[MSOAN] Cute Mary

‘Mary’ Moon Geun Young’s ‘cute’ Puss in Boots expression

Seoul, Korea – Moon Geun Young, currently starring in the KBS 2TV Mon/Tue drama Mary is Out, has captured the hearts of men with her lovely expressions.

On the episode which aired on the 15th, Moon Geun Young used the same expression used by Puss in Boots from the movie Shrek, grabbing attention of viewers. Mary (Moon Geun Young), who has started her double married life, finds herself in a situation on the first day. With promises to meet Jeong In (Kim Jae Wook) in the morning and Kang Moo Kyul (Jang Geun Seok) in the afternoon, Mary fears that her father Wi Dae Han (Park Sang Myun) will find out.

Mary drew up a 100 day contract with Jeong In to pay off her father’s debts but only has a verbal agreement with indie band lead singer Moo Kyul, who she incidentally met in Hongdae. However, she pays 2 million won to Moo Kyul, asking him if she can move in with him by paying rent, because if the truth is revealed, she will have to get married to Jeong In.

The irritated Moo Kyul strongly rejects Mary’s offer. Moo Kyul remarks “First, it’s the wedding pictures, then using my name in a 100 day contract. Now you want to move in? That’s enough”. Then, Mary looks up from the money envelope she holds in front of her face and makes a desperate expression.

Seeing this pose, Moo Kyul remarks “Is that Puss in Boots from Shrek?”, laughing it off and then being serious, says “That’s not gonna work”, prompting laughter from viewers. Moon Geun Young’s expression was the highlight of the episode, as her experience making various expressions through working in CFs shined through.

Viewers who watched the show remarked with comments such as “Both Mary, with her Puss in boots expression and Moo Kyul, who rejects that, are very cute”, “Overall, the lines were simple but had impact”, “I want to carry around Moon Geun Young’s playful acting in my pocket”, and “The blingbling CG was unnecessary but the couple’s natural light is worth it”.

Meanwhile, the interest in the show was raised because Mary’s two husbands Jeong In and Moo Kyul met as a CEO of the management company and a musician. At the end of the episode, Jeong In brings home a drunk Moo Kyul and says “We can become great partners”, making it unclear to Mary as to whether they are a gay couple.

By Hwang In Hae (dlsp@tvreport.co.kr)
Source: TVReport (Original article in Korean)
Photo from TVReport DB
Translated by Timothy Nam / Korea.com

reposted :  Lovesears blog


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