[PIC][FAN ACC] Jang Keun Suk’s Last Seoul FM (Part 2)

Big thanks to Shiro401 for sharing her fans report! ^-^

Shiros fan account : Jang Keun Suk’s last in Seoul FM (Part 2)

I might have gone only to three of his FMs, but I really sincerely think this Seoul one blew Singapore and Hong Kong out of the water. I heard there were about 2000 people there, but it felt so intimate somehow, and he really did show a little bit about his everything.

The FM started with a video of a guy wearing bathrobe watching a video. The video showed clips of FMs in Taiwan, Beijing, Singapore, Tokyo, Osaka and Hong Kong. Afterward the little plane with Sukkie’s head flew back to Seoul. The guy stood up, pulled open his bathrobe (he’s bare inside kkkkk), put on a black sweater, and turned off the video. And just at that moment, the screen parted in the middle and revealed a smiling Sukkie wearing exactly the same black sweater and jeans… Oh my!!:wub:
It’s all so familiar, you know, but I couldn’t put my hands on it. Not until I saw the torrents of pics that it clicked. He’s imitating Steve Job of Apple! The clothes, the lone notebook and seat on the stage… :lol:

But of course, with a personal touch of Sukkie’s own brand :lol:

He talked about his babyhood, childhood, teenage years and adult years with the slideshow of pics running behind him. *how I wish there’s an invention of language chip available already, so I could insert it somewhere and program my mind to instantly understand Korean… T-T *

Then his birthday party started. A Cri J officer brought in this very cute cake and a gift box. Sukkie laughed as he saw the cake topper: him carrying a beautiful white jangeo… :lol: He opened the gift and said “ooohhhh…” then pulled out a headphone. He put in on, then pulled out another box: a computer. He said his appreciation and thanks, and we sang him the song we had prepared from the OFC notice. Then the cake and present were taken backstage… after he ran after them because he still had the headphone on… :lol:

He said he also had a present for us, then he revealed a new website (www.cri-j.com) and put a demo for us… and no, it doesn’t replace his OFC.

In the right side of the new page, there’s a link to the OFC :D I think this new site is for the jangeo to interact instead of the messy freeboard? :P
Afterwards, there’s a clip running about interview with Team H. I understand nothing but the people around me laughed so hard… *sigh* then there’s the interview with his managers. He took the part of MC, and asked them about Jang Keun Suk. A board was also brought in and he picked some questions and asked the managers about it. One of the questions related to Keunsama’s girlfriend I think… :lol: He was embarassed and fanned himself, and tried to divert it by saying something about Heungro and Hulrang… but when Heungro tried to say something, Keunsama was ready to put his hand on Heungro’s mouth to silence him… :lol: Then Keunsama was clearing some rumor about Sukkie and Kim Yuna that cropped up several months ago, I think… *again, sigh*

I just have to post up these pics here, because I really love his simple fashion style :wub:

(to be continued….)

Fans account credit to : Shiro401@soompi
Picture credit to : as tagged


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