[FANACC] ANSHOW Report (Part I)

Laura and Flora’s secret garden DAY 1 (ANJELL TW FM report)

Thank to the blogger : Laura and Flora’s secret garden
Translated by SS Serene
Credit: SS FB + raine210

Please do not repost without proper credit

DAY 1 (ANJELL TW FM report)

Last night it began to rain ~

Some eels who were waiting start to disppointed!


Once the sunshine is here, all e disppointment has gone.

Today is a day that I never seen before … Crazy Day!

This morning, all the way from the taxi to the Howard Plaza Hotel and then to the airport …

Fortunately, around 11:30 , I reached airport.

And thanks to the help of Winny ~ so I can experience the wonderful day!

Aircraft arrived in Taiwan around 2 minutes ahead of schedule and we waited about 15 minutes to see JKS~ ~

Honestly~ Seeing him in live really no words can describe his handsome.

Compared with the drama, video, photos,great difference.

How there is such a perfect body and face it? … It has a beautiful voice and talent!

Seeing him in live … he is really … very handsome !!!!! Even the perfect close-by One TV, himself in live is more handsome than those photos!!

(I recorded the video look bad ~ Better see those reports by the media)

Two media links:



Once KS is in the car~ we went straight to the van ~

(Ha ha ha … they are really strong!!)

In the Mercedes-Benz … I saw JKS … sleeping …

Poor thing! Korea is a hr ahead of Taiwan … I’m afraid that this young guy,who used to sleep late ,would have problem to adapt!

1st Stop: Grand Formosa Regent Taipei !….. Stay there till 2:30 pm ….. Later we rush to go for lunch…

(Okay … Because there is no time for eating … should be able to lose at least half a kilo!)

2nd Stop: to National Taiwan University stadium for rehearsals … We started to play in the underground car park …

JKS went to the 3rd floor for rehearsals…

We used the Goods lift to the 3rd floor with some fans. … But coz of too many people, we are found and stopped immediately!

After much thought ~we went down to the basement to take the lift to the 4th floor.

So we heard the LIVE scene … though not complete … but very satisfied!!!

Full content?? Unveiled tomorrow ~

6:30pm – dinner time ~ think will be the final stop!

Because of the full dress rehearsals and the time, we decided not to stay there for JKS.

Later, we found out that at the official website, he posted a message that he was doing facial and playing his DJ station.

Anyway …

This experience is very memorable although my body is aching there and there… ~


Hwaiting, JKS!!!

Looking forward to tomorrow night’s A. N. Show …


PS. Two cars of eels are cool, except the driver who is more crazy than us~!


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