[NEWS] JKS Performs in Sapporo for Japanese Tour

Jang Keun-suk performs in Sapporo for Japanese tour

Hallyu star Jang Keun-suk performed in Sapporo over the weekend, the second stop on his fan tour in Japan.

A press release from Tree J. Company on Wednesday announced that Jang took the stage in front of some 3,000 fans at the Nitori Bunka Hall located in Sapporo on November 21 for his second show titled “JANG KEUN SUK JAPAN TOUR in Sapporo.”

The show featured various events such as Jang speaking to his fans about his work as well as him performing the song “Please, My BUS!” from the soundtrack of his latest drama KBS’ “Marry me, Mary.”

The 23-year-old singer also gave an encore performance of another track from soundtrack for “Marry me, Mary” titled “My Precious.”

“Right now I’m busy working on shooting the series and preparing things for the fan tour so I get the energy from the fans that come out to see me,” Jang was quoted as saying, adding that he hopes to do his best for the rest of the tour.

Jang made his debut in entertainment at the early age of five as a catalog model. He rose to super stardom in Korea and throughout Asia after starring in the SBS hit series “Minaminshineyo” as the eccentric lead singer of the idol group A.N.JELL.

He recently made his comeback to the small screen in “Marry me, Mary” as the Indie rocker Mugyul and will continue his fan tour at Kobe this Friday.

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[PIC] Sapparo FM

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Jang Keun Suk at Sapporo Airport bound for Korea

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[MOD] Happy New Year 2011

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I know today is January 5th 2011, and I hope it’s not to late to us wishing all of u HAPPY NEW YEAR 2011!! ^o^/
Wish all of you more happiness, success & a good health ^^ Lets spend this year with more n more wonderful moments! ^^

Sorry for the slow updating, so busy with works recently >.< I will try update as fast as I can ^^ and big thanks to sears & other eels friends, they never stop to helping me & sharing about sukkie to us ^^ Thank you sooo much! ^^

[MSOAN] Broadcast Schedule

#MMM broadcast time from Mary official site:
credit: kbs + ediepig

11/29(월)-6부 방송(11/29 ep6)
11/30(화)-7부방송(11/30 ep7)

12/6(월)-8부방송 (12/06 ep8)
12/7(화)-9부방송 (12/07 ep9)

12/13(월)-10부/11부 연속방송 (12/13 ep10 & 11)
12/14(화)-12부방송 (12/14 ep12)

12/20(월)-13부방송 (12/20 ep13)
12/21(화)-14부방송 (12/21 ep14)

12/27(월)-15부방송 (12/27 ep15)
12/28(화)-16부방송(최종회 예정)(12/28 final 16)

12월13일 월요일에 10부 11부가 연속 방송될 예정입니다
[On December 13 Monday expected to broadcast 2 episodes – 10 & 11]

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[MSOAN] Behind The Scene VIII

At Hongdae

Click HERE for the video

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[MSOAN] JKS & KHJ Take Part in OST 2

Kim Hyo Jin & Jang Geun Suk would take part in OST

Kang Mu Gyul (Jang Geun Suk) and Seo Joon (Kim Hyo Jin) to meet with the music as a breath of fantasy presented.

One year relationship, the ex lovers will participate in the production of the drama, music producer and Meet another complicated heart under, is expected to be making a music together.

Kim Hyo Jin (Seo Joon),and Jang Geun Suk(Kang Mu Gyul) will sang on Seo Joon own drama OST which Jang originally became involved in the topical songs. Performs with a rich sensibility forged an impressive scene of the back door of the staff.

Jang said ‘Seo Joon’s state of mind twice refused to meet with the line of work to Mu Gyul and was trying to express the bittered heart,”

Kim Hyo Jin added “Its been a long time to sang a song again, thanks to Jang Geun Suk he’s such a good friend.I was able to finish the shoot well”

Source: osen & mary fb

Promotional Bus for Marry Me, Mary paid by fans made headlines 🙂

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