[MSOAN] Preview : Episode 5

[staryu : will post the vid soon, can’t access YT now..sorry]

WRITTEN TRANSCRIPT of the video by ockoala

Seo Jun to Mu Gyul (after she sees the mittens) What is this? Do you have a woman already?

Mae Ri fixes Jung In’s tie, her dad speaks to Jung In: You two go to the country estate by yourself, the atmosphere is great. You need to strike the iron when its hot.

Mae Ri is all dressed up and walks with Jung In into a restaurant and is seen by her two friends.

Mu Gyul to Mae Ri: What are you doing these useless things for!

Seo Jun to Mu Gyul: As a whole, he’s a reasonable guy, not bad at all.

Mu Gyul plays a song with the lyrics: “He’s just a crybaby immigrant. A polite bastard….” and Mae Ri asks him if he’s jealous.

At dinner with Mae Ri, Jung In, and her friends, who ask Mae Ri: So the marriage situation is almost over? Mae Ri you are just like a princess now! You need to end the situation with the fake one and just marry him (Jung In) now!

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