record high price for a drama, according to the show’s promoter Ytree Media.

On Wednesday, Ytree announced that Golden Luck 社, one of China’s largest distribution companies, have signed a contract for distribution rights of the new drama which is set to air on Korea’s public network KBS starting next month.

Golden Luck 社 has bought rights to Korean dramas before including KBS’ “My Precious You” and “My Fair Lady.”

“‘Mary Is Out of Night’ is just right for the young viewers in China with its cheerful and light romantic comedy storyline,” an official from Golden Luck was quoted as saying, adding that they have high hopes because of the show’s notable writers and cast.

The show had already been presold to Taiwan during the Taipei TV Festival in late September.

Based on the online comic by famed writer Won Soo-yeon, “Mary” revolves around a woman (played by Moon Geun-young) who makes realizations about love and herself while being in two fake marriages for 100 days to completely opposite men — Moo-kyul (played by Jang) and Jung-in (played by Kim Jae-wook).

“Mary” will premiere on November 8 after current Micky Yoochun starrer “SungKyunKwan Scandal” ends its run.

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[NEWS] Stars of “Minamishineyo” attend promo event in Taiwan

Stars of “Minamishineyo” attend promo event in Taiwan
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Korean actors Jang Keun-suk and Park Shin-hye held a promotional event for their drama “Minamishineyo” in Taiwan last week, according to the show’s PR manager Man Insight on Wednesday.

The two actors met with about 5,000 local fans to promote the hit SBS show for the event titled “A.N Show” on October 2.

Jang took the stage for his performance of “Fly Me to the Moon” and “I’m in Love” by Ra.D, while Park danced to Beyonce’s “Single Ladies” and sang “Lovely Day” from the soundtrack for “Minamishineyo” and the Chinese version of the tune “Little Sunshine.”

As a special performance, the two reenacted the last scene from the drama where Go Mi-nam, played by Park, turns up at Hwang Tae-kyung’s (played by Jang) concert.

“Minamishineyo,” about a girl who pretends to be a man to join the popular idol group A.N.JELL, made household names out of actor Jang and actress Park in Korea and throughout Asia.

It aired in Korea during the latter half of 2009 and maintained respectable viewership ratings in the 10-percent range against hit blockbuster series “IRIS.”

The show became a bigger success overseas, selling its publication rights to several broadcasters in Asia including China’s CCTV, Thailand’s BBTV, Philippines’’ GMA and Singapore’s MATV.

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[PIC] A.N Show (#4)

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[PIC] A.N Show (#3)

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Laura and Flora’s secret garden DAY 3 (ANJELL TW FM report)

Thank to the blogger : Laura and Flora’s secret garden
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Today JKS’s schedule should be TV variety shows.

If he end early, maybe he can have a day to tour Taiwan.

But I only know that he will go to Hua Shi(CTC)TV station for “綜藝大國民’ Super-King.

Cri-J eels were organized and orderly when the producers gave instructions. They lined up in 2 rows for JKS to walk pass.

In return, JKS’s charming smile is the gift.

He also went for “佼個朋友吧” variety show. After the filming, Mr Mickey Wang (the host) posted a message at his facebook.

HUANGMICKEY said that ot os a strike to interview JKS! Successful! Handsome and very cooperative! No wonder he is so popular!


Mickey Huang’s blog:


[綜藝大國民(should be on10/16)]


[佼個朋友吧 (should be 10/12)]


[timing schedule]


Waiting and waiting~ Hope that today JKS has a wonderful day!

Tomorrow then go to airport. If did’n manage to see him, is fine for me, at least I have a beginning and an ending for this journey~

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[PIC] A.N Show (#2)

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[FANACC] ANSHOW Report (Part II)

Laura and Flora’s secret garden DAY 2 (ANJELL TW FM report)

Thank to the blogger : Laura and Flora’s secret garden
Translated by SS Serene
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DAY 2 (ANJELL TW FM report)

Yesterday I heard of a tip: the driver will be there at Grand Formosa Regent Taipei around 1230pm.

All the drivers never expected that all the tips (the timing and the places) are fake. (JKS had 5 hrs to be his own personal time… hahaha!!!)

Haha. My energy only lasted for a day, only for yesterday!
Today I am very relax that I repair my glass, borrow Korean travel books, and walked to the National Taiwan University stadium.

Actually I want to follow yesterday’s route : Go to basement 1 carpark and take a lift to level 4.

But unexpected situation happened : Due to performance, all lifts will only move from B2 to level 3. (Level 3 – there are guards, of course no chance of entering)
Walking here and there… and finally I used the staircase and managed to go to Level 4.

But my goal is level 5 , to wait for the rehearsals!
Later I met a group of eels whose actions are so obvious that the guards discovered them. Of course the door at level 4 was locked after they are caught by them.
Hahaha~~~ Luckily that happened after I entered.
(Everyone should be a low profile and smart eel… Nearly caught by the guards too…)

I spent the rest of the time on planning my Korean itinerary.


AN.Show was extremely exciting~ although my seat location was not very good!
But at least see the facial features ~ ha ha ha!!! ~ Really … “handsome” …
Opening was they sang “Promise”~ ~ later were their individual performances.

JKS sang “I’m in love” ,”Fly me to the moon” and Lounge H ‘s song (original singer is by Big Brother)

PSH sang Beyonce Beyonce’s (I’m not familiar with this)(Serene – Single lady), Miho Nakashima’s song (I am also not familiar with)(Serene- Glamorous Days) and YAB “My Lovely Day”

Later is their duet : include “Without Words”, “What Should I do”, “Goodbye”

And also there are lucky fans who can re-acted the scene with JKS.. So envy~
(That scene is Huang Tae Kyung allowed Go Minam to be his fan, and later they hugged.)

7 lucky fans danced “Gee” with PSH.

To everyone’s pleasant surprise is they sang 2 Chinese songs : “Lovely Day” (chinese version) and ” Today you will marry me” by Jolin and David Tao.

Finally ~ “Promise” and “Still As Ever” as Encore … And also played with ANJELL’s big balloon…

I’m most moved by~ the MV made by all fans and the Sky lantern with “SUK HYE LOVE”~ All fans are diligently!!!
Ah!! I was weeping!!! (PSH was crying ~)

(In fact, according to the provisions, No photography. But I took some photos. Hee… Wishes that the DVD will be out soon!!! )

After the FM, I followed 2 vans to the place which was a tip given yesterday.

Bingo! Really is ” Mala Hotpot’ trip~

Is the most famous and has most privacy – Tai Ho Dien


Guards said that it will be uncomfortable for us to stand ouside while they are having their dinner!!!

So.. Bye and Enjoy… Psycho-j…


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