[CAPS] Keun Suk at Youngstreet radio

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[VID][100329] SBS Youngstreet radio – FULL VIDEO

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The quality is the same as the online video stream, no one will find a better one xD

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[VID][100329] Keunsuk at Heechul’s Youngstreet Radio

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[INFO][100329] SBS YoungStreet FM – Summary

It’s not really a transcript but here are some pointers of the radio broadcast just now. Sorry, it’s kind of messy and some parts are not very clear as I was just hearing the gist of it.

• I’m nt sure if its Geunsuk or Geunsuk’s fans, they got Heenim a cake and flowers for the first broadcast (:

• Heenim first tried to take a polaroid of Geunsuk but was like ‘how do you use this’ as he was aiming the camera at Geunsuk but not able to take a polaroid. [If I didn’t see wrongly, he did not on the camera =_=] Then Geunsuk used it first to take a pic of Heenim and then Heenim took one of Geunsuk as well (:

• Geunsuk was mentioning something about Heenim’s top because its kind of thin and thus his nipples were like sticking out (as usual -_-). Heenim kept covering his chest with his hands, lol.

• Geunsuk read out a fan message abt Heenim’s socks and Heenim raised his feet up high, lol. Couldn’t see which character socks he was wearing x_x

• They did a call out to Hongki who is currently in Japan and also another call out to Mithra Jin. Aww, that AB clan ❤

• Geunsuk tried a couple of times to use the video camera for bora to focus on Heenim’s chest, lolol.

• Dahae gave Heenim a Hello Kitty seat cushion and Heenim was like, what, is this a mask (puts on face) and doing weird actions as u can see from the caps here, lol. Then he used it to effectively cover his chest.

• Heenim told Dahae abt the chest issue and he was repeating after Dahae when she said the top is ’see-through’ in english. Dahae wanted to strike up an english conversation with Heenim, and lmao heenim with his YO MAN and all that

• They took pictures of Dahae placing a manwon note (i think so) into Heenim’s cat coin bank. [This cat coin bank is actually exactly the same one as the one we got for Heenim’s birthday last year but we won’t be able to know if it’s ours as I saw that he was carrying another of this cat at one of the concert overseas :/ Oh well, at least we know he likes that cat, lol.]

• Dahae’s english name is Cherry and Heenim was like, Oh, my nickname from fans used to be Kim Cherry as well because he likes red. Dahae explained something like when her mom was in Australia, that name came abt because it was simple and her mom saw it there or something then Heenim joked around and said something like, what if your mom saw a Kangaroo instead, LOLOL.

• Dahae jokingly picked english names for the two guys, Geunsuk = Michael, Heenim = Leo.

• Heenim took a polaroid of Dahae as well (:

• Heenim kept mimicking the scenes from Chuno & also kept calling them Korea’s prettiest lady (dahae) and most handsome flower boy (geunsuk). Btw, it was Dahae’s first time on a radio show

• A fan message came in and said how about having Dahae as the main lead of SJ’s 4th album’s title song. Heenim was like OK, then I’ll be the male lead.

• Another fan message came in that said ‘Honestly, Dahae unni, you hate Heenim’s hair right? right?’ and so Heenim kept asking Dahae on her opinions of his hairstyle. Dahae was like, I like it, you carried it well. She said something like she don’t really like long hair on guys but Geunsuk and Heenim carried it well so it’s good.

• Geunsuk’s part had already ended in the first hr but he stayed back and sat next to Heenim through the rest of the show, it was like as if it was Heenim and Geunsuk’s Youngstreet XD

• Heenim sort of kept holding onto Geunsuk when he was sitting next to him and Geunsuk then held his hand up to show to the camera that Heenim’s holding his hands again, LOL! ❤

Pointers by: Cinderella @ Sj-World.net
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[CAPS][100329] Keunsuk at Heechul’s Youngstreet Radio

42 caps Sukkie at Heechul’s Youngstreet Radio


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[GIF][100329] Keunsuk at Heechul’s Youngstreet Radio

soooo cute! (^^)

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[CAPS][100329] Keunsuk at Heechul’s Youngstreet Radio

Pictures during Sukkie at Heechul’s Youngstreet Radio :

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