[INFO] Japan’s TBS “Jang Geun Suk series”

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Japan’s TBS “Jang Geun Suk series”

Fans are ready and excited to see Jang Keun Suk act again on new drama. Japanese television station TBS will be ready to launch a new special program of Korean STAR Jang Geun Suk.

JKS will have a flight on 26th to Hawaii. TBS started from July Japan’s Fuji TV broadcast drama You’re Beautiful ratings in its time which occupy the first place, so decided to rush to prepare special programs.

On 26th on this week, will be full with the film JKS in Hawaii aboard a small aircraft, motor activities such as surfing, of course, will also take some of the local characteristics of the screen. TBS related personnel, said, “will be ready to detonate in Japan, popular a program of JKS. I believe the ratings will be added next DVD sale and other industry has great influence, very worth the wait.”

On the past 6 months, JKS went in Taiwan, Beijing, Japan and Hong Kong to host Asian Tour has been fully demonstrated during the Korean STAR new ultra-high popularity. In Hong Kong because of the relationship between paparazzi and even act in convenience, in China’s assessment is “an actor can do this really amazing performances, the absolute value of the fare.”

In fact, JKS decided to star in a new drama this novemberthat will be brodcast is KBS2. Title ‘Mary stayed out all night’. Starring JKS, I believe that over 200 million in royalties can get it back.

After JKS goes back from Hawaii.,on September 5, his last FM in Seoul will be held in korea university. JKS Company ‘TREE J’ said: “we will be displayed JKS surprisingly never mentioned in public appearance.”

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