[INFO] Mary Stayed out all Night Earphone sponsors

Mary Stayed out all Night Earphone sponsors

Cresyn Earphones and headphones, a global company will have a sponsor to Mary Stayed out all Night. The company said , “from 8 to 16 episodes it will be seen on Mary,”

Cresyn has recently introduced two kinds of new earphones Jewelry (Bijoux), one trillion (Shell), two kinds of headphones, a disk (Disc), A (Pastel)

In addition to the center of the drama piahton MS400 and according to the nature of the characters offers, new products emerged as the characteristics of plans.

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[NEWS][PIC] Jang Geun Suk rocker style sparks in Hongdae

Jang Geun Suk rocker style sparks in Hongdae

Actor Jang Geun Suk acts as a lead vocalist on his band , saw in Hongdae and he was totally transformed into a rocker guy.

KBSTV ‘Mary Stayed out all Night’ is abiut a fake marriage of girl with the handsome vocalist of the band played by Jang Geun Suk. On this day November 5 , Jang Geun Suk was seen filming on Streets of Hongdae.

From Head to toe , you can see that Jang geun Suk transformed into a charming vocalist while walking on the streets of Hongdae. And it catch the attention of many people who have seen him.

Jang geun Suk has usually have his own style , that catches attention.

Prior to the actual rocker, Jang Geun Suk conducted his fans an enthusiastic in taking the band live on stage has been introduced.

Mary stayed out all night will be broadcast on 8th of November .

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[PREVIEW] MSOAN : KBS TV series “Marry me, Mary”

[PREVIEW] KBS TV series “Marry me, Mary”


A couple walks along a tranquil residential area that sunrays are breaking into. The guy plays a guitar and the girl takes photographs. Then shortly after, this couple who could not possibly look any happier, run down a street while each holds the hands of a different man and woman. The four meet in the middle of the street and wave to each other, smiling. This one-minute 45-second teaser trailer of upcoming KBS TV series “Marry me, Mary,” revealed at its press conference on Wednesday, showed the relationships between the main characters and the atmosphere they will be surrounded by in the drama.

“Marry me, Mary,’ based on a comic of the same name by writer Won Soo-yeon, is a romantic comedy which shows how main female character Mary (Moon Geun-young), not at all ready to get married, becomes concerned about the realistic issues and love and marriage, in between two men. Mary, who has suddenly become a married woman because her father forced her into a contractual marriage with the young and wealthy Jungin (Kim Jae-wook), makes things worse by ending up in two marriages by taking a fake marriage photo with indie band vocalist Mugyul (Jang Keun-suk). And she must decide on one after being married to both for 100 days. With the appearance of Seojun (Kim Hyo-jin), Mugyul’s former girlfriend and also actress who has signed with Jungin, the four slowly start to get to know each other and love and envy.

The video clips revealed on the day of the press conference showed that the producers had put a lot of thought into materializing the sentimentality felt in romantic comic books onto the screen. The scenes shot on the streets of Hongik University, where Mugyul is based, contained the bright autumn sunlight captured by the camera to create delicate and soft images. The fact that joint producers Hong Suk-goo and Kim Young-kyun are both taking their first tries at mini-series has also seemed to have played a role in creating a ‘young’ picture.

Storywise, the drama’s greatest chance at doing well lays in how well it makes its viewers understand ‘double marriage’ which could be an unfamiliar matter to many. And unlike the original work which has ben published serially for over two years, the time limitation the show will have as a 16-part drama must be taken into consideration. That is why the producers said they loosely adopted the set-up from the original series and re-created the comic into a realistic drama. Writer In Eun-ah, in charge of the show’s script, explained that the characters and situations they are put in will be different and that she “attempted to create a fun and easy-to-watch story about marriage and families.” Hong Suk-koo, who asked the actors not to read the original comic since the story will be different, said “The characters are from the romantic comedy genre but about a realistic story.”

The bright imagery, the casting of Jang Keun-suk and Moon Geun-young, and a romantic comedy by Won Soo-yeon. The three factors may remind one of TV series “Full House” which was popular throughout Asia. And “Marry me, Mary,” being jointly produced with Japan’s ACC, has already been pre-sold to Taiwan and China at record high prices. KBS’ drama department director Lee Eung-jin did not fail to hide the quaint excitement he felt over the drama. “The top actors of the second Hallyu generation are stepping into the world. This will be an opportunity to show Korea’s cultural power.” But like Jang said, that he is “trying to make a good drama ahead of it being a Hallyu content,” it will be difficult to ascertain the success of a drama whose degree of completion has not been vouched. Director Hong Suk-koo who said, “I see myself when I was in my 20s overlap with the characters and actors in their 20s.” And writer In Eun-ah she will write the story “honestly” and “work hard at it.” Will the two be able to tell a ‘real’ story about the love and marriage of people in their 20s? “Marry me, Mary” premieres at 9:55 p.m. on November 8.

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[PIC] MSOAN : Behind The Scene

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[PIC] MSOAN : Another Set of Wedding Photos

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[NEWS] Moon Geun Young explains why people think she can knock back drinks

Moon Geun Young explains why people think she can knock back drinks


Remember when 2PM member Taecyeon made a surprising revelation that cute actress Moon Geun Young can drink alcohol well?

Another star confirmed Taecyeon’s statement as Jang Geun Suk (Moon Geun Young’s drama partner in “Mary Stayed Out All Night”) stated, “I thought Moon Geun Young would only eat Yoplait yogurt but I was surprised because she was very good at drinking alcohol.”

However, Moon Geun Young attempted to explain the misunderstanding, as she denied, “I am not good at drinking but I hold onto my consciousness through will. Because I have a habit of returning safely, I always try hard to stay awake during drinking so I think it makes the other individual believe that I am good at it.”

Meanwhile, Moon Geun Young who recently made a comeback to the big screen after 5 months, will play the main female lead in the drama “Mary Stayed Out All Night”. The highly anticipated show begins airing on November 8th, so be sure to catch the first episode!

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Jang Keun-suk says “Minamishineyo,” “Mary” completely different

In upcoming TV series “Marry me, Mary,” Jang Keun-suk may be reprising his role from his last drama “Minamishineyo” where he played the vocalist of a rock band but the actor says the two shows and his characters are anything but similar.

Jang made the remark at a press conference for his new drama held in Seoul on Wednesday, saying that the two shows are completely different; the former based on marriage for people in their 20s and the latter a music drama which shows the process of how an idol band grows.

In “Mary,” main female character Mary played by Moon Geun-young, makes realizations about love and herself while being in two fake marriages for 100 days to completely different men — Mugyul played by Jang and Jungin by model-actor Kim Jae-wook.

“Minamishineyo” was about a girl who pretends to be a man to join popular idol group A.N.JELL which is headed by Jang’s character Tae-kyung.

Jang stressed that the two have no similarities either and are “rather likely to be from different worlds, from opposite sides of the globe.”

“Tae-kyung is unlikely to exist in real life, being cartoon-like from his form of speech to his actions and he doesn’t open himself up to anyone,” Jang explained of the character who was a perfectionist and so much of a nut about cleanliness that he would not let anyone close to him physically, let alone his heart.

“But Mugyul is like a street cat. He’ll sleep anywhere, even outside if he gets drunk, and he’s free-spirited,” the actor said of his “Mary” character who he described as the type to ‘go for anything.’ “He’ll also easily date around but a month per girl would be his maximum. He won’t actually fall in love with anyone because he has been hurt.”

Jang then confessed he fell for the drama as soon as he laid eyes on the script in April and had to plead producers not to hand the script to anyone else.

The 20-part show is based on a comic of the same name by Won Soo-yeon, the original cartoonist for 2004 smash-hit drama “Full House” which starred Asian superstar Rain and actress Song Hye-kyo.

The actor was also all praises for his co-star Moon Geun-young, whom he said he was honored to work with and “clicked” with as soon as he saw her. The two are both 23 and have led similar career paths, debuting as child actors more than ten years ago.

“I yelled ‘hooray’ the moment I found out Moon was cast for the show. I was sure we’d be able to learn a lot from each other and make something that is more of our own, something I usually didn’t get to do since I’m usually the youngest one on set, and I also felt that she’d be someone I could really talk to,” Jang remarked excitedly.

He then said, “The funny thing is, I had thought up so many things to say to her for the first time we met but we actually felt awkward until we started drinking and finally both blurted to each other ‘I really wanted to work with you.'”

Moon agreed. “Of course I was mesmerized with the role I’d be playing but the fact that I knew Jang was cast in the show played a big part in my decision.”

“Mary,” targeted at viewers not just in Korea but around Asia, has been pre-sold to China and Taiwan at record high prices ahead of going on air November 8.

Jang however, did not see any particular significance in the drama as a Hallyu, or Korean Wave content. “It would be great for the show to become known throughout Asia but what’s more crucial is that it shows our culture the way it is in an honest yet fun way.”

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