[NEWS] Approach for Mary,Oebakjung ^^

[Sears : Nothing is confirm yet but it was said that he will announce his upcoming drama on Encore FM. Let us wait for Keun Suk’s confirmation okay? Don’t be overly excited. I hope he accept this drama though, its almost a year since YAB.]

Jang Geun Suk : Approach to cast in New drama ‘Mary,Oebakjung (매리는 외박중)’ popular comic book of ‘Won Soo-yeon’

According to Korea Entertainmaent Industry, KBS Media and the ACC Media Korea co-producer have a new drama production ‘Mary,Oebakjung (매리는 외박중)’ [ Sorry, I don’t know the comic name in English] from the popular korea comic will be shooting soon.

This drama is currently working on casting a step, both inside and outside the industry is looking forward to getting together.

‘Mary,Oebakjung (매리는 외박중)’ ,’Full House’ as a collection of popular, comic readers. Stuttering stubborn and tough women compelling love story of a youthful rocker drew.

Flame of men and women at first sight, this like a tug of war, dating to the early changes in watching two people facing each other before the artist’s beautiful drawings and great story-specific unwinding configuration.

Today Star News that the official “Man, starring actor Jang Geun Suk as a strong state, whether the appearance is approaching,”

Woon Soo Yeon is one of the foremost Korean authors of shoujo (romance) manhwa. She debuted in 1987 and has published several romance and drama titles to date. Her best known serials are ‘Full House’ (1992) and its sequel ‘Full House 2’. Other creations include ‘Elio and Yvette’ (1992), ‘I Want You’, ‘Let Dai’ (2000) and ‘The Devil’s Thrill’ (2006).

‘Mary,Oebakjung (매리는 외박중)’, this drama by KBS Media Publisher,Broadcast will be aired on KBS2 TV in November 2010after ‘Sungkyunkwan scandal’.

Credit: 매리는 외박중@daum / Roytavan : Writer
Original : http://twssg.blogspot.com/


Jang Geun-seok close to picking new drama

If initial reports are confirmed, Jang Geun-seok — a hot commodity these days — may soon be back on television in his next project. It’s an adaptation of Mary Stayed Out All Night [매리는 외박중], a manhwa that comes from the creator of Full House‘s original manhwa (it’s a working title for the drama, which will air on KBS).

Jang had planned for his next role to be the movie adaptation of You’re My Pet, but due to production delays on that project, he may well be back in a drama first. Note: This article talks about the casting as a done deal, but others are saying Jang is “a strong possibility.” I’d say take it all with a grain of salt.

Jang’s management was initially reported to say, “He is planning to return with the drama Mary Stayed Out All Night in November. The character and script haven’t been decided in concrete detail yet, so he is preparing slowly, and will try hard to show a different appeal in this role.” A subsequent article backtracked and said, “He is looking favorably at the role.”

Mary Stayed Out All Night deals with a woman (the titular Mary) who decides she is through with dating, but then strikes up a romance with a “dangerous-looking but charming” death-metal band vocalist. A “lively, upbeat” love triangle develops with a third character, a “perfect type” of man who’s got it all goin’ on in terms of looks, skills, personality, and family background.

Jang Geun-seok just played a pop group vocalist in last year’s hit drama You’re Beautiful. He’ll again play a musician here, albeit a harder-edged rocker than the idol star of the previous series.

This project will be a co-production between Korea’s KBS Media and Japan’s ACC Korea and will be written by In Eun-ah, who wrote the drama phenom Goong and the cotton-candy-sweet Love & Marriage. A director has yet to be confirmed. There are a few stars in contention for the Mary role, though we haven’t been given any hints thus far.

Via Sports Chosun

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