[CRI-J][100510] Keun Suk’s Message : So called Chicken Rice is …

Title : So called Chicken Rice is …

After finishing my English class with Gunni bro, visited OFC, saw the responses to my post,
then came here again to explain kindly.

(Oh.. here! he call Gunsama “Gunni”!!!! at the Gunsama Video clip.. he was calling him “Gunni!!” kakaka)

So called Chicken Rice is… basically you need Chick broth, ginger, soy bean source, spice, Thai rice, chicken, etc.

* Thai rice = long grain rice, Annam rice

But unfortunately I couln”t eat it because there was not enough time to cook chicken broth.

(I just learned about this way from a Singaporean Janger who sent me the Receipe and ingredients)

A kind foreign janger gave me Thai rice with chicken rice pastes on it.

With just right amount of water, you only need to leave it to rice cooker.

Therefore that is not just Thai rice, but chicken rice with chicken rice paste (if you look closely, the color is not white!)

And.. as you know.. there is no chicken.. kk

Totally satisfied with Paste spice and Thai rice.. (To tell the truth, I prefer it due to the unique scent!)

Paprika is one of my few side dish.. (broccoli, cabbage, and so on)

I don”t need any beautiful thing, under the circumstance of wildly controlling my diet..

You know what I”m saying?

Anyway that chick rice is so much delicious.. I must not eat any more..

Smell comes out from rice cooker again and again… and definitely that rice is high in calories.

HuAh…trouble.. ㅠㅠ

Then BBye Cri k


Fully translated by Muse. Please take out with full credit. Thanks.


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  1. Annam
    May 11, 2010 @ 23:47:51


    You make me feel sureal … but nice


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