[NEWS] A.N Jell to cameo ~~

Who will cameo next on Gumiho Girlfriend?

Last week’s episodes of My Girlfriend Is a Gumiho featured two cameo appearances: UEE and Park Shin-hye, both from the Hong sisters’ previous drama, You’re Beautiful. This has people wondering who’ll be next, since the Hong sisters have previously had fun with bringing back actors from their other dramas.

Well, the idol stars of You’re Beautiful are planning to make appearances, starting with Jang Geun-Seok, then Jung Yong-hwa. Their castmate Lee Hong-ki agreed readily to the cameo, but because of his busy schedule, he’s currently trying to work out a time to shoot his part.

Furthermore, according to the production company CEO, the You’re Beautiful cast isn’t the only source of cameo possibilities; they are preparing cameos from other stars as well.

Who wants to start making guesses? (Kang Ji-hwan? Han Ye-seul? Han Chae-young? JAE HEE?)

Ultimately, these cameos hardly make an impact on the current drama’s storylines, but I suppose such is the nature of cameos, right? The fun lies in the meta awareness of who these actors are and how they fit into the Hong sisters’ world, and these are two writers who positively revel in these fun extras. Sometimes they’ll reuse favorite actors but create entirely new characters for them, while in other instances they’ll make a cheeky nod to an earlier work.

For example: they loved Jang Geun-Seok in Hong Gil Dong and brought him back for You’re Beautiful. They also coupled up Ahn Seok-hwan and Choi Ran twice, in Delightful Girl Chun-hyang and then My Girl. Choi Ran came back two more times, for Hong Gil Dong and You’re Beautiful.

On the other hand, sometimes they bring back existing characters, even if the cameo details don’t quite fit with the original drama. For instance, when Han Chae-young and Jae Hee cameo’d in My Girl after playing a couple in Chun-hyang, they used the same names, even though the cameo doesn’t fit all the facts of Chun-hyang. And Mi-nyeo’s reappearance last week hardly fits her You’re Beautiful character.

But I’m betting most of us don’t mind, since it’s enough to see these familiar faces again, yeah?

UEE in Episode 5; Park Shin-hye in Episode 6

Via Sports Seoul & dramabeans
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