[MOD] Apologize

Dear all,

On behalf CRIJM staff, I’m apologize for our long silents & not updating the blog.
Currently we are superb busy with our office works. And I was away for previous 2 weeks coz of outstation.
I will try update CRIJM as soon as I can. Again, sorry for the inconvenience.

Thank you.

p/s : pardon me for my broken English >.<


6 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. ruby jean luyahan
    Dec 08, 2010 @ 13:54:03

    it is just ok…but just update the news regarding the yahoo buzz award…yes eels king sukkie won


  2. chez
    Dec 10, 2010 @ 16:53:36

    it’s ok..i just want to know how his japan tour went on..please update..


  3. azu
    Dec 13, 2010 @ 03:56:12

    join us at park-shin-hye.com … there’s also updated news bout JGS…yang penting ada malaysian juga..hehe


  4. Cik Nur
    Dec 23, 2010 @ 00:27:52

    hai..harap awak memahami bahasa yang saya tulis ni.

    saya sentiasa menantikan berita terbaru mengenai Jang Keun Suk dari website ini…

    paparkan gambar-gamabr terbaru beliau ya..!!

    Saya sentiasa menantikannya…



    • staryueels
      Dec 27, 2010 @ 10:41:46

      Hi ^-^

      Terima kasih kepada Nur nye komen ^-^
      Ok, kami akan cuba untuk update blog ini secepat mungkin ^-^v

      Terima kasih pada sokongan awak ^-^


  5. staryueels
    Dec 27, 2010 @ 10:39:30

    Hi guys ^-^
    Thank you for your lovely comments & positive support to us ^o^v
    Thank you so much, glad u guys so understanding ^-^

    We will work hard to update CRIJM blog ^-^
    Lets share everything about Sukkie in here ^-^


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