[FANACC] ANSHOW Report (Part II)

Laura and Flora’s secret garden DAY 2 (ANJELL TW FM report)

Thank to the blogger : Laura and Flora’s secret garden
Translated by SS Serene
Credit: SS FB + raine210

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DAY 2 (ANJELL TW FM report)

Yesterday I heard of a tip: the driver will be there at Grand Formosa Regent Taipei around 1230pm.

All the drivers never expected that all the tips (the timing and the places) are fake. (JKS had 5 hrs to be his own personal time… hahaha!!!)

Haha. My energy only lasted for a day, only for yesterday!
Today I am very relax that I repair my glass, borrow Korean travel books, and walked to the National Taiwan University stadium.

Actually I want to follow yesterday’s route : Go to basement 1 carpark and take a lift to level 4.

But unexpected situation happened : Due to performance, all lifts will only move from B2 to level 3. (Level 3 – there are guards, of course no chance of entering)
Walking here and there… and finally I used the staircase and managed to go to Level 4.

But my goal is level 5 , to wait for the rehearsals!
Later I met a group of eels whose actions are so obvious that the guards discovered them. Of course the door at level 4 was locked after they are caught by them.
Hahaha~~~ Luckily that happened after I entered.
(Everyone should be a low profile and smart eel… Nearly caught by the guards too…)

I spent the rest of the time on planning my Korean itinerary.


AN.Show was extremely exciting~ although my seat location was not very good!
But at least see the facial features ~ ha ha ha!!! ~ Really … “handsome” …
Opening was they sang “Promise”~ ~ later were their individual performances.

JKS sang “I’m in love” ,”Fly me to the moon” and Lounge H ‘s song (original singer is by Big Brother)

PSH sang Beyonce Beyonce’s (I’m not familiar with this)(Serene – Single lady), Miho Nakashima’s song (I am also not familiar with)(Serene- Glamorous Days) and YAB “My Lovely Day”

Later is their duet : include “Without Words”, “What Should I do”, “Goodbye”

And also there are lucky fans who can re-acted the scene with JKS.. So envy~
(That scene is Huang Tae Kyung allowed Go Minam to be his fan, and later they hugged.)

7 lucky fans danced “Gee” with PSH.

To everyone’s pleasant surprise is they sang 2 Chinese songs : “Lovely Day” (chinese version) and ” Today you will marry me” by Jolin and David Tao.

Finally ~ “Promise” and “Still As Ever” as Encore … And also played with ANJELL’s big balloon…

I’m most moved by~ the MV made by all fans and the Sky lantern with “SUK HYE LOVE”~ All fans are diligently!!!
Ah!! I was weeping!!! (PSH was crying ~)

(In fact, according to the provisions, No photography. But I took some photos. Hee… Wishes that the DVD will be out soon!!! )

After the FM, I followed 2 vans to the place which was a tip given yesterday.

Bingo! Really is ” Mala Hotpot’ trip~

Is the most famous and has most privacy – Tai Ho Dien


Guards said that it will be uncomfortable for us to stand ouside while they are having their dinner!!!

So.. Bye and Enjoy… Psycho-j…


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