[INFO] More on Lounge H at Yokohama

Additional informations for Lounge H Yokohama for all.
Credit: Tomoko

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Jang Keun Suk Japan tour “AfterParty LoungeH” the procedure for application

We will invite 400 people chosen by lottery from the following event participants (complimentary tickets)。

Note: Only Frau members who have reserved in advance by PC or mobile phone is a subject of 400 people chosen by lottery.

12/Nov(Fri)   Fukuoka sunpalace
21/Nov (Sun)  Nitori Bunka Hall
26/Nov (Fri)  Kobe Portopia Hall
27/Nov(Sat)   Yokohama Pacifico

★ The procedure for application
One (1) person per event can apply 1 application.

1) Please apply your application by a reply-paid postcard. (Application terms: 6th of September 2010 to 30th of September 2010. An application must be postmarked by specified deadline.)

2) Please write the following addressee’ name and address of sending portion of the reply –paid post card.

Jang Keun Suk “AfterParty LoungeH” application entry
Frau International Co., Ltd
Kitahama Higashi Nomura Building 8th floor, 1-22 Kitahama Higashi,
Cyuou-ku, Osaka, Japan 540-0031
Tel 81(Japan)-6-4791-2400 Fax. 81(Japan)-4791-2403

3) Please write the following information the back of sending portion of the reply –paid post card.

・Your name(*It is acceptable the application by a companion but need to write representative together.)
・Reservation number
・Event name (ex. 27/Nov Yokohama event)

4) Please write the addressee’ name and address of reply portion of the reply – paid post card.

5) We will informed the winner of the lottery by the reply –paid post card early November .

* An application by the person herself or himself who is able to attend the party(All complimentary tickets are not transferable )
* Underage is not acceptable.
* 1 complimentary ticket per person is entitled.
* The lottery result is not provided in spite of any inquiry.
* Any changes of your application information may not be accepted after submission. If your event information do not matched with our information, your application will be void.

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