[INFO] MSOAN Shooting Updates

MSOAN Shooting Updates

credit: MSOAN FB


Shooting is finished. Kang Mu Gyeol wear black outfit. They have dinner few minutes ago and they will continue to shoot the scenes. Geun Young & Geun Suk were happily talking to each other.

Fans who went the shooting made some banner to support the cast. The band of Kang Mu Gyeol have 3 guitarist & 1 drummer… the songs are good to hear.

The acting of the eels looks nice, & JKS sang it was really good !!

The band’s name is “Wan Jeon Mu Gyeol”


Still there are lots of people in Hongdae ..^^ Because of the shooting..

From shiro401 + SSFB

During the break time, 장근석 wanted to talk to the fans, but the mic was off, so they couldn’t hear him. MGY and KHJ was in the center, filming. Then he appeared and sang. The song was very good. When all done, he said “you guys have been working hard”, showing his gratitude and appreciation to the fans.

JKS at Hongdae from Baidu

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