[MSOAN] The Battle

Moon Geun Young VS Kim Hyo Jin Fiercely Battle, who will Jang Geun Suk choose?

Moon Geun Young (Wi Mae Ri) and Kim Hyo Jin (Seo Joon) is in the middle of the charm of confrontation last nights episode of Mary Stayed Out All Night.
Moon Geun Young ; cute charm and Kim Hyo Jin’s mysterious charm had their first meeting.

Last Night, Seo Joon (Kim Hyo Jin) was at her photoshoot, when her manager say
bad things to MaeRi(Moon Geun Young) that makes Seo Joon misunderstood and threw Maeri’s
phone in the bathroom mirror.

Mae Ri tries to understand and tried to restore the relationship with her & Seo Joon.

Mae Ri’s free spirit, nurture friendships makes Mu Gyul likes her,

Moon Geun Young said, “Mary’ is a strong young woman that can not be shaken under any circumstances. Absurd, even when difficult family environment, was involved in a virtual marriage in her own way”

Kim Hyo Jin added , “Mary’ and ‘Seo Joon’ will strikes a lot more attention spent on the scene. In the development of the relationship between two people is going to be a big point, “

Who will Mu Gyul choose? Is it Mae Ri or Seo Joon?

source: newsen + geungeun page
reposted : lovesears blog


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