[CRI-J][100427] Keun Suk’s Message : Good-slept Suk

Title : Good-slept Suk


Well got back to Korea!

During the flight I couldn”t sleep, so I editted the clips and after coming back home, slept whole day long suk ㅋ

But the most important thing is… now is the time to sleep but I can”t sleep a wink cri.. 웩

* 웩 (wak) : the sound of vomitting.. ㅠㅠ but this time he expresses his feeling like this..
Anyway I came back safely!

Thanks to Singapore eels, I finished my performance without any accident and took a deep rest !

The performance producer was waving his hands after finishing the show ㅋ

In this schedule, I had my own time, did the shopping and saw the ocean

Felt a lot about Singapore Cri!

It was my first time visiting, but so much beautiful city it was.. most of all so clean.. weather was fantastic..

Definitely during my autograph session, I blamed the sky..ㅠㅠ

I and all of you eels came close to be swept out by the rain…(it spoiled Gunsama”s favorite shoes ㅋ)


I saw here and there, there are a lot of eels to wanna know  about what I thought at the beach..

To tell ya some…

At fist

While shopping I bought so much expensive thing out of accordance with me

I was calculating the exchange rate of Singapore dollar and payback taxes from the airport.. I bought it unawares to my mom..

How can I cook Chicken Rice.. (It”s extremely delicious. When U visit Singapore, be sure to eat it!)

And from time unknown.. Facing camera lens is more frequent rather than facing people”s eyes..

Agonizing.. what if I lose myself..

However thinking and thinking, the lens facing me

are the same as people”s eyes who wanna communicate with me after all?

I also have a horror of complicated things as like me ㅋ Enjoy first cri..

Ah and so much thank you eels for coming out to meet me at the airport

Actually there was no salad within an in-flight meal, so I had to go hungry

Thanks to your morning lunch-boxes, Stuffed food into my mouth!

Thank You Cri!

This Singapore tour made me so much happy cri…

But did some emperor shopping, I”m…. little bit…..afraid of…….. the day of receiving my credit card statement………..

Please pray for my safety..!

two days later, suv will come……………….Tada!

[2010-04-27 오전 4:14:24]
You have to eat Chicken Rice…

psycho_j [2010-04-27 오전 4:18:25]
who person knows about how to make a chicken rice?

psycho_j [2010-04-27 오전 4:20:21]
Maybe frying long grain rice with chicken stock not adding oil.. Terrific<

psycho_j [2010-04-27 오전 4:27:25]
Ah.. I wanna eat one more time.. In Singapore my lunch-box menu was Chicken Rice all the time.

psycho_j [2010-04-27 오전 4:29:54]
The next show time is Hong Kong~!

psycho_j [2010-04-27 오전 4:30:50]
By the way I bought a new camera.. Those baits are so massive, so warried about where should I upload them cri

psycho_j [2010-04-27 오전 4:34:42]
Anyway about 600 photo were taken for 4 days cri.. the problem is that those were taken by HulRangEe..

psycho_j [2010-04-27 오전 4:36:23]
First of all, 100 or so without upper clothes..
(* He was chatting with some Korean eels *)

psycho_j [2010-04-27 오전 5:00:20]
Then for american fans, let”s have FM in the Itaewon, gogocri!

psycho_j [2010-04-27 오전 5:01:44]
I will show you something cool….in ITAEWON!

* he was acting like Jason of Itaewon Homicidal case

psycho_j [2010-04-27 오전 5:03:14]
Korea Encore.. wanna do.. wanna do.. wanna do.. petition cri!

psycho_j [2010-04-27 오전 5:14:04]
FM in Zoo? what a good thing!! I wanna go!!!with ma elephant doll

psycho_j [2010-04-27 오전 5:20:02]
I like panda..and bamboo too kkkkk what do i talking about..kk..-_-

psycho_j [2010-04-27 오전 5:22:28]
Always all of your presents are delivered safely. Impossible to Certificate them.. overbound cri..ㅠㅠ

psycho_j [2010-04-27 오전 5:26:16]
I made a guess and it was correct.. ㅡㅡ happy birthday annie!!

psycho_j [2010-04-27 오전 5:27:07]
I and Gunsama are going to get a private English lesson.. I”m the loser of studying abroad at an early age.. sob sob..ㅠㅠ

psycho_j [2010-04-27 오전 5:29:23]
I can eat Low-fat Tuna sqeezing out oil.. can eat sashimi..  do you know how calorific the squid is cri?

* 회(sashimi) : slices of raw fish

psycho_j [2010-04-27 오전 5:31:35]
Tell me rather than 6 months.. almost 1 year.. Please cri.. ahhh… feel so tiny…

psycho_j [2010-04-27 오전 5:34:24]
Should I learn from Moon Mason”s dad… He told me that he”ll teach me continuously..

psycho_j [2010-04-27 오전 5:37:00]
Well I usually didn”t use English, really it is forgotten in my head.

psycho_j [2010-04-27 오전 5:38:01]
OK then I”ll give you some choices…

psycho_j [2010-04-27 오전 5:38:34]
No1. Making a English-speaking foreign girl friend and learning english from her

psycho_j [2010-04-27 오전 5:39:12]
No2. Going to Smell”s house for studying, and learning English and Japanese from her (little doubt)

* 스멜(Smell) : a Korean Eel who can speak English and Japanese maybe…

psycho_j [2010-04-27 오전 5:39:55]
No3. Just whip away to a foreign country(about a year)

psycho_j [2010-04-27 오전 5:40:55]
No.4 Keep concentrating on the next work as I usually do.

psycho_j [2010-04-27 오전 5:42:24]
No5. What the hack of English, just do the Encore FM of Asian Tour!!!

psycho_j [2010-04-27 오전 5:44:00]
Maybe No1 is the fasttest way?

psycho_j [2010-04-27 오전 5:46:25]
PuHaHahahaaaa limitation of words to learn.. crik..kkkkk

(* He was curious about how did we recognize him in Rabbit Suit.
At first time he should wear the Duck Suit but he didn”t like to wear tights, so instead of duck, he chose rabbit suit…*)

psycho_j [2010-04-27 오전 6:02:13]
I”m bored.. I”m gonna give you a quiz, and gonna give a gift to the one who answer it. Attension Please cri!

psycho_j [2010-04-27 오전 6:03:09]
I”m gonna give my gift to the first right answering one.. kkkk ah exciting

psycho_j [2010-04-27 오전 6:04:30]
Ah.. But.. I can”t think of a quiz. ㅡㅡ

psycho_j [2010-04-27 오전 6:06:08]
OK.. The name of Asia Tour Partnership company?????!!!!!

psycho_j [2010-04-27 오전 6:07:09]
Right.. This quiz is tooooo easy.. again agin..kkk

psycho_j [2010-04-27 오전 6:09:52]
Quiz. Where is the second place to be introduced by my clip of the Seoul UCC Contest?

psycho_j [2010-04-27 오전 6:11:26]
Ya~ Right. ChungGyeChon..

psycho_j [2010-04-27 오전 6:12:13]
ThomasMom wins!!

psycho_j [2010-04-27 오전 6:12:45]
Nop.. wait a minute.. he wrote ChungGaeChon.. Should I take it?

psycho_j [2010-04-27 오전 6:14:15]
What should I do… Right or not.. Majority vote!

psycho_j [2010-04-27 오전 6:14:59]
ChungGyeChon and ChungGaeChon are different.. Cause I”m an honorary ambassador of Seoul city.

psycho_j [2010-04-27 오전 6:16:47]
kk OK admit cri.. the gift will be uploaded to the next post..


Fully translated by Muse
Please take out with full credit, thanks.


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  1. bob
    Apr 28, 2010 @ 23:30:44

    geun suk is so QQQ…


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