[INFO] Moon Jung Hee joined ‘Mary Stayed Out All Night’

Moon Jung Hee joined ‘Mary Stayed Out All Night’
source : roytavan@twssg

Moon Jung-hee (34) has been casted as the show’s secondary female lead. She’ll be playing a femme fatale with a charming manner and zero tolerance for losing to other women – especially Mae Ri. She ends up having a significant effect on the romance of Mu-Kyul and Mae Ri. – [info from a Korean article. Translated by roytavan]

I find this casting news rather interesting. Not because of the character description – it seems like a cookie-cutter secondary female lead – but, because of who Moon Jung-hee is. Looking over her biography, she doesn’t seem like the secondary female type, it looks like she’s mostly played supporting roles or lead roles in (older)dramas.

I think this could be a bit weird, because our male lead and our female lead look much younger then they are, Moon Jung Hee looks like she could be their older sister or boss [sears: agree, she’s rather old]. I’m not sure if she is the true secondary girl or just someone who throws a wrench in things, but either way, I can’t comment on her acting, as I haven’t really seen her in anything major.

As previously announced Jang Geun Suk, Moon Geun Young and Kim Jae Wook are going to star in the “Mary Stayed out All Night”. Latest Moon Jung Hee joined on drama as the second female leder cast in this drama.

The drama is based on a manhwa written by Won Soo Yeon, who was also the writer behind the original manhwa for the Korean drama “Full House”. The drama centers on Mary (Moon GY), who decides to give up on dating when all of a sudden she finds herself entangled in a love triangle with an indie rocker (Jang GS) and a man who is the perfect type (Kim JW). The drama will be a joint production between KBS and Japan’s ACC Korea.

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