[TRANS] O’live show

Translation for O’live show http://tieba.baidu.com/f?kz=716703225

Thank you to ploinkypink@soompi for the translations.


Host: How many times have we met? (*Host is a famous photographer)
JKS: We worked together for magazine photo shoots about 5 or 6 times?
Host: but I feel like we’ve collaborated for more than 100 times already! haha~
JKS: hahahahahaha…. we know each other very well
JKS: (points) This is the photo from our first photo shoot collaboration!
Host: You look very young then…
JKS: I’m not that old now… so of course I was a lot younger then! That was when I was 20 years old.
Host: what’s your first impression of me the photographer?
JKS: A very aggressive person… hahahahahahahha!

Host: You are already 24 years now (born in 1987). What’s your zodiac sign?
JKS: I’m a Rabbit…
Host: I don’t feel that you are like a Rabbit….hahaha
JKS: I feel more like a Snake
Host: hahahah…why a Snake?
JKS: the feeling of a soft pliable body, snakeskin prints etc…. I like~
Host: The photos from this morning’s shoot (showing Pink JKS photos on screen)…JKS exudes the vibes of a carnivorous man. Do you personally like to be a carnivorous man or a prettyboy?
JKS: i don’t really like the term “prettyboy” recently. you should ask if i’m like a carnivorous man or herbivorous man?
Host: haha… which type do you think you are?
JKS: I’m a herbivorous man in the day…. and carnivorous man at night!
Host: hahahahha…. then how about herbivorous woman? or canivorous woman?
JKS: Carnivorous woman?! hahaha
Host: JKS likes to tease photographer…. A basic requirement for carnivorous man is 6 pecs. So do you have 6 pecs?
JKS: (acts cool) I can easily train and have 6 pecs, but I don’t feel like doing it now. haha.
Host: The fact and myth about JKS’s height. JKS is actually 182cm tall!
JKS: The reaction of people who see me in real life is always: “Oh! You are really tall!” I’m not bothered about those rumours (about my height). (Says with a straight face) but I won’t give up wearing heeled shoes either.
JKS: Although I wear heeled shoes, I definitely don’t wear those height-increasing cushion inside my shoes.
Host: Hahahahahaha. An honest JKS is even more charming!
JKS: (Smile) (*the 2 seem to be sharing some private joke.)


Host: In the recent Celebrity Crush World Cup variety show, you picked Soo Ae as your ideal woman…
JKS: It was really hard to choose…
Host: What’s the reason you picked Soo Ae?
JKS: Because she belongs to the type of girl that I like…. very feminine, elegant and has poise. The type of girl who, when chatting with me alone, will listen to my views and what I have to say.
Host: Hope that JKS will find his ideal girl type soon… You are too young to understand but a grown woman like me…. (JKS looks at him with a “huh?” look) (Host lowers voice) has a lot of selfish desires…
JKS: (looks a bit shocked) hahaha. gave me a shock!
Host: hahahaha. Ok I will take away the phrase “like me” in my earlier sentence.
(*I think the host was trying to say that he fits JKS’s ideal type of woman.)


Host: Fact and myth no. 2 about JKS. Mature women like JKS~?
JKS: Actually I’ve never thought about this question at all.
Host: What I think is that… mature women like you because you have the enthusiasm of youth + a manly side….
JKS: I’ve never shown my manly side…. but I actually do have a manly side…
Host: For example…?
JKS: I mentioned it just now…. I’m a carnivorous man at night…
Host: hahahahahaha
JKS: For example, in the daytime I’m sitting here quietly like now, but at night I’ll be crawling here and there (JKS crawls over the host)…
Host: hahahahah… JKS is a man with many charms


Host: Which body part will you notice when you first see a girl?
JKS: The eyes. Especially the depth I feel when looking into the eyes…
Host: Then your ideal type should be me. I’m good….
JKS: *looked at host* *looked away* (pause) the more you say the more panicky I feel… hahaha
Host: Why do you notice the eyes?
JKS: I like girls who is individualistic with an unique charm…
Host: like your gaze in that photo (points at screen)…that’s the look that I the photographer also approve (photo of JKS in pink smeared lipstick and an intense look)
JKS: Yes I hope to have that look… I want to be that type of person

Host: What is JKS’s hot issue now?
JKS: Choosing my next project.
Host: Choosing good projects is something JKS is good at. Like Beethoven Virus, You’re Beautiful etc. I mistakenly thought your drama is called “You’re A Man!” hahahaha!
JKS: hahahahaha. Today is a laughing talkshow hahahaha. The title is really confusing. At first it’s “So you are a prettyboy” (*literal tranlation of YAB’s Korean title). Then some say it’s “Do you know it’s a prettyboy?”, “Is it a prettyboy?” and “Looks handsome!” etc. hahahaha.

Host: You got even more popular because of YAB.
JKS: I won the Netizen’s most popular award. It’s very meaningful to me especially at this time. I really wanted to win this because it’s voted by the public viewers.

Host: If you are not an actor what will you be?
JKS: Car salesman. I think my sales results will be very good! because I have good talking skills. maybe because I was a DJ, that helped. Also I interact with my friends and parents.
Host: I interact with my friends and family too! haha. ok you are suitable to be a car salesman. I can imagine!
JKS: You are a woman, you shouldn’t be like this!
JKS: It’s because I was a child star, so I have to be careful about what I say. I have to think before I speak.

Host: JKS’s dressing now is always matching and sensual. What do you look for in clothes?
JKS: Difficult question! Before any programme, the stylist will choose 8 to 10 outfits for me. I will look at how the fit is, the quality of fabric and how the clothes make me feel. Last time I like more complicated looks. Now I prefer simpler designs and do away with jewellery and accessories.
Host: Because I think you’ve grown up and are more mature…
JKS: I think so too. I feel like I’m slowly becoming an adult…
Host: Yes you are slowly getting older… hahahahahaha

Host: Another side of JKS. drawing eyeliner.
JKS: once during a photoshoot, I tried on eyeliner by chance. although eyeliner is usually used by women, it’s something new for guys and I quite like the look.
Host: You don’t care about how others look at you?
JKS: There’s nothing to be bothered about. I’m in a line where I should try different images and I like to experience different things and discover different styles for myself

Host: What is latest JKS’ trend?
JKS: I wish to be one who won’t be swayed by the latest trends. When people mentioned JKS I want them to think of all the different sides of me. I’m constantly searching for myself. I even think about how I will be like when I reach middle age…. my father has a big paunch now…
Host: So your father is different from the JKS now…
JKS: I want to maintain my look now…and people’s expectation of JKS.
JKS: I’m thinking of what to do for my next project. Everytime I choose a project I want to look for a role which suits me… my projects so far have one similarity… I read the script carefully from page one till the last page…

JKS: JKS’s expectation for 2010 is to be able to find himself more… If I climb too high too fast, I’ll be scared of falling. My hope for 2010… is health. Health is most important. Also I hope to meet more talented and outstanding people…
Host: Like me…
JKS: *looks at host* (laugh) Can’t stand you~
Host: hahahahahaha
JKS: O’Live TV!


Credit to : ploinkypink @ soompi

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