[MSOAN] JKS Talking About Mu Gyul

[Interview]Jang Geun Suk response on his role as Kang Mu Gyul

“Thanks for the positive reactions of my role as Kang Mu Gyul”

Jang Geun Suk plays as Kang Mu Gyul on a romantic comedy drama ‘Mary Stayed out all Night’ and 100% mortgages is none other than the secret ofunlimited affection towards his character .

Jang Geun Suk said on a telephone interview , “I saw Won Su Yeon writing there. i looked up and saw there positive reaction , and i really appreciate it.Prevent harm to postpone the end of the original i will do my best” .

“The original story is already over two snippy, but I saw the picture. Without regard to reality in the original drama i tried to stick to Kang Mu Gyul,”

He added,“To express a more positive results alive, we tried to shoot at Hongdae. I often go from shooting in Hongdae, and the band members and i had a lot of worries. Musical instruments, performances and seems to have done a lot of pre-visits, “

In addition, “currently being vicariously through Mu Gyul,people always say that I live to sing as Mu Gyul but distinct personality than anyone else is a firm commitment to a a free spirit. I want to live like Mu Gyul’s life” he confessed.


There are rumors about you and Moon Geun Young that you and her are like real lovers , don’t you worry about this? is there a possibility?

“I still dont know. Maybe because Moon Geun Young and I have a lots of commons, were the same age , were really close and rumors about us is equal to ease” he said

On the other hand Mary Stayed out all Night showed satisfaction about the casting of the actors especially Kang Mu Gyul .

“just seemed to be coming out alive from the paper,” Jang praised.

And also about his acting , he said

“Actors is like a perfect fit for the original image. Already captured the characters in the image of the fixed-state actors rarely seen this much I do not think the sink rate.”

“There are so many original and letting the folks who advocate opening the lid until you have a lot of concern include, but personal impressions looked very interesting,” he added.

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Source: kiki2022Newsen
Translated by: ilovekeunsuk
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