[MAG] Magazine

Another magazine December 2010 issue

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[MAG] Chinese and Japanese Magazines

Another Chinese and Japanese magazines that featured wuri Keun Suk. It is for December 2010 and January 2011 respectively.
credit: 嫦曦OOOO

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[SCAN] Keun Suk at Easy Magazine issue October 2010

Easy Magazine issue October 2010

credit: 糖妞挚爱张根硕@baidu
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[SCAN] My COLOR Magazine

My COLOR Magazine

credit : momoko & lovesears blog

[MAG] Yes! Magazine

Yes! Magazine featured Jang Keun Suk’s fan meeting in Hong Kong

MORE Sukkie pictures at HK FM : HERE

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[MAG] Chinese Magazine June & July 2010 issue

JULY 2010 Issue

JUNE 2010 Issue


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[I don’t know the Title of the magazine since i can’t read chinese, will ask Guava to update the Title (^^)]

[MAG] Chinese Magazine

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[PIC][MAG] Chinese Magazines

Color Magazine

(I don’t know read Chinese words, so i don’t know the Magazine titles.. will ask Guava to update the title (^^))

Credits to : baidu & lovesears blogspot

[MAG] COLOR Mag April 10 (Chinese Mag)

Full credits to : APRCLUB @ tieba Baidu

[MAG] PLAY Mag April 10 (Chinese Mag)

Full credits to : APRCLUB @ tieba Baidu

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