[NEWS] Jang Keun-Suk set to Melt Hearts of fans in ‘Marry Me, Mary’

Jang Keun-Suk set to Melt Hearts of fans in ‘Marry Me, Mary’

Jang Keun-suk, who plays the male lead in the new KBS2 drama “Marry Me, Mary,” has gotten off to a good start by differentiating the new role from the previous role he played in the SBS drama “You’re Handsome.” The show began airing on November 8.

Jang’s character in “Marry Me, Mary,” Kang Mu-gyul, is a lead vocalist of an indie band who cares about nothing but himself and music. He played a similar role of a lead vocalist of an idol group named Hwang Tae-gyeong in “You’re Handsome.”

Mu-gyul is as passionate about music but otherwise unselfish and liberal, described as a “carefree bohemian.” He has a voice and smile soft enough to melt hearts of his fans and is so kind that he hugs every fan he meets. He is also funny and unpredictable as seen in some scenes where he, drunk, gives a bouquet of cabbage leaves to a girl and shows an obsession with hair treatment.

Viewers expressed satisfaction with Jang’s successful portrayal of the character. Some say that there are no traces of his previous character from “You’re Handsome” in Mu-gyul. Others say that the character is somewhat complex to portray but Jang delivered an impressive performance and that Jang enlivens the character, which is not that attractive in the original comic book the show is based on.

Jang described his character as a free-spirited artist who has little money but lives happily. He decided to take up the role because the subject matter about marriage was new to him and the character is quite different from previous characters he had played.

Source: KBS global + TV Report
Translation by: ladymoon29

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