[INFO] Taiwan’s “Be Friends TV Show” article

Taiwan’s “Be Friends TV Show” article

dailytofu posted an article she got from baidu and Ad-dy graciously translated it for us – SS weng


Hope this helps…

Sukkie was in Taiwan for just 4 days but he created quite astir there. In his tight schedule, he went on ‘Let’s be friends’. The host came to know that Sukkie was full of complements for Taiwan’s oolong tea. He specially prepared 1 carton of oolong tea for Sukkie which surprised him in a happy way, and opened up the oolong tea and drink on the spot. At the end of the show, the workers were tidying up the site and happened to move the carton. Sukkie got worried and said ‘that’s mine’. : ) The host also played a game of bowling with Sukkie. Sukkie said that the bowling portion was what he had been looking forward to in this Taiwan trip. He played the game with continuous strike. People present were all impressed.

The 2nd paragraph talked about how he started out as a child actor and talked about the hardships in this line. He also said how he gave up everything as an actor when he was 15 years old and went to New Zealand to study. Then he talked about how life was not easy in New Zealand where he had to take care of himself and how he had to be thrifty by buying a sofa and used it as bed. Sukkie said he quite idolized Jay Chou and hope to belike the pianist that Jay Chou acted in his movie ‘不能说的秘密’. The host suggested to him though, that in Taiwan, you need to act as a baddie in the show to be famous. Sukkie immediately acted out ‘Annoying Orange’.

In the 3rd paragraph, Sukkie talked about the kind of girl he likes… big eyes, well-defined neckline and proportioned figure. The host then showed Sukkie pictures of 4 ladies (who are very popular in Taiwan among those guys who love to stay at home), Sukkie chose 李毓芬. Mischievous Sukkie even wanted to bring back the picture of 李毓芬 and let her be his Taiwan’s girlfriend. Following that, I think they showed him some pictures of girls dressed scantily (if I’m not wrong). Sukkie laughed saying that whenever he sees this kind of pictures, he will unintentionally looked at the side or bottom of the pictures. Then the ladies on set started to make noises of disapproval. Sukkie shouted shyly and rally the host and the production group to agree with him. That guys are all like that…

Lastly, he talked about his skin regime which is drink and not removing his make-up and fall asleep. He said that at the celebration after the Taiwan FM, some fansgave him a bottle of champagne which is taller than a man. He shared with his team and drank about 50 glasses himself. Sukkie said he will start smiling at people when he is drunk and kept asking people to bottom up. The host then asked him if he will go around kissing people. Sukkie laughed loudly and said ‘No such things’

credit: Ad-dy, dailytofu, shiro401@JKS soompi thread, SS FB & lovesears blog


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