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Why Online People warmed to ‘Mary’ despite low ratings?

This audience is going hunting the Moon Geun-young -Jang Geun Suk romantic comedy drama, ‘Mary stayed out all night’

Out of 10 dramas, according to research firm AGB Nielsen Media Korea, ‘Mary ‘ ranked 9th of the national audience totaled 8.0%

Before their first televised audience fell by 0.5% points from 8.5%.

While concurrent time line broadcast SBS ‘giant’ floating in the popularity of 29.7 percent.

MBC ‘reversal of the Queen’ as the 12.3 percent recorded its highest ratings.

‘Mary’ is about a ‘virtual marriage’ which was a unique material starring Moon & Jang who was celebrated before the advent of the broadcast.Most of the reaction after the broadcast viewers why the ratings is low.If so, ‘Mary’ is struggling in the ratings and why, why?

Elderly men and is the cause viewers.’Mary’- the age when viewing share of 30 women between 20 and 15%, 17%, the highest. Whereas men were 4% and 5% is nothing.50-60 Women’s share of 8% and 6% levels are reduced.

When disappointed, but still early.In Canada more than any other drama that has gained popularity.Broadcast immediately after the ‘Mary ‘ the various sites and one ranked real terms.Already, netizens loved the Jang Geun Suk Moon Geun Young couple.

‘Mary, stayed out all night” two ratings for a successful rally is what draws the attention.

source: sooah@frontiertimes.co.kr
translation: mary fb

reposted : lovesears blog


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