[INFO] Taiwan’s Be Friends

Detailed summary of Taiwan’s Be Friends.
Translated by siwonshii
Edited by: shiro401@soompi
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This one is just part 1 (there are 4 parts of the video, and so there will be 4 parts of this)

At the start of the show, the host, Mickey Huang, talked about how Keun Suk started out at a young age. He mentioned how YAB had made him popular across Asia, and he also said that it was Suk’s professionalism and his lively and humorous characters that gained him the media attention.

The interview was planned based on his character, preference, age and interest – so they chose the hip night club equipped with many facilities to mirror the many facets of Keun Suk.

Huang said he hadn’t watched kdrama for a long time – the last being autumn’s love story – but he made a point to watch YAB because he heard it’s very popular.

He heaped praises on Keun Suk, saying he’s handsome and very friendly. When asked whether he bought anything (from the convenience store) back to Korea the last time he came to Taiwan, Suk answered that he liked going to convenience stores and he mentioned oolong tea. He said he likes it a lot, that it was very nice to drink. Turned out Huang had done his homework and had prepared a carton for Suk, making Suk very happy that he opened it immediately because he wanted to try it. When he was asked why he liked it so much (because to the Taiwanese, the tea is for old people), Suk answered that drinking tea is better (than water) to help calming his mind and he likes the smell of tea.

In order to bring the carton home, Huang asked Suk to do something: peel the radish (in reference to YAB ep 5). Suk said, “So I just have to do this?” and laughed. He seriously was prepared to peel the radish then and there (with a peeler of course ^o^), and Huang said he was just joking. To this, Suk said he also liked radish and put the radish on top of his carton of tea. Huang made a remark saying Suk was really easy to get along with, and he wanted (to bring home) everything, then pretended to give him the bowling ball, making Suk laughed.

Huang: Many people knew you quite late (from YAB). But the fact was that you’ve been in showbiz much earlier. Please share with the Taiwan fans about the first time you entered the showbiz.

Suk: it was when I was 5 years old.

Huang: That’s an age when we still play with friends and to act like a spoilt brat to our parents, so why would you do that?

Suk: it wasn’t my idea to go on TV. My parents planned many chances for me. I liked to be in front of the camera, and I felt happy during the shooting, so it’s like my parents helped me to find my dream.

Then Huang took out his past photos, and they talked about the underwear ads (done when he was 12 yrs old).

Huang: Were you embarrassed then?

Suk: I tried to run away many times because I didn’t want to shoot the ads. I thought it was ads for sleepwear.

Huang: So would you shoot this kind of ads now?

Suk: I probably need 3 months to prepare for it (to train his body). But I would be fine doing it, if it’s for my movie or drama.

Huang said that a good actor would be like this (being agreeable to this) and asked him to sign the photo for him because it’s very precious.

Next are the nicer photos and Suk himself said that he’s more satisfied with them. Huang said Suk didn’t change much from childhood. Then they talked about the photo which was taken when he was shooting ORANGE, 6 months before he went abroad to study.

Huang: You’re very handsome now. A lot of gals must have liked you, maybe even guys too. Does it bother you to wear eyeliner? Do you wear one today?

Suk: A little bit.

Then they talked about Tae Kyung’s image in YAB, like why the eyeliners were so dark (it’s to fit the character).

When asked if he usually wore eyeliner, Suk said if there’s no shooting then he wouldn’t (thought last time he used to). Huang said the Taiwan guys can learn from him because after YAB, it did seem the eyeliner made guys more handsome. Suk commented that guys don’t use BB cream or eyeliner before, but it had since changed and more guys are putting on make-up.

Then Huang asked for more skincare tips and said Suk’s skin is really good.

Huang: how do you took care of it?

Suk: I drink often, go without sleep, and when I did get to sleep, I slept without removing my makeup.

Huang: how is that possible?!

Suk: I did just (drank, slept with makeup) after the celebration party last night.

Huang: Are you a good drinker.

Suk: I love to drink. In fact, I drank about 13 bottles last night. Fans gave me a very big bottle, and my staff and I finished it together.

Huang: I thought you drank it by yourself with a straw

Suk: *laughed*

Huang asked how he would behave when he’s drunk.

Suk: I would smile foolishly and get people to drink more.

Huang: Would you hug or kiss others when you’re drunk?

Suk: no.

Huang then pretended to have picture evidence, and Suk was shocked, saying, “eh, how is that possible?” Huang said he was just joking. Huang then added that he understood drinking is many people’s way of relieving stress (like Suk).

Then he asked what does Suk do at home when he’s not working on any drama or movie?

Suk: I love watching drama, movies, and reading. I wouldn’t stay idle.

Huang: Does your life is just like what’s shown on YAB? Everywhere you go there will be fans chasing after you, so it must have been hard to go to public places?

Suk: Yes. But I will try to do things I enjoy, while at the same time refrain from bringing inconvenience to others. My friends and I like to go to clubs.

And he talked about the car meeting (the recent one), saying he liked cars. Huang asked what kind, and Suk said he liked sports car. Huang joked, “how about excavator?” making Suk laughed.

–to be continued–

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