[MSOAN] Knitting

Moon Geun Young’s ability in knitting turns out into a factory level”

Jang Geun Suk teased Moon Geun Young about the knit gloves
credit: nate + mary fb

Visited the set of Mary Stayed out all Night starring Moon Geun Young & Jang Geun Suk and had interviewed the 2 lead cast of the drama.

On the shooting , the atmosphere in the set turns out into sweet & laughter.

Especially when Moon play a tons of knitting. Moon Geun-Young, even after the end of the shooting did not put her hand on knitting.

Moon Geun Young was asked to the question, “This is a hand gloves. Mu Gyul is booming these things,” she said. Jang is located along the “knitting mill is the level two” and Jang said “If Moon Geun-young will continue to do that she will have a ‘wimaeri mills’ he teases,” he gave it to laugh.
“Who says anything about them should not be involved in knitting,” and “Miss Moon was moved to knitting,” he said.

The two couple is on one side to the floating gloves for a reason, “Jang received a glove from me and personally talk to each other, they are pretty.I’ve Been acting so far are similar to the process and then I share a lot of talk about Many things and it seem to be part of a natural right to enter, “she revealed his love for Jang who have the same age to her .

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[sears :The above article is not clearly translated. I myself have some difficulties understanding it.
I am wondering why there is no article about Kim Jae Wook and Moon Geun Young. After watching episode 4, I am now rooting for Director Jung-In but who knows it will change after episode 5 and 6. BOKU GA IRU…]


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