[JKS MSG][2010-05-30]The end of Tokyo

Title : The end of Tokyo

(pic1) Gunnie was about to pick up something on the bed in hotel.

(pic2) HeungRoZzang is staring at the camera, the other manager is carrying Keunsuk”s new backpack and his new metal suitcase(maybe for his laptop?) and about to pick up something on the table.

(pic3)Hullangee is holding a red wine glass and smiling weirdly.. ^^

(pic4) There are four people who are in the mirror.
Keunsuk is holding a camera with his eyes down to look at the camera screen,
HeungRoZzang is behind of Keunsuk”s left with smiling,
Gunnie is staring at the mirror on Keunsuk”s righthand side,
and a woman(maybe a coordinator) is between Keunsuk and Gunnie”s back.
Keunsuk is wearing the suit just the same as his media-meeting.

(pic5) Keunsuk is running out of his dressing room in a hurry,
and there are two women looking at him behind.
He is wearing a monkey costume without head mask, but his hair is curly.. so.. his back figure really looks like a monkey.. kkk..
And you know what.. the costume.. there is a long tail and his buttocks are red… hahahah~~

His message :

Osaka Come Come.

The last pic shows MonkeySuk who is running out for the toilet in a hurry , 2 minutes before my show. kk

All translate by Muse, please take out with full credit. Thanks.


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