[CRI-J Notice]Notice of ticket sales for 2010 Jang Geun Suk’s Asia Tour the Last in Seoul

Notice of ticket sales for 2010 Jang Geun Suk’s Asia Tour the Last in Seoul
Hello, this is Tree J company.
We want to say thank you for those who have been waiting for Jang Geun suk’s Asia tour in Seoul.

Next month, on the 5th of September, “2010 Jang Geun Suk’s Asia Tour the Last in Seoul” will be held in Hwa-Jung gymnasium in Korea University and we want to give you the information of the ticket sales.

You can buy the ticket only in “Auction”, a ticket selling web site, and if you want to know detail information about this event, please take a look at the notice below.

The contents of this upcoming event will be totally different from the earlier Asia Tour programs.
Since this will be the grand finale of the Asia Tour, it will be more splendid and have more things to watch so we would like you to come here and enjoy the time with us.

We will present cheering towels for celebrating Seoul event to fans who are already a regular member of Tree J when they buy the ticket.

Also, simultaneous interpretation equipments will be prepared for those who came from abroad on the event date.

We will wait for your love and support for this Seoul event. Thank you.

-Detail information-

1. Event title: 2010 Jang Gun Suk’s Asia Tour the Last in Seoul
2. Place: Hwa Jung gymnasium in Korea University
3. Date: September 5th(Sunday),2010 at 4pm
4. Web site for buying tickets: Auction(http://www.auction.co.kr)
5. Starting date for ticket sales: started from 12pm in August 16, 2010-08-12
6. Ticket price: R seat-77000 won, S seat- 66000 won, A seat- 55000 won(tax is included)
7. Available purchasing amount: One person can buy 4 tickets
8. Benefit for the regular members: cheering towel(about 15000 won of value)

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